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Why Do We Hate Seeing Our Selfies And Feel Ugly Science Answers!


Why do we hate seeing our selfies and feel ugly? Have you ever been satisfied with a selfie? Or have you found a picture of you that you think is perfect?

Why Do We Hate Seeing Personal Pictures Of Us? Science Answers!

 Every selfie you find is somewhat incomplete, although it has won the approval of your friends family and everyone who has seen it. Why do we hate seeing personal pictures of us? And we feel it “ugly”, although beautiful in the eyes of others? More Information

Certainly, our interaction with personal photos has become different today with the use of Snap chat and Instagram filters that change the features and shape of the face.

But you get upset if someone neglects to photograph you and you think that the photo is ugly and does not reflect the reality of your look! Science has an explanation behind this feeling.


Why do we hate seeing our selfies and feel ugly?

When we think of ourselves, we tend to be somewhat biased in what is termed “self-reinforcement” in psychology, which is the tendency to positively evaluate “our attributes and capabilities more than what is required objectively.” 

In the case of physical appearance, this bias leads us to believe that we are more attractive than we really are.

This bias was revealed when researchers asked individuals to identify themselves. For example, researchers provided real pictures of individuals, as well as modified images in a way that made them less or more attractive.

 Then they asked the participants to choose a real picture that represented them. And at a constant pace, subscribers chose the photos that made them appear more attractive.

Although modified while strangers were asked to choose pictures that represented the subscribers, they chose the real pictures of each participant accurately

Why do we hate seeing our selfies and feel ugly?
Why do we hate seeing our selfies and feel ugly?

This bias in our view of ourselves that we are more beautiful than reality makes us look at our personal images as not reflecting what we really are, and we feel resentful about seeing these pictures and disappoint us with our true appearance!

The effect of “naked exposure” works against us

One of the most important reasons why we do not like our personal pictures and look at them with indignation, is that these images provide a perspective of our less familiar faces to us.


For example, we find ourselves attractive in the mirror because we used to look at our reflection in the mirror several times a day until we compiled this form.

While any personal pictures of us that show us in a different way from what the mirror reflection does, makes us wonder: “Do I look like this in reality?” This is a fact and you must have tested it before.

This feeling is not towards personal pictures of us that we treat as less than our true form, but is reflected in the way you interact with food! Having a meal continuously increases your preference for it, and your interaction with someone constantly increases the opportunity for friendship between the two of you. 

The same applies to seeing your shape in the mirror constantly, making you prefer your reflection over your look in photographs.

At the moment, discontent with selfies seems evident in people resorting to modifying their photos before posting to their social media accounts. If everyone is satisfied with his image, he will publish it without any modification or hesitation, which is not what happens!

But rest assured, your pictures that you think are not beautiful are not seen by others with the same standard that you judge yourself. 

Quite the opposite, others see our images from a less narcissistic stressful, and anti-perceptive perspective, and others usually find your photos which you think are ugly, beautiful and perfect as well!

In the end, the problem is not “camera phobia”, but a symptom of self-criticism and harsh self-government. If this is the case, we need more self-compassion and self-acceptance. 

The best step is to treat oneself with respect and compassion, and build confidence to accept oneself with all its faults.


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