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What Is The Sixth Sense ?


We often hear the term “sixth sense” referring to extraordinary things, or that those who enjoy it can perceive intangible things that ordinary people cannot perceive!

The concept of a “sixth sense” generally refers to a hypothetical additional sense beyond the five senses of sight, hearing, touch, taste, and smell. Some people believe that the sixth sense is a psychic or intuitive ability that allows people to perceive things beyond the five senses.

The term “sixth sense” is often used to describe extrasensory perception (ESP), which is the ability to perceive information or events without using the five physical senses. Some people believe that they have ESP and are able to use their sixth sense to sense the presence of ghosts, communicate telepathically, or predict the future.

There is no scientific evidence to support the existence of a sixth sense or ESP. While some people may claim to have these abilities, they are not supported by scientific research.


What is the Sixth Sense?

The sixth sense is a perception outside of the senses known scientifically in short (ESP) beyond our five recognized senses – hearing, taste, sight, smell and touch. Usually, the colloquial use of the term “sixth sense”

indicates our ability to perceive something that does not seem to exist or be tangible, such as if you have a feeling that the person sitting next to you at the train station has just committed a crime! Or your feeling that you must have forgotten something at home after you left.

Psychologists believe that each person has hidden senses parallel to the normal, tangible senses. For example, you can smell a flower and smell its scent through the sense of smell

While you can smell a flower that does not exist depending on your hidden sense parallel to the state of smell. Since this ability to perceive hidden senses is not felt by everyone, but it exists with all people, and needs to be activated before they can use it.

As for the sixth sense from the point of view of psychologists, they believe that it is in several forms, the most famous of which is the person’s ability to anticipate the next event based on linking logical events at the present time.


This prediction is based on reality and far from what is known as spiritual mediation or knowledge of metaphysics. However, this prediction is not considered to be true or one hundred percent guaranteed.

What is Sixth Sense
What is Sixth Sense

The sixth sense in Islam ..

In our Islamic religion, there is no such thing as the sixth sense, the senses that a person possesses are five senses. As for other senses, man was not created with the ability to predict the future because that is in the science of the unseen.

And the sixth sense can be linked as a common term to people with study, which is an ancient science that was mentioned by the Holy Prophet – may God’s prayers and peace be upon him – in his saying:

“Be careful with the believer’s prey, and if he is right, then do not make mistakes.” The study is the ability to predict events according to their connection to reality and logic, and there is no encroachment on the knowledge of the unseen.

Is there a seventh, eighth, ninth sense … etc?

A person has more hidden senses than he thinks, and it is more correct that we do not call them senses as they are called prey, gossip, or sensing events that are not necessarily clear or tangible. 

When we look at things from this aspect, it turns out that there are additional senses, some of which introduced experts based on their popularity among people. Including but not limited to:

  • nociception – the ability to feel pain
  • proprioception – the ability to feel the joints and parts of your body in relation to other parts of the body.
  • equilibrioception – sense of balance
Does this mean that we all have the sixth sense?

If we mean the sixth sense as the ability to pay attention and perceive unclear things, then we all have this sense, even if it is not activated by some people. 

But what some astrologers and sorcerers explain is that the sixth sense is the ability to perceive extraordinary matters and to interpret metaphysics, as this does not fit with what we believe in our Islamic faith. Everyone has an intuition that makes us feel invisible at times and tells us to beware of some people or situations.


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