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Yamaha YB Motors Pakistan Increase Price Of Bikes 8000-8500

Yamaha YB Motor Pakistan on Thursday sent its dealers a notice of price increases for their bikes in rupees. 8000-8500.

Yamaha YB 125Z prices rose in rupees. 8,000 rupees 146,000, and in the YBR125G variant, the price rose to rupees. 172,000, a trip of rupees. +8500. The price of YBR125 reached rupees. 164,000 after the campaign of 8,000 rupees.

According  to the Yamaha YB dealer

the reason for the price increase is a drop in sales, he said:
During 2019, bicycle sales fell by an average of 30%. Previously, companies in Pakistan sold three million bicycles a year, but now they have fallen to two million.

Most buyers bought bicycles in installments because it was easier to pay on a monthly basis, but because their purchasing power had declined sharply and they could not afford to buy bicycles in installments, the dealer said.

The source said:

People who earned about Rs. 16,000 preferred 70 cm3 Yamaha YB bikes, while those who earned salaries in rupees. 35 000-40 000 usually bought bicycles with an engine capacity of 100 cubic meters. See up to 150 cc However, now sales of all three categories of engines have fallen.


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