Good News Here Is 10 Best Coffee Shops In Karachi 2024

Here’s some good news! If you’re looking for a fresh and flavorful coffee, we have compiled a list of the 10 best coffee shops in Karachi for the year 2024.

Whether it’s summer or winter, finding a cozy coffee shop is always a fun activity for families and groups of friends. While there are many coffee shops in Karachi, only a few have achieved widespread success and rave reviews from customers.

List Of 10 Best Coffee Shops In Karachi 2024 Visit Today

We’re excited to share an informative list of welcoming Best Coffee Shops In Karachi 2024 to fuel your exploration of the city.

  1. New York Coffee
  2. Espresso
  3. Butler’s Chocolate Cafe
  4. Gloria Jeans
  5. FLOC
  6. Cinnabon
  7. Easy
  8. Nadia Coffee Shop
  9. Mocca
  10. Nobby’s
Contact Number of Best Coffee Shops In Karachi
Best Coffee Shops In Karachi

1. New York Coffee

For several years now, the New York coffee shop has been serving the residents of Karachi frothy, fluffy hot coffee. During its existence, this coffee shop has received many positive reviews from customers.

New York Coffee’s reputation is growing these days. This place will surprise you if you are looking for a special show with cups of coffee.

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Price Range: PKR 175 – 500

2. Espresso

Espresso is 2nd Best Coffee Shops In Karachi in today blog list, which first opened its doors in 2005, is one of the most popular coffee shops in Karachi. Other coffee lovers tend to rush to Espresso to quench their thirst. The coffee shop is known for its outstanding coffee flavors on the menu, as the name suggests.

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You can find almost any type of coffee you are looking for here. Espresso makes a variety of coffees, from hot coffee to iced mochas, from espresso shots to frothy cappuccinos, but a cup of Americano can lift your spirits and satisfy your coffee needs like no other.

Price Range: PKR 200 – PKR 415

3.Butler’s Chocolate Cafe

Butler’s Café is another well-known brand among coffee shops and dessert establishments in the popular city. This cafe is ideal for iced coffee lovers. Butlers is the place to go if you want your coffee cold.

The Butler’s signature chocolate option, which adds great flavour satisfaction, makes this experience extra special.

Price Range: PKR 250 – 350

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4.Gloria Jeans

Who has yet to hear of Gloria Jeans? This coffee chain has been effectively serving the people of Pakistan for several years now. Gloria Denim is well known in the corporate community as well as among working women, university students and families.

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While sipping coffee, you will feel the most delicate taste and foam. Gloria is made even more unique by offering both outdoor and indoor seating options. Gloria Jeans is one of the safest and best coffee shops in Karachi.

Price Range: PKR 350 – 500


If you’re looking for a great coffee shop in K-Town, be sure to check out FLOC (For the Love of Coffee). This spot is perfect for those who prefer a low-key atmosphere and enjoy spending time alone.

You can take your time and savor various types of coffee at your own pace. In addition to coffee enthusiasts, book lovers will also appreciate the quaint mini bookshelf inside the shop.

Price Range 400-600

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Cinnabon is known for its extensive and delicious menu, and its on 6th number is our list of Best Coffee Shops In Karachi 2024. While this restaurant is best known for its cinnamon rolls, it also offers a wide selection of high-quality drinks. Whether you like a hot or iced cup of coffee with cinnamon rolls, you can now try this blend at Cinnabon.

It is distinguished by its handcrafted Espresso espresso, which is well-known in the region. Being the best cinnamon shop, it is also one of the best coffee shops in Karachi.

Price range: PKR 500-800

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7. Easy

At Khyaban-e-Shahbaz, Lane 4, you will find this comfortable meeting place. Easy is known in the region for its delicious doughnuts and sweets. In addition to satisfying those with a sweet tooth, Simple will provide an unforgettable coffee experience.

The aroma and foam of coffee will make you fall in love with this place. If you have yet to hear of this place, you should visit it as soon as possible!

Price Range: PKR 500-600

8Nadia Coffee Shop

Nadia Coffee Shop” is one of the oldest coffee shops in Karachi, renowned for its unique taste and excellent service. It is situated in the Marriot Hotel and serves customers throughout the day with an extensive a la carte menu and a variety of coffee options that coffee enthusiasts will adore.

Price Range: PKR 330-400

9. Mocca

Mocca is a popular social hub among Karachi residents, known for its excellent ingredients and minimalist style. The key to standing out at Mocca is to be different from others. We highly recommend trying their coffee and dessert, especially the toffee cappuccino!

Price Range: PKR 400-600

10. Nobby’s

Nobby’s, which literally means “upscale”, welcomes you with a sophisticated atmosphere. You can dine on the ground floor if you want to experience the hustle and bustle of everyone coming and going, or you can go down to the lower level to enjoy a nice and quiet environment. It should be noted that the coffee is excellent. We offer an iced hazelnut latte that will satisfy all your cravings.

Price range: PKR 400-600

These are some of the most popular coffee shops in Karachi to get your daily dose of caffeine. If you’re looking to explore the city’s urban coffee scene, this is a great starting point.

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