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Top Chef 2020 everything you need to know

Top Chef 2020: everything you need to know

The 2020 opus of “Top Chef” 2020 starts on M6 this Wednesday, February 19. The first episode will air Monday, February 24. It is therefore high time to reveal to you all that we already know about this eleventh season.

Ten years that we lick our lips in front of our television! And this eleventh season should be no exception to the rule. 

Top Chef 2020 Latest Sessions

Broadcast on M6 then on RTL-TVI, the 2020 edition of the French cooking competition will be placed under the sign of eco-responsibility. Without forgetting the recipes that work: humor, passion, novelty and talent.

A newcomer to the jury

top cheif 2020 It is a small revolution anyway: Jean-François Piège is no longer in the game.

It was therefore necessary to find a replacement for the historic juror. And the least we can say is that “Top Chef” paid a hell of a name by hiring Paul Pairet.

The 55-year-old cook from Perpignan is known in the world of gastronomy for his three-star restaurant in Shanghai “Ultraviolet”.

An establishment which mixes technology and cuisine: its address is unknown, customers being taken there by a driver.

Top Chef (season 17)

Four former “Top Chef” candidates have been awarded the Michelin Guide

He was voted best restaurateur in the world in 2018, as explained by BFMTV .

 Just that ! Last year, he made an appearance in “Top Chef” by offering candidates the so-called mirror test. top cheif 2020.

This year, he will be rather brigade chief, the violet necessarily. “  On a shoot, I’m much more humble than in the kitchen.

top chef 2020 premiere I put myself at the service of the candidates,  ”he tells the Parisian. Will the cap cook manage to integrate into the team made up of Philippe Etchebest, Michel Sarran and Hélène Darroze? For the moment, in full media promotion, all boast an obvious complicity.

Eco-responsible season

“Top Chef” knows how to adapt to the questions of its time. The eleventh season is under the sign of eco-responsibility. 

As La Dépêche notes , the M6 ​​program will offer zero-waste and anti-waste tests. A must that coincides with the ecological motivations of an increasingly large segment of the population.

As a result, some chefs invited to this 2020 opus are true specialists in the genre, such as Christopher Coutanceau elected first prize in sustainable gastronomy by the Michelin Guide and also three-star chef.

Top chef 2020 premiere Others share the same convictions and will succeed each other on the show.

“ Top Chef 2020  This season allows us to discover chefs who are perhaps less well-known, but who have things to say, that’s what is interesting.

 They are passionate and committed to their mission,  ”explains Philippe Etchebest at Le Figaro.

One star among candidates

Once is not custom: among the 15 candidates in the running, one of them already has a star. David Gallienne took over, on January 21, a star establishment in Normandy,

“Le Jardin des plumes”. Chef Éric Guérin recently gave him the keys to his restaurant and obviously passed on his know-how over the years, like the Tele-Star pin .

The young chef, candidate of “Top Chef” in 2020, therefore, expressed himself to our colleagues from Ouest France: ”  I am proud to have my own restaurant. With Eric we share the same desires, the same values, and the same taste for travel.

 During these years, he knew how to transmit and nourish this passion that unites us. I was able to gain confidence and be reassured in these moments of doubt as a future and young entrepreneur  .

” It remains to be seen whether this Michelin award will guide the 30-year-old chef to the “Top Chef” stars.

Final postponed for a gastro

All of this caused a stir. The final of “Top Chef”, whose initial recording was scheduled for Monday, February 3, had to be postponed.

 The fault of no luck and a gastroenteritis that touched one of the finalists of the show. ”  His illness being contagious, impossible to touch food,  ” said M6 to the Parisian .

That day, 110 people were mobilized for the shooting. Top Chef 2020 Add to that the 100 Red Cross volunteers who were to taste the dishes. And the kitchens of Georges-V, immobilized for the event.

Result, “Top Chef” had to shift this final. Fortunately, the cost of this unforeseen event is covered by the insurance of the production company Studio 89.

It was still necessary to find a new date that suited everyone when the start of the eleventh season was scheduled two weeks later.

Finally, February 10 arranged all the stakeholders of this final. Top Chef 2020 More fear than harm, therefore.

”  But mentally, the focus is not really the same. We are like athletes who are preparing to be on top on D-Day. Not a week later,  ”points out one of the two finalists for the show.

Two Belgians among the candidates

Like every year, candidates come from the flat country. This season, two Belgians will represent our colors in the culinary program, also broadcast on RTL-TVI.

We first find Maxime Zimmer, elected Best Chef of Wallonia in 2019 and owner of the establishment “Un Max de gout”, in the Liège region. Aged 30 and used to the shade, he tries the “Top Chef” adventure. And after, it ”  is only a bonus,  ” he points out in Metro .

The second Belgian is Mallory Gabsi. Only 22 years old, he is one of the youngest participants of the new season.

 But do not believe that the young chef lacks ambition, he who supports Yves Matagne at the Sea Grill in Brussels.

”  Even if it remains ‘reality TV’, it is a tele-culinary competition which really highlights the profession of cooking,

Which is a very beautiful profession  “, points out the candidate to our colleagues. Whoever watched the show from their living room will now appear on the screen. And he knows, in this show, “  we can’t miss it!  “

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