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“I love you, Mama” email from a thirty-year-old who provokes “Hind Al-Qahtani”

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hind al qahtani  revealed during her video clip on her Snap chat account

Al-Marsad newspaper

Saudi Arabia Hind Al-Qahtani revealed during her video clip on her Snap chat account about her true age for the first time.

Al-Qahtani said during the clip

I received an email a little before saying it says I love you.

hind al qahtani

Mama Hind who is 29 years old and tells me Mama.

hind al qahtani :I mean what do you see me?

Al-Qahtani added, I don’t like to talk about these topics because they are ridiculous.

hind al qahtani :But you provided them. I was born in 84 AD and got married.

I am 18 years old.

I was born Muaz. My age is 19 and he is now 17 years old.

I am 36 years old.”

Al-Qahtani continued, “I would be in the mid-forties and this is my look and this is my skin.

Especially as I am a sweet tooth or a Botox and no other plastic surgery.

my kidney is natural.”


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