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Honda cars price in Pakistan

honda cars price list in pakistan 2020

Honda cars price in Pakistan Here we can given you all detail about cars price in Pakistan also we share with you latest update of Honda price list in Pakistan 2020

Honda cars price in Pakistan 2020

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  2. Which car is lowest in price in Pakistan?
  3. What is the price of Honda Civic 2020 in Pakistan?
  4. What is the price of Honda City Top Model?
  5. What’s new in the 2020 accord?
  6. What is the price of Civic in Pakistan?

Honda Price Pakistan raised its car prices to Rs. 100,000.

This is the first Honda price increase in 2020

Honda cars  Which will take effect on Thursday, January 16 according to an official notice on Tuesday.

According to a notice distributed to all registered franchise honda cars price list in pakistan 2020 .

The Japanese automaker raised prices for all of its cars prices  without giving any specific reason.

According to the notice all variants of the Honda City will receive rupees. 20,000 more expensive.

While the price of the Honda Civic Turbo RS will rise in rupees. 80,000.

Honda civic turbo Most widely used in pakistan

Similarly prices for the Civic honda cars price list in pakistan 2020  1.8L I-VTEC CVT and CVT Oriel will increase in rupees. 50,000 and 30,000 rupees respectively after January 16th.

In addition the prices of the Honda BR-V automatic version were revised to Rs. 50,000.

Honda cars price list in pakistan 2020

ModelsCurrent PricesNew PricesIncrease
Civic Turbo RS4,399,0004,479,00080,000
1.8l VTI SR CVT3,749,0003,779,00030,000
1.8L VTI CVT3,449,0003,549,00050,000
1.3L MT2,309,0002,329,00020,000
1.3L AT2,489,0002,509,00020,000
1.5L MT2,369,0002,389,00020,0002
1.5L AT2,539,0002,559,00020,000
1.5L Aspire MT2,539,0002,559,00020,000
1.5L Aspire AT2,699,0002,719,00020,000
BR-V MT2,899,0002,999,000100,000
BR-V CVT3,99,0003,149,00050,000
BR-V S CVT3,249,0003,299,00050,000

While its manual version will receive rupees. 100,000 more expensive in the local market.

Since the new prices will take effect next week in JAN 2020

Any orders of Honda until January 15 will be carried out at the old rate if the deposited instrument is completed on time.

He also noted that existing return orders as of January 7, 2020

Will be delivered at the old price, if full payment is made by the end of this month.

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