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VIDEO Michel Drucker bedroom Pierre Richard on his age

The actor gives some secrets of his longevity

This Sunday, January 5, Pierre Richard was the guest of Michel Drucker on the red sofa of Vivement dimanche. The perfect opportunity to reveal the secrets that make a career last.


Some of his films are immortal. 

Like The tall blond with a black shoe made in 1972 but which has pursued generations of moviegoers.

Pierre Richard was 39 years old at the time and a childish look.


And it is this same face that the spectators will see on the poster with Gérard Depardieu. that he could therefore see working closely , in La Chèvre , or Les compères . 

Pierre Richard is always a lively and amused blue eye. 

Even at 85, which he celebrated last August. 

A longevity that even amazes Michel Drucker , yet not the last when it comes to talking about his long career. On the set of Vivement Dimanche, two behemoths of French television found themselves face to face and exchanged on the secrets of their lasting youth.

“Laugh and make people laugh”

First, Michel Drucker teased his guest a little about his age. “You are eight times ten years old, plus VAT,” joked the presenter, after reminding him that he had been playing films since “1870 … No, 1970, sorry” . Once these little spikes were sent, Michel Drucker asked Pierre Richard about his secrets for staying young: “I swear, you kept the same kid’s face . How do you manage to keep the same face as the one you had in Le tall blond , in Fugitives ? What is your secret? ” .

 Eyes in the air after a short reflection , the actor wanted to try to distill some explanations.”I do a job that I love, so it keeps. Secondly, I love laughing so much and making people laugh that it keeps . And thirdly, as Brel said, what it takes to not die an adult. this talent. I’m not an adult . ” And to keep away from death, which he still fears a little .

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