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What Is Digital Citizenship?

The term may seem somewhat strange, but digital citizenship or Digital Citizenship refers to the extent to which a citizen or user engages.

Compatible with a digital community in addition to adherence to the laws and regulations imposed in a digital society and a sense of self-censorship to achieve interconnection between community members, interact positively with Digital content environment.

What Is Digital Citizenship?

Digital citizenship does not differ from traditional citizenship. Both require belonging to a society, achieving its goals, and adhering to its social, economic, political, and other laws so that the citizen has rights and duties at the same time in the digital society.

Digital access

Pioneers of the digital community are supposed to realize that opportunities and authorizations are not available to everyone in accessing digital content and therefore it is assumed that every effort is made to achieve equality between individuals in digital rights and give them freedom and permission to access the content in general.

Also, digital exceptions stand in the way of the growth of technical societies; therefore, it is necessary to extend assistance to people to facilitate their access and use of technology and tools with ease regardless of whether this access is limited or open to them, so the citizen is able to contribute and prove his presence where he finds himself.

Digital trade

The issue of practicing buying and selling using the Internet and frequenting websites has become a common and important issue in the economy, as the internet has become an entire huge store that allows its pioneers to purchase products from games to cars, and this is subject to strict laws and policies to preserve the rights of the parties to the business process, and there are laws that limit .

The circulation of contraband such as drugs and anything that harms people, so digital citizenship explains to those who wish to experience digital commerce how it is valid and positive in the digital economy.

Digital communication

It is a very important element in the life of the digital citizen, as it is an effective and essential means to achieve communication with other digital citizens, and the forms.

Digital communications take gradually began to expand since the nineteenth century, and increased significantly more in the twenty-first century in conjunction with the emergence of e-mail and platforms Instant messaging, social networking and more.

Digital etiquette

The digital community is like other types of societies in which the citizen is required to adhere to the appropriate rules, etiquette and behaviors in them, so that the integration between individuals and the disappearance of problems is fully achieved therefore it is a requirement of digital citizenship to fully comply with the laws, rules and regulations that prohibit the exploitation of technology and tools in inappropriate uses .

Digital rights and responsibilities

The term is clear in dimensions and details in the world of digital citizenship, as it places before the citizen all his rights and duties and responsibilities he has towards others and society in general.

Digital health

Digital citizenship has never ignored the public health of people. Without a doubt, anyone suffering from internet addiction and smart devices will suffer many health problems in the future.

Therefore, digital health explains to citizens how to avoid complications by following the rules of public health and safety.

Digital security

It is a set of electronic measures and precautions that are taken for the purpose of preserving the integrity of information and protecting those who abuse digital property of others, and it is possible by using programs to prevent viruses, firewalls and others.

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