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TikTok leaks confidential personal information of their user

TikTok leak The confidential personal information

Check Point Threat Intelligence a cyber security solution provider said.

It discovered a number of vulnerabilities in TikTok

That allows attackers to manipulate the contents of user accounts and even extract personal confidential information stored in these accounts.

The  user base consists mainly of teenagers and children.

Who use TikTok to share and store private videos of themselves and their loved ones.

The content of the tiktok videos is sometimes very sensitive

Studies have shown that an attacker can send a fake SMS message containing a malicious link to a user.

When a user clicks on this malicious link an attacker can control his TikTok account.

And perform various malicious operations such as deleting videos.

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Downloading unauthorized videos and posting closed or hidden videos.

The study also found that the  sub domain

is vulnerable to XSS attacks that are executed by injecting malicious scripts secure and reliable website.

Check Point researchers used this vulnerability to extract personal information stored in user accounts

Including personal email addresses and birthdays.

Check Point Research revealed the above vulnerabilities to  developers.


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