What Is Alchemy?

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What Is Alchemy?

Is there really a strange history of so-called alchemy, as it was previously considered a field that people study. Upon hearing this term at first sight may come to our minds pictures of strange-looking magicians from ancient times.

We can say that this field answers many mysterious and vague questions regarding existential science, that is, they asked about what things are and how they interact with other things, and they sought to search for the answer, but with a philosophical and existential perspective.

History of alchemy

Here the number may be unknown, but many believe that alchemy originated in Egypt, just as the word alchemy refers to the word Kim from ancient Egyptian, which refers to the black color connected to the fertile alluvial soil found in the Nile Delta, and ancient Egyptian beliefs, such as ideas about death, The mummification methods that were developed during the Pharaonic period, a role in the emergence of primary alchemical teachings.

After Alexander the Great invaded Egypt in 332 BC, Egyptian books moved to Greece, so Greek philosophers became interested in Egyptian science, which led to the incorporation of Greek ideas into Egyptian science and called this science Khimia, and when the Arabs entered Egypt in the seventh century, they studied this science Who was there, and they added the definition of the word alchemy, to alchemy, which later formed the origin of the word

In China,  was developed by Taoist monks, who took an interest in so-called external and internal elixir, according to Chinese alchemical sciences, external elixir is minerals, plants, etc., while external elixir represents exercises used to treat internal energy in the body, such as chi kung. In addition to China, India has developed alchemy with similar ideas, in terms of the use of external and internal elixir.

As for Europe, I moved there with the Arabs coming to Andalusia in Spain, and from there the Arabs’ ideas about alchemy moved to all parts of Europe. Her thoughts revolve around the fact that minerals are of varying proportions of mercury and sulfur. The Arabs believed that gold was the ideal metal and other minerals less important and sought to reach it through what is called the name of the philosopher’s stone in addition to its role in eternal immortality, and this is a common idea among Western alchemists.

Alchemy targets

Positive change is what alchemists have always been seeking, which is represented in long health and eternity, so the main goals of alchemy were to convert minerals into gold, convert every patient into a healthy person, and likewise transform old people into youth, i.e. the goal of alchemy practices is to change any Something natural to something supernatural.


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