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10 Easy Ways To Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

The symptoms that appear as a result of high sugar, and the factors that cause it.

Follow an illustrative picture when the blood sugar level rises

How to Control Blood Sugar Levels Naturally

Illustrative image

When the blood sugar level rises, the following methods can be used, including:


is an effective way to reduce blood high glucose and one of the most important exercises that can be done is swimming running, and walking.

Stop eating sugars

If the blood sugar levels rises, you should stop eating foods rich in sugar, and these foods cause obesity, so you should not eat more.

Drink more water

Some studies have shown that people who drink a large amount of water are less likely to develop high blood sugar.Not drinking water increases the likelihood of high blood sugar.

When the body is dry the body will produce a hormone called vasopressin. Which works to retain fluids prevent the body from expelling sugar in the urine and stimulate the liver to produce more sugar


Food may not be the only reason for high levels of sugar in the blood.Sometimes it may rise due to tension and nervous excitement.

And therefore you should relax, and get rest, when the sugar level rises.And try to avoid actions that cause great psychological pressure, and relieve stress, through Doing yoga, or performing arts.

Eating too much fiber

that foods rich in fiber, contribute to slowing down the process of digestion and absorption of sugar. So the increased intake of fiber helps slow down the absorption of carbohydrates, and thus lower sugar.

Eating foods rich in chromium and magnesium

If the percentage of chromium and magnesium in the body decreases. His will lead to an increase in the blood sugar level so foods rich in these elements must be eaten. Magnesium is available in these foods: fish bananas dark chocolate almonds cashews  and avocados
As for chromium it is found in these foods: egg yolks, broccoli, tomatoes, and whole grains.

Eating cinnamon reduces the level of sugar,

so it is advised to eat foods that contain cinnamon. Or take a cinnamon drink without adding sugar to it. It is worth noting that  in this case  an amount ranging from half a tablespoon to two tablespoons of cinnamon must be consumed.

Vinegar Vinegar
works to control sugar levels, so vinegar can be added to the water and drunk, or added to food, such as salad.

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