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The STS Portal Online Apply, managed by Siba Testing Service (STS), provides exciting job opportunities to people across Pakistan. In this article, people who want a job through the STS Portal Online Apply will learn about the latest news, how to apply online on the STS Portal, and other important information about TS Portal Slip Download 2024.

The STS portal has announced the vacancies through online application at STS Portal Online Apply. People from all over Pakistan can now apply on this website. STS IBA Sukkur has launched a user-friendly STS Portal for job applications. Read Also: Usc Org Pk Pmt Check Results Online 2024, New Method

Various vacancies are available on the STS portal. To apply, visit the advertising section to find the STS application form and the bank fee for work-related expenses. Both men and women can apply for STS jobs in 2024. You can find all the necessary information on the website Applying for IBA Sukkur Jobs 2024 has now become a simple process. The SIBA Testing Services Portal offers a user-friendly platform for high-level online testing.

STS Portal Online Apply

  1. Explore the vacancies:  STS Portal has posted many vacancies on its website ( Any Pakistani job seeker can view these openings no matter where they live.
  2.  Simplifying the online application process: Creating the STS IBA Sukkur web portal has changed how people apply for jobs through the STS Portal Online Application. Aspiring candidates can now easily submit their applications online, making the process quick and simple.
  3.  Opportunities for all:  Both men and women can use the STS portal to apply for a wide range of STS jobs in 2024. This ensures that everyone has the same chance in all sectors and businesses.
  4.  Advertisements and Fees:  Candidates can get the STS application form and bank fee for the job they want directly from the website This ease of access simplifies the application process, making it clear and simple.
  5.  Easy Application for IBA Sukkur Jobs:  In 2024, the STS Portal will make it easier for people to apply for IBA Sukkur Jobs. This change in the application process will make things easier for people who want to work at IBA Sukkur.

STS announcements

Latest News:  Use the STS Announcements section to stay up to date with important events. The portal informs candidates about various projects, including their titles, articles, due dates and publication dates, so they are always up to date. Read Also: IUB Admission 2022 | Undergraduate Admissions Fall Apply Online | IUB E Portal

Shortlisted Candidates and Testing Criteria: The  STS Advertisements section shows the candidates shortlisted for interviews and the testing criteria for various posts. This openness builds trust in the selection process and ensures candidates are prepared for future challenges.

Sr#Project TitleDocuments PDFLast DatePublish Date
1Answer Key _ District & Session Court, Karachi CentralView all Docs12-09-202302-09-2023
2Answer Key_ Stenographer/Junior Clerk/Data Coder – D&S Court, West KarachiView all Docs09-09-202330-08-2023
3Test Criteria_ District & Session Court Karachi Central (to be held on August 27, 2023)View all Docs27-08-202323-08-2023
4Test Criteria_ District & Session Court Karachi West (to be held on August 26, 2023)View all Docs26-08-202323-08-2023
5Answer Key_ Recruitment Test Against Various Positions of SRSO (Test held on Sunday, August 20, 2023)View all Docs31-08-202323-08-2023
6Answer Key_ Recruitment Test Against Various Positions of Cadet College Larkana(Test held on Sunday, August 20, 2023)View all Docs31-08-202323-08-2023
7Answer Key_Stenographer/Junior Clerk – District & Session Court, Karachi SouthView all Docs27-08-202321-08-2023
9Test Criteria_ Cadet College Larkana ( Test date August 20, 2023)View all Docs20-08-202318-08-2023
10Test Criteria_ District & Sessions Court, South KarachiView all Docs20-08-202318-08-2023
STS announcements

STS Apply online – SIBA Testing Services

Opportunities for Teachers: The Sindh School Education and Literacy Department is hiring for PST, JEST, SST and DM posts in 2024. Those who get a job will receive help with primary and preschool education, good salaries and government benefits.

Continuous Recruitment:  STS regularly advertises teachers in national and local newspapers to show that the company is committed to recruiting qualified teachers. This consistency ensures that talented people continue to enter the field of education. Read Also: Ehsaas Subsidy Inquiry Portal On Rashan Program 2024 CNIC Check

Various requirements:  Welcome! STS is looking for people with degrees like MA, BSc, BBA,, MS, M.phil, and Ph.D. to fill jobs in 2023. A wide range of skills, from engineering to law to information technology, can lead to many jobs.

