How Much Does It Cost To Post A Job On LinkedIn?

Being hailed as the “world’s largest professional network,” LinkedIn stands as a valuable asset for both employers and job seekers alike. However, the array of choices and evolving algorithms might obscure the clarity surrounding the expenses involved in post a job on LinkedIn. At Top Trend Pk, we are committed to furnishing you with a comprehensive guide encompassing all essential details to help you evaluate your alternatives and make informed decisions regarding pricing.

Why Post on LinkedIn? Posting a Job on Linkedin

With a remarkable user base exceeding 810 million across more than 200 countries globally, LinkedIn has firmly established itself as a pivotal platform for job seekers and employers universally. Notably, LinkedIn reports a presence of over 58 million businesses on its platform. It’s important to note, however, that this figure encompasses certain auto-generated pages which emerge when users mention a company that has yet to establish its own dedicated page.

How Much Does a Job Posting Cost?

Free post a job on linkedin

Employers have the opportunity to publish Post A Job On LinkedIn without incurring any charges. However, a crucial detail to keep in mind is that you are restricted to a single complimentary job posting at any given moment. Should you have multiple job positions available concurrently, a fee will be required. While free job postings do appear in search results, it’s worth noting that they may gradually descend in prominence over time within those search results.

Promoted Job Posts on LinkedIn

For enhanced job post visibility and the ability to publish multiple job openings simultaneously, LinkedIn offers the option of a Promoted Job Post, which operates on a pay-per-click framework. Setting a daily budget for the Post A Job On LinkedIn is the initial step taken by employers. The exact daily expense is determined by the count of clicks or views the post garners.

Rest assured, LinkedIn ensures that no more than 50% of your daily budget is charged in a single day, and the total charge never surpasses your allocated budget. Consider this scenario: If you establish a 30-day campaign with a daily budget of $10, the utmost charge for a single day will be $15, and over the course of 30 days, the maximum sum will not exceed $300.

Should any given day exceed the daily budget, subsequent daily allocations will be adjusted during the 30-day period. The job post continues to welcome applications until the maximum budget is met, prompting a pause in the campaign.

Post A Job On LinkedIn
Post A Job On LinkedIn

According to LinkedIn, Post A Job On LinkedIn yield thrice the number of qualified candidates compared to free job posts. The focused and expansive reach of promoted posts ensures visibility among the most relevant and capable candidates. Notably, a higher daily budget equates to a broader audience exposure for your job post.

Once the daily budget is expended, LinkedIn withdraws the job post from active promotion. In the scenario where it’s your sole listing, the post remains searchable and discoverable to general applicants, much like a free job post. However, active promotion to pertinent candidates ceases. The daily budget renews each day, and if the 150% threshold is achieved, the promotion of the job post recommence on the subsequent day.

How LinkedIn Calculates the Cost-Per-Click

LinkedIn employs an algorithmic approach to determine the expense attributed to each click, taking into account factors such as job location and the volume of competing job posts with similar titles within that specific market. The cost-per-click exhibits variability influenced by the prevailing conditions within the market and the level of activity surrounding analogous job postings on that particular day.

To ascertain the cost of each click, encompassing both clicks and views, a simple calculation can be performed: divide the total expenditure for the day by the total count of views the job listing has garnered. This valuable data is conveniently accessible by navigating to the “Manage” tab dedicated to the respective job post

An added advantage presents itself in the form of a potential discount of up to 35% for those who opt to pre-purchase a job post budget.

When Will I Be Charged for a Promoted Job Post?

Commencing on the day of your job post’s creation, the billing cycle takes its initial stride, accumulating charges on a daily basis. Once 30 days transpire and the job post remains active, the accrued balance is then billed. However, should you opt to conclude the listing before the three-day interval elapses, the charges will be processed within 48 hours subsequent to the closure of your job post or upon reaching a balance of $500, whichever occurs first.

How To Monitor the Cost of Your Promoted Job Post(s)

You retain the ability to oversee your expenditure from your account at any juncture. Should you desire to modify the budget allocated to your job post, the process can be effortlessly executed. Begin by selecting the “Jobs” icon situated atop your LinkedIn home page.

Following this, navigate to “Manage Job Posts,” subsequently locating the three-dot ellipsis adjacent to the specific job post in question. A further click on “Manage Job” empowers you to make the necessary adjustments.

When To Pay for a Promoted Job Post on LinkedIn

Promoted job posts ascend to the apex of search results, prominently distinguished by a “promoted” label, ensuring heightened visibility to an expanded pool of candidates. Beyond this prime positioning, the advantages of investing in a promoted job post on LinkedIn encompass a spectrum of benefits, including:

  1. Enhanced Visibility to Qualified Candidates: Promoted job posts are strategically positioned in the “Based on Your Profile” and “Similar Jobs” sections, offering a broader exposure to well-suited candidates during their LinkedIn visits.
  2. Instant Recommendations via Mobile Notifications: Promoted job posts are promptly recommended to eligible candidates through mobile notifications. According to LinkedIn, leveraging mobile notifications can amplify applicant reach by three to five times compared to free job posts.
  3. Automated Matching Algorithm: LinkedIn’s sophisticated matching algorithm actively informs you when a candidate matching the job prerequisites submits an application, streamlining your recruitment process.
  4. Interactive Video Submissions: As a distinctive feature, you have the capacity to invite applicants to furnish responses via brief two-minute video submissions. This mechanism serves to assess communication prowess, enabling you to evaluate communication skills before advancing to the interview phase of the hiring journey.

