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Jazz Facebook Packages Monthly Daily Weekly Packages 2024

Jazz Facebook Packages, Internet has become an integral part of our lives. We use the Internet for social work, email, Facebook, Whatsapp, youtube, calling, chatting with friends or relatives, downloading songs, videos, movies, and games, and many other activities. Top Trend PK understands that you need the Internet, So today, we are sharing information about Jazz facebook Packages. Jazz provides various Facebook packages such as daily, weekly, and monthly. In this article, you will learn about 

  1. Jazz Facebook Packages
  2. Jazz Whatsapp+SMS Monthly Package
  3. Jazz Facebook+Whatsapp Weekly Package
  4. Jazz Daily Facebook Package
  5. Jazz Facebook Free Offer

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If your Facebook use is limited and you want to get an update from Facebook and not see photos and videos, you can enjoy Jazz Facebook for free. The best thing about Mobilink is that the Jazz facebook packages also give you free data for other social media apps like Facebook, WhatsApp, and  IMO.

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Jazz Prepaid Packages 2024 Update Today

Jazz offers facebook packages of a different types. 

  1. Data packages
  2. Voice Packages
  3. Daily Jazz Facebook Pages
  4. Weekly Jazz Facebook Packages
  5. Monthly Jazz Facebook Pages 

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You can subscribe to these packages and enjoy the internet, Share photos or watch videos of your choice. Extend the capabilities of your Jazz 4G data technology by activating social offers at affordable prices.Now we will look at cheap and latest facebook packages.

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Top Trend Pk added all the latest Jazz Facebook packages only for Facebook. Let’s take a detailed look at each package without wasting any time.

If you don’t have money but still want to stay connected via Facebook, enjoy free Facebook via Jazz at no price or use free internet data. You don’t need to activate any package. You turn on your details and go to Facebook to open it. This is a trick to save your MB while staying online.

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How do I sign up for a free Facebook offer?

To sign up for Jazz Free Facebook Packages, you switch to free mode by clicking the “Go to Free” button at the top of your Facebook Timeline. You need to switch between FREE Facebook data with one tap. All you need is to click the button in the top right corner of the Facebook feed. Related Article: Jazz Monthly Super Duper Plus Offer 2024

PaymentRupees 00
internet dataUnlimited
FunctionsMain functions (no photo/video)
Jazz Facebook Packages

Jazz Monthly Social Package

Whether you love texting 24/7 or texting only when you need it, either way, Jazz has got you covered, and that too at affordable prices!Choose the package that best suits your needs by dialing *661# now!

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Jazz Facebook Packages 2024
Jazz Facebook Packages – Facebook Package Jazz
ChargesRs.129 (Incl. Tax)
Internet MB7 GB DATA (Facebook, WhatsApp, IMO & BiP)
12000 SMS
Subscription code*661#
Validity1 Month
  1. You can activate the package at any time of the day.
  2. To check the promotion balance and validity, dial the package status code for Rs. 0.06
  3. Packages are not subject to auto-subscription and will need to be re-subscribed when they expire.
  4. Internet packages can be issued and used in 2G/3G/4G network zones.
  5. Actual internet speed will depend on many factors such as SIM card, device, web page access, time of day, number of concurrent users, distance from 2G/3G/4G site, etc.
  6. An excess of Rs 2.25 per MB applies when promotions run out.
  7. If you are not subscribed to any package, the base rate will be charged, i.e., rupees. 5/MB. The charging impulse will be 512 kb.
  8. The package may be changed at any time.
  9. Multiple offer subscriptions allowed

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Recursive Social Proposal Jazz Daily

If you want to watch photos and videos through Facebook, you can subscribe to Jazz Daily’s recursive social offer to enjoy all the features of Facebook.

You need to pay Rs. 5pkr for just one day, and you get 200MB which looks reasonable. After that, you will also get FREE access to WhatsApp. Let’s start now discussing each package in detail, how to subscribe to the package, the package price, and complete information on activation charges.

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This offer provides:

PaymentRs 5.98/-
Internet MB200 MB (Facebook/WhatsApp)
Subscription codeDial *455#
Deactivate offer codeDial *455# again
Validity1 day
Jazz Facebook Packages

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Jazz Daily Package For Facebook And WhatsApp

If you need more data for Facebook and WhatsApp, Jazz also offers daily Jazz Social Package for Facebook. The Jazz Facebook Daily Package provides 500MB of data for the popular social networking apps Facebook and WhatsApp.

This package will suit you if you need data for WhatsApp and Facebook. This is a less cost-effective package, and everyone can afford it.