STS Portal Online Apply
STS Portal Online Apply

STS candidate portal – STS Candidate Create Account

STS IBS portal – SIBA Testing Services Online Apply 2024

  1. Comprehensive Resources:  The IBS STS portal provides everything candidates need in one place. The portal has everything you need to apply, from registration forms to test details and candidate number slips.
  2.  Checks and much more. The site provides important information to help you prepare for elementary teacher assessments and other tests. Since it is easy to use, it will become an indispensable tool on your trip.

Apply for STS Jobs 2024 Sindh

If you want to apply for advanced STS jobs in Sindh 2024, here is a step-by-step plan to help you.

Are you already a CTC candidate?

  • Enter your CNIC number and password if you have already registered as an STS candidate.
  •  Enter your password, then click “Login” to see your candidate page.

Are you using the STS candidate portal for the first time?

  • If you have not already done so, please click “Create an Account” on the STS Candidate Portal.
  •  This will show you how to set up a new account, making it easier for you to apply for jobs in the future.

How to get back a lost password

  • There is a way to get back if you are a registered user but need to remember your password.
  •  Click the “Forgot Password” button to begin the process of recovering your password and logging into your account.

How to download STS Slip 2024?

  • To get your STS receipt, follow these simple steps:
  •  Go to the real STS Portal.
  •  Use your passwords to log into an account you already have.
  •  Please find the download receipt option and click on it.
  •  Enter your CNIC number and Application ID as prompted.
  •  Select “Download” to receive your receipt.

How to Apply for STS Jobs 2024 Sindh

If you are already registered as an STS candidate, enter your CNIC number and password to become your candidate. Click on the “  Login  ” button.

If you have not registered with the STS Candidate Portal, click “Create Account” to create a new account.

 If you registered on the STS Candidate Portal but forgot your password, click the “  forget password  ” button to view your password. Read Also: Ehsaas Rashan Program Cnic Check Online 2024 | Ehsaas Rashan Portal

How to download a slip from STS?

Follow these steps to download Slip from STS.

  • Go to the STS portal.
  •  Sign in to your account.
  •  Click on the download receipt.
  •  Enter your CNIC number and Application ID to download the receipt.

How do I contact STS?

You can contact STS from Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 17:00 at the following number and office.

  • Contact number: 071-5644200
  •  Address: IBA University, Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui Road, Jafria Cooperative Housing Society, Sukkur, Sindh

STS contact information

Feel free to contact STS Monday to Friday, 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, using the contact number and office information provided.

  1. Stay current:  Use the STS Candidate Portal to learn about new openings and other news. Access helpful tools like answer sheets and track where your application is in the process.
  2.  Joining the portal:  Registering on the candidate portal is easy. Users using the system for the first time must provide their national ID number and create a password. The process is completed when you click the “Create Account” button, opening opportunities.

To create an account on the STS portal, you need to follow basic information; for your understanding, the image is also shared, so you can easily check what is required to apply online.

  1. Your Full Name
  2.  Your National ID Card Number ( CNIC )
  3.  Mobile Number
  4.  Email Address ( Optional )
  5.  Password ( Secure your information with a hard password and do not share with anyone
  6.  Now click on Send OTP Code
  7.  Enter the OTP code in the box
  8.  Click on Create account

sTS portal slip download

The portal has now uploaded all the receipts with roll numbers you can sts portal slip download. For more information, please call 071-5644200. Please note that the SIDA testing service currently has limited capabilities. To become an AIPMT candidate, you should explore more information.

STS Portal Download Eslip
STS Portal Download Eslip

Contact number:071-5644200
Address:IBA University, Nisar Ahmed Siddiqui Road, Jaffria Cooperative Housing Society, Sukkur, Sindh

What is the STS portal?

Siba Testing Services runs the STS portal and offers job openings across Pakistan.

How to apply for a job through the STS Portal?

People can apply online by visiting

How can candidates stay up to date on important developments?

They can use the “STS Announcements” section on the portal.

How can candidates download the simplified tax system form for 2024?

Candidates can log in to their account on the STS portal and download their receipts by entering their CNIC number and Application ID. Read Also: PM launches Kisan Portal | How To Apply Kisan Portal 2024


The article provides a comprehensive overview of the online STS portal application operated by Siba Testing Services (STS) and its role in offering employment opportunities across Pakistan. The portal has simplified the application process, making it convenient and accessible for people seeking various positions.

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