How To Get the Most Bang for Your Buck When Posting a Job on LinkedIn

Irrespective of your preference for a free post a job on linkedin or an upgraded promotional job post, maximizing your impact can be achieved by amplifying organic shares on the platform. Encouraging your employees to actively disseminate the company’s LinkedIn job post within their networks can yield substantial results. Indeed, the power of word-of-mouth advocacy remains one of the most potent forms of advertisement at your disposal.

1.Reach the right people

Craft a job listing swiftly and extend its reach to a vast array of skilled professionals. LinkedIn effectively directs your job postings to pertinent members, regardless of whether they are actively seeking opportunities.

2.Find qualified matches

Connect with suitable candidates and give precedence to those you wish to interview. LinkedIn leverages insights from your job posting, your company, and our member base to identify the individuals you require.

3.Manage jobs with flexibility

Manage your jobs based on your hiring needs: Promote your priority and hard-to-fill roles to reach even more qualified candidates, faster.

Post A Job On LinkedIn
Post A Job On LinkedIn

How long is a job post active?

Both free and promoted job posts persist in their active state until deliberately closed or, in the context of a promoted job post, until the designated total budget is fully utilized. Furthermore, it’s important to note that job posts are programmed to conclude automatically after a span of six months.

How does LinkedIn calculate the cost-per-click?

The cost-per-click (CPC) is subject to fluctuations based on the specific market conditions and the daily engagement surrounding comparable job posts. To compute the cost of each click, you can access the “Manage” tab corresponding to the respective job post and divide the aggregate expenditure for the day by the total count of views or clicks that the job has garnered. Additionally, the option to modify your daily budget is conveniently available through the “Manage” tab interface.

How are applications submitted on LinkedIn?

Upon post a job on linkedin, employers are afforded the choice to stipulate their preferred method for receiving information from potential candidates. This entails two distinct avenues: applicants can be directed to either the employer’s website or an applicant tracking system to initiate their job application, alternatively, candidates can opt to furnish their details directly through LinkedIn’s platform.

What criteria should organizations consider when deciding on a recruiting software tool?

When making a selection among various recruiting software options, it’s advisable to take into account several key factors. These encompass the comprehensive pricing structure, the platform’s scalability, user-friendliness, and the extent to which its features harmonize with your distinct hiring needs. A majority of recruitment software solutions offer the added benefit of a complimentary trial period, enabling you to explore the platform firsthand before committing to an investment.

How to Post A Job On LinkedIn From Web | ISO | Android

To publish a Post A Job On LinkedIn, follow these steps:

  1. Click on the Jobs icon located at the top of your LinkedIn homepage.
  2. Click the Post a job button.
  3. If you’re a Recruiter customer, you might be directed to a page displaying various contract options associated with your profile. In that case, click Continue next to (Your Name)’s LinkedIn Job Posting.
  4. On the Job Details page, complete the following fields:
    • Description: Provide a job description (mandatory) in the designated text box.
    • Add skills: Indicate the required job skills by clicking the Add skill icon.
    • Click Continue.
  5. On the Applicant Options page, fill out the following fields:
    • How would you like to receive applicants?: Choose your preferred method of receiving applicant notifications.
    • Review screening questions: We recommend adding a minimum of three screening questions to assist in identifying top candidates who match the necessary qualifications.
  6. Once you click the Promote job button, enter your credit card details on the checkout page.
  7. If you already have a saved payment method, your default option will be displayed. Click Add payment if you wish to include a new payment method for this transaction.
  8. Review the order details before finalizing the job posting. You can view your daily and total budget, along with other specifics.
  9. Click the Post job button to complete the process.

Post A Job On LinkedIn From ISO

To Post A Job On LinkedIn using your mobile device, adhere to these steps:

  1. Tap the Jobs icon.
  2. Tap the More icon situated beside the search bar.
  3. From the emerging menu, select Post a Job.
  4. Choose the company’s name for which you intend to post the job.
  5. Opt for the desired job post from the roster of previously posted jobs, or tap Create new job.
  6. If you possess a job link, tap Go back to insert it in the What do you want to talk about? field. For crafting a new job post, input the Job title, Location, Employment type, and optionally, the Description. Subsequently, tap Next.
  7. Determine the recipients with whom you wish to share the post.
  8. Finally, tap Post to complete the process.

Post A Job On LinkedIn From Android

Here are the steps to post a job on LinkedIn:

  1. Tap the Jobs icon.
  2. Tap the More icon located next to the search bar.
  3. Select Post a Job from the displayed menu.
  4. Choose the name of the company for which you intend to post the job.
  5. Opt for the desired job post from the list of previously posted jobs or tap Create new job.
  6. If you already possess a job link, tap Go back to insert it in the What do you want to talk about? field. For creating a new job post, input the Job title, Location, Employment type, and optionally, the Description. Then, tap Next.
  7. Choose the audience you want to share the post with.
  8. Finally, tap Post to complete the process.

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