Nadra Tracking Id Check Online 2024 | Cnic Tracking Id Check Online

Nadra takes the initiative for the convenience of Pakistani citizens to avoid visiting the branch for every little thing. Two of these services are Nadra Tracking and Nadra Verification. The digitization of Nadra allows people to queue no longer to check out Nadra CNIC. From any city in Pakistan or anywhere in the world, this also allows you to validate your Nadra CNIC record.

The digitization of the National Database Regulatory Authority ( tracking) tracking ID application – online indicates that the government is now more focused on implementing intelligent solutions to benefit the general population. Whether you want information about your Smart CNIC, POS, B-FORM, or any other Nadra certification, Nadra Tracking ID Check Online 2024 service serves you.

In this article, you will find information about the Nadra tracking id check online and Nadra SMS service. After reading it, you will understand how to get Nadra tracking and verification services online.

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How to Perform NADRA Verification? cnic tracking id check online

Nowadays, everyone has a mobile phone and a cellular connection that can be used to verify their Nadra record. The second way is the Nadra online verification portal or Nadra Tracking ID Check Online 2024.

Here, you will learn about both methods of cnic tracking ID check online at tracking. But before you get started with any of them, it’s a good idea to read it carefully first because it also includes fees for each of these services. The price will play a significant role in choosing the right option.

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Complete information available about Nadra Tracking Id Check Online - cnic tracking id check online
Nadra Tracking Id Check Online – cnic tracking id check online

NADRA Verification Through SMS | Nadra Tracking Id Check Online

Nadra SMS service is available for both tracking and Nadra CNIC verification through the ID card tracking application – online. You can use this method in Pakistan from any mobile number and network. However, you must follow the step-by-step guide below to verify Nadra’s CNIC via SMS.

  1. Open the local messaging application built into your phone.
  2.   Press  “Create new message  ” and enter the CNIC number to be confirmed. Make sure you enter your one 3-digit CNIC number without dashes.
  3.   Now send a message from CNIC to  7000.
  4.   In response to your message, Nadra will send you the name of the owner of the CNIC  and the name of the father of the owner of this ID.
  5.   Nadra charges  Rs. 10, including tax,  for checking by SMS.

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The verification process for SMS CNIC ID card tracking is quick and hassle-free, especially compared to visiting the center. This is a great help to clients and Nadra, as it will help them speed up other operations.

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NADRA Verification Through Online Portal

Nadra Tracking ID Check Online by Nadra online portal offers many services, including an application for Nadra NICOP, POC, Nadra tracking, family registration certificate, and Nadra verification by cnic tracking ID check online. You can access this by visiting this link:  and creating your account.

  1.  When you follow the link provided, click  “Register an account”  if you don’t already have one.
  2.   Fill out the form with your information.
  3.   After you have entered all the data required to open an account, press  Enter.
  4.   You will receive a confirmation email or SMS with a code to enter to complete your registration.

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In the portal, you navigate to any Nadra online service, but for now, select  VERSYS SERVICES. You can check your  CNIC, NICOP, FRC, CRC, or  POC here.

  1. First, it will ask you for an online verification deposit of  Rs. 300.
  2.   You can fund your account with a  credit/debit card or deductible.
  3.   You must check the box next to the declaration to complete the CNIC  online verification procedure.
  4.   Proof of ownership information for  CNIC will be sent to you at the end.

You may have already noticed that online verification using the CNIC NADRA Verification portal tracking ID application – online will cost more than SMS verification.

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Nadra Tracking Id Check Online - cnic tracking id check online
Nadra Tracking Id Check Online – cnic tracking id check online

How to Get Nadra Tracking Service –

Nadra Tracking ID Check Online by apps for all of its services. When you apply for an ID or Form B, you will receive a Nadra tracking ID that can be used to track progress. You can use an online or SMS service to track Nadra’s ID card. The online portal (ID card tracking ) allows you to track CNIC and will enable you to see the status of NICOP applications and the Pakistan origin map.

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If you need help verifying Nadra Tracking ID via SMS or online, you have come to the right place. Also, you will find a step-by-step guide on how to get the Nadra tracking service. Read it carefully to the end, and you will get answers to all questions.

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Track NADRA Application through SMS | Nadra ID card check online

The Nadra SMS service allows you to perform multiple tasks without leaving home. In this method of id card tracking, you will use the tracking ID to track the Nadra CNIC. Follow the instructions very carefully to avoid making a mistake.

  1.  Open your phone’s built-in messaging application.
  2.   Create a new message and enter your app’s issue tracking ID from Nadra.
  3.   Now send a statement with the CNIC tracking ID  to  8400.
  4.   Nadra will respond to your request with the status of your application.
  5.   The Nadra tracking ID verification SMS fee is expected to be the same as the standard fee for any message.

NADRA ID Card Tracking Online – cnic tracking ID check online

For IDs or B-Form tracking, you will also use the Nadra ID online portal, just like the Nadra Verification tracking ID application – online. But first, you need to register on the portal.

  1. To register, follow the instructions in the verification section.
  2.   After logging in, click ”  Apply Now  ” in the  CNIC/NICOP section to track Nadra’s CNIC.
  3.   In the upper left corner, you will see the  Existing Applications option, among others. Press here.
  4.   Select the Nadra CNIC tracking ID  or the one issued by Nadra when applying for Form B.

Nadra Tracking NICOP and POC Holder – Tracking ID application – Online

Holders of Pakistan Origin Card (POC) and National Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis (NICOP) can also check the status of their applications using the procedure below.

  1. Follow the link to the official NADRA website.
  2.   When you get to the page, click ”  Check Status  “.
  3.   Enter Form No./Receipt No./CNIC/NIC Number in the appropriate field.
  4.   Check card type ( NICOP or POC)
  5.   Now, enter the captcha code in the given field.
  6.   Finally, click ”  Check Status  ” to get the latest information about your application.


Finally, learn how to do Nadra Tracking ID Check Online or cnic tracking ID check online through the Nadra SMS service. You should check your details about ID card tracking, and if there is any problem with the information, you should contact Nadra support or visit the nearest Nadra office. Also, keep your Nadra tracking ID private from others.

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