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Daily costRs 7/-
Internet MB500 MB (Facebook/WhatsApp)
Subscription codeDial *114#
Deactivate offer codeDial again *  114  *5#
Validity1 day
Jazz Facebook Packages

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Jazz facebook packages monthly
Jazz facebook packages monthly – Facebook Package jazz

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Jazz Facebook Weekly Social Offer

PaymentRupees 70/-
internet data5000 MB (WhatsApp, Facebook, IMO)
Subscription codeDial *660#
Deactivate offer codeDial *660# again
How to check offer detailsDial *  660  *2#
ValidityDay 7
Facebook package Jazz

Jazz Multan Free Offer On Facebook And WhatsApp

If you are from Multan or live in Multan, you are lucky and have excellent news. Jazz brings you free Facebook and WhatsApp offers without any fees. Only you have a balance of Rs. 0.01 pc to your mobile account.
With this offer ( Facebook package jazz) , you can enjoy all the features of the Facebook and WhatsApp apps within your data limit. Now I am giving you all the details about such Facebook Jazz packages offer.

PaymentRs 0.01
internet data4000 MB (WhatsApp and Facebook)
Subscription codeDial *499#
Unsubscribe *  499  *2#
How to check offer detailsDial *  499  *2#
Validity30 days
jazz facebook package

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Jazz Facebook Packages Weekly + Whatsapp + SMS package

If you want to use WhatsApp and SMS only, you can subscribe to the weekly Jazz Facebook + WhatsApp package.
This offer provides:

sms1500 SMS
internet data25 MB
subscription feerupees 18 pcs.
subscription code*  101  *1*07#
Status check code*  101  *2*07#
unsubscribe code*  101  *4*07#
validity7 days
jazz facebook package

Whatsapp+SMS monthly jazz package

If you want to get WhatsApp-only internet data for one month, you can subscribe to the Jazz Whatsapp+SMS monthly package. Jazz provides 5000 MB in this offer. These MBs can only be used for WhatsApp, not for Facebook or other online activities. Facebook Jazz Packs.

This offer provides:

  1. 12000 SMS
  2. 5000 internet data
  3. subscription code: *  101  *1*02#
  4. subscription fee: rub. 70 pcs.
  5. unsubscribe code: *  101  *4*02#
  6. status check code: *  101  *2*02#


Jazz Free Whatsapp+SMS or monthly jazz package is valid for one month or 30 days. This offer provides 5000 MB for 30 days. This 5000MB is only valid for WhatsApp, not for other internet activities like Facebook, YouTube, Imo, etc.

Terms and Conditions:

Jazz Facebook packages have the following terms:

  1. If all the MBs of the Internet are being consumed, make sure you have to upgrade to the accessible version of Facebook.
  2. If you continue using Facebook without these data packages, you will be charged Rs. 1/MB applies.
  3. According to the package, you can only use internet data for Facebook, WhatsApp, and IMO.
  4. You can use this data for all Facebook packages in 2G/3G/4G network areas.
  5. If you want to check how many MB are left in any of the Facebook packages, you can dial the status code for Rs. 0.06 pix.
  6. If your speed is slow, it depends on many factors, including your old 3G SIM card, time, number of users who use the Internet in your area, distance from 4G sites, etc.
  7. If you do not activate any Facebook package and want to use Facebook, you will be charged Rs. 3.6/MB, which is very expensive.


Dear Friends, Top Trend PK tries to add all the latest details about Jazz Facebook Packages, Daily Jazz Facebook Packs and Weekly Jazz Facebook+Whatsapp Packs to this article. If you think the article is missing something, let us know in the comments. I hope you enjoy this article. Stay in touch with us to find more exciting offers we have shared with you.

Jazz Facebook Package FAQ

What is Jazz Facebook package?

5 GB ​DATA (Facebook),Rs.50 (Incl. Tax) Subscription Fee Rs.50 (Incl. Tax) Subscription Code *532#

How do I subscribe to Jazz Weekly on Facebook?

Subscription Fee Rs.115 (Incl. tax)
Subscription Fee (Gwadar/Turbat) Rs.195.5 (Incl. Tax)
Subscription. Code Dial *660#
Validity Weekly.
Status. Code *660*2#

What is Jazz free FB code?

Jazz free code is here. *832# 500mb. *848# 500 MB. *871# 700 MB. *5555# 1 GB.

Which Jazz monthly package is best?

Jazz Mahana Bachat Offer is best with Free On-Net Mins 250 and Free Off-Net Mins 35.

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