Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan 22 Oct 2022 | SAR To PKR


Saturday, October 22, 2022 at 12:22:31 pm. The current buying rate of SAR/PKR is 59.7 according to the Pakistani open market and the selling rate of SAR/PKR for 1 Saudi Riyal is 59.7 PKR. Below you can see the charts of the exchange rate of the Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan 22 Oct 2022 in the open market of Pakistan.

Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan 22 Oct 2022

Yesterday’s performance of the Pakistani rupee against the SAR shows a decline in the value of PKR by 0 or 0%. The monthly SAR vs PKR swing over the last 30 days shows a PKR increase of -5.1 and -7.87 in percentage terms. The annual dynamics of the Saudi Riyal against the PKR difference shows an increase of 1 Saudi Riyal on PKR of 13.2 and 28.39% in value terms.

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Friday 21 October 20221 SAR = 58.8385 PKR
Thursday 20 October 20221 SAR = 58.6769 PKR
Wednesday 19 October 20221 SAR = 58.7746 PKR
Tuesday 18 October 20221 SAR = 58.4685 PKR
Monday 17 October 20221 SAR = 58.3159 PKR
Sunday 16 October 20221 SAR = 58.2335 PKR
Saturday 15 October 20221 SAR = 58.0865 PKR
Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan 22 Oct 2022

Today Riyal Price In Pakistan 22 Oct 2022


This Saudi Riyal to Pakistani Rupee Converter allows you to compare the current interbank currency exchange rate with the competitive travel money exchange rates available in the foreign exchange markets.


Prior to the 20th century, foreign currencies such as Maria Theresa thalers and British gold sovereigns circulated and served monetary needs in Arabia, with the exchange rate of 1 gold sovereign equaling 5 Theresa thalers. In the early 1900s, the Hijaz rial was issued as the official currency.

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59.1 PKR59.7 PKR
21-10-2022 SAR59.1 PKR59.7 PKR
20-10-2022 SAR59.25 PKR59.9 PKR
19-10-2022 SAR60 PKR60.6 PKR
18-10-2022 SAR59.4 PKR60 PKR
17-10-2022 SAR59.2 PKR59.8 PKR
16-10-2022 SAR59 PKR59.6 PKR
15-10-2022 SAR59 PKR59.6 PKR
14-10-2022 SAR59 PKR59.6 PKR
13-10-2022 SAR58.55 PKR59.15 PKR
12-10-2022 SAR58.4 PKR59 PKR
11-10-2022 SAR57.8 PKR58.4 PKR
10-10-2022 SAR58 PKR58.6 PKR
09-10-2022 SAR57.7 PKR58.3 PKR
08-10-2022 SAR57.7 PKR58.3 PKR
07-10-2022 SAR57.7 PKR58.3 PKR
06-10-2022 SAR59 PKR59.6 PKR
Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan

When Saudi Arabia was created in 1932, the Saudi rial was introduced. The exchange rate has been adjusted several times in its history: 1 rial was originally equal to 22 kurush coins. In 1960, the currency changed to 20 kurush coins equal to 1 rial. In 1952, the Saudi Arabian Monetary Agency (SAMA) was established, during which various reforms were carried out to create a unified monetary system. In 1963, the currency was decimalised and a new unit called the halala was introduced, which divided the rial into 100 equal parts.

Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan
Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan
  China YuanCNY0.032430.87
  Japanese YenJPY0.85471.17
  U.A.E DirhamAED0.016261.9
  UK Pound SterlingGBP0.004252
  US DollarUSD0.0044224.9
Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan

Today Riyal Rate In Pakistan FAQ

How much is the Saudi Riyal to the Pakistani Rupee?

Today one Saudi riyal is worth 58.8392 Pakistani rupees.

Is the Saudi rial going up or down against the Pakistani rupee?

Today’s exchange rate (58.8392) is higher than yesterday’s rate (58.8385).

How much is 50 Saudi Riyals in Pakistani Rupees?

50 Saudi rials buys 2941.96 Pakistani rupees at the interbank exchange rate.


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