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What Is The Difference Between Yoga And Meditation?


yoga meditation Today’s yoga is very popular with people. Everyone wants to devote an hour of his time to doing yoga and spend some time with himself to relieve his mind of the stresses of life and allow his body to breathe. But wait, are we talking about yoga or meditation here?

Many people confuse both practices, especially if they are beginners and uninformed. Since both yoga and meditation are related to sensation, meditation is actually part of yoga.

If you are interested in meditative and spiritual activities, you will find many useful information for you in the following lines!

Yoga and meditation are two practices that are often associated with one another, but they are actually quite different. Here is a brief overview of the main differences between the two:

  1. Yoga is a physical practice that involves the performance of specific postures (asanas) and movements (vinyasas) to improve flexibility, strength, and balance. It also involves controlled breathing (pranayama) and relaxation techniques.
  2. Meditation is a mental practice that involves focusing the mind on a single point of reference, such as the breath, a mantra, or an object. The goal of meditation is to achieve a state of relaxation, clarity, and concentration.
  3. Yoga and meditation are typically practiced in different contexts. Yoga is often practiced in a group setting, such as in a yoga studio or gym, and involves physical movement and instruction from a teacher. Meditation can be practiced alone or in a group, and typically involves sitting or lying down in a quiet and comfortable place.
  4. Yoga and meditation have different benefits. Yoga can improve physical strength and flexibility, as well as reduce stress and improve mental clarity. Meditation can reduce stress and anxiety, improve concentration and memory, and promote overall well-being

What is yoga meditation

To start with, the word “Yoga Meditation” is a different word in English from the Sanskrit word “yog” which means combining two entities in a close relationship.

According to Hinduism, the apparent consciousness of man is completely different from the greater awareness that Hinduism considers the source of all creation.

The Difference Between Yoga And Meditation
The Difference Between Yoga And Meditation

They regard consciousness Yoga Meditation as a witness entity within the human body and mind system. By contacting this witness and reaching greater awareness the individual will be able to invest his mental and physical abilities and develop himself to the highest stage of awareness

In Hinduism,attainment of the highest levels of consciousness is achieved by creating a state of mind that awakens Buddhist action in man, by practicing yoga. In order to practice yoga, a person must follow eight steps known as Ashtanga Yoga.

These steps are: Yama It controls negative emotions such as envy, jealousy, greed, enmity etc These feelings prevent the mind from reaching the stage of inner peace or what is known as Sattvic Guna necessary to stimulate the greater awareness of the individual.

Niyama: They adhere to a set of physical and Yoga Meditation mental rules of behavior, such as good thoughts, refraining from excessive physical or mental activities, punctuality, etc.

Asana :These are inhale and exhale exercises that help muscles relax, and facilitate the flow of conscious energy within the individual’s mind-body system. At this point, the individual is examining bodies of his body mentally to make sure he is in the correct position.

Paranayama : They are consciously breathing to facilitate inhale and exhale. In yoga, the breath contains energy called Praan, and the breathing process according to these rules helps the body-mind system absorb the new energy from the breath and release the energy used.


Pratyahara : It is the internal assimilation of consciousness to maintain a state of observation of the body’s actions and mental activity.

Difference Between Yoga Meditation

Dharana : focus, where an individual learns to focus his eyes and mind on something for several seconds at first, then gradually increases the duration.

Dhyana : It is the phase of the Dharana Inward Exercise, where the individual focuses his mind on a specific idea for several seconds and then gradually lengthens it.

Samadhi : It is the state in which the mind merges with the contemplative body, which is the stage in which the individual is guided from within.

It is these eight stages of yoga that shape this practice. As it is noticed, they all focus on getting the individual to a stage in which his mind and his body merge to reach the highest stage of awareness, as Hinduism claims, and this practice is invented.

It is worth noting that although yoga is linked to Hinduism, many people around the world practice it, not to revive a tradition of Hinduism, but because its exercises help the body get rid of negative energy, rest the muscles of the body, and achieve relaxation under the stresses of life .

Its practice is not intended to merge awareness of the body, mind, etc. of the Hindu fools.

What is meditation

Meditation, means practicing deep thinking silently to relax the mind. In other words, meditation is a deep mental exercise to gradually empty the mind of all thoughts and pressures. Unlike yoga, there are no phases during which a person mediates.

In Buddhism, meditation is considered a practice among the three yoga steps: Dhaya, Dharana, Pratyahara.

Difference Between Yoga Meditation

We find that both meditation and yoga share the focus of emptying the mind of the things that occupy it. The fundamental difference between the two practices lies in the mechanism of the practice itself. In yoga, there are certain rules that a person must adhere to.

As for meditation, the practitioner can move freely and choose the positions with which he feels comfortable. It is a practice that does not require training or specific movements and can be mastered by anyone.


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