How To Check Sims On Cnic With Simple Steps 2024

Hi, Readers. Today, we will share information with you In detail about how to check sims on cnic. There are many methods how to check your sim status online. In this article, we explained details throughout about checking how many sims registered on my cnic by following simple steps.

This led to the misuse of targeted technologies. It was soon discovered that many illegal activities and terrorist attacks were linked to unregistered SIM cards.

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How to check sims on cnic
How to check sims on cnic

To overcome these problems, PTA introduced an enhanced SIM information system in 2009. The system was designed to digitally record SIM subscribers so that users can check the number of active SIM cards issued by their sim check cnic.

If you do not know the number of SIM cards issued for your CNIC, or you want to check or block one of them or check how to check sims on cnicby all means, keep reading.

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How to check how many sims registered on my cnic | sim check cnic

First of all, it is important to check how many sims are registered on my cnic. There is a limit to the number of SIM cards that you can get for your CNIC. According to the rules established by the PTA, an individual can have a maximum of 5 SIM cards issued in his name simultaneously.

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If you already have 5 SIMs registered with your CNIC and want to get another one, you must first block the SIM that is no longer in use to maintain the consistency of a maximum of 5 SIMs.If you are not aware of the active SIM cards issued for your CNIC, you must receive this information as soon as possible.

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how to check sims on cnic
how to check sims on cnic – sim check cnic

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This can be done in two simple ways for how to check sims on cnic.

1.  Through the website how to sim check cnic

  1. Go to the PTA SIM information website to check the number of issued and active SIM cards by your name.    
  2. The link will open a web page asking you to enter your information.    
  3. Enter your CNIC number in the appropriate field.    
  4. Make sure you are not a robot by checking the box and clicking  Submit.    
  5. You will be shown a list of registered SIMs for that particular CNIC in tabular form.    
  6. The carrier will classify the number of SIM cards, and the table will also show the total number of SIM cards you have registered with your CNIC. 

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how to check how many sims registered on my cnic
how to check how many sims registered on my cnic

2.  Via SMS:   

To find out the number of SIMs registered for your CNIC via SMS, here’s a quick guide:

  1. Open the text messaging app on your phone.    
  2. Enter your CNIC number without hyphens.    
  3. Then send this message to   668.    
  4. Shortly, you will receive a text message indicating the total number of active SIM cards from each operator issued on your CNIC.    
  5. Please note that you will be charged 2 PKR + tax for each SMS sent to 668.    

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If you find that the number of SIM cards issued for your CNIC exceeds the current number of SIM cards you are using, you should contact the customer service centre of the respective operator of the company.

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What is SIM cloning and why should you know about it?

The process of duplicating a SIM by transferring the identification information of a cloned SIM to another SIM is called cloning a SIM. Another person can then use the separate SIM on a different cell phone with all the data plus costs associated with the original SIM.

SIM cloning is a common method used by many criminals to commit illegal activities and make related calls using someone else’s identity. If you receive a call from your number that you did not make, immediately call the appropriate cellular company and file a complaint about blocking an illegally operating SIM card.

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PTA biometric verification system | Sim information system

The PTA Biometric Verification System, or BVS for short, is an essential step by the PTA in monitoring the safety of cellular subscribers and ending illegal use of mobile communications. With this system, you can easily:

  1. Get a duplicate SIM card    
  2. Activate or buy a new SIM card    
  3. Change of owner of a SIM-card previously registered under someone else’s CNIC.    
  4. Re-confirm your SIM card    
  5. Resolve problems related to mobile number portability    

How to get biometric SIM card verification?

To make sure your registered SIM is not blocked, you will need to check if you are using a SIM that the PTA recognizes. To get a biometric verified SIM, you must first check if the SIM is registered in your name or not.

How to find out the name of the owner of the SIM card?

To find out the name of the owner of the SIM card, follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the text messaging app on your phone.    
  2. Send an empty message to   667  .    
  3. You will shortly receive a reply text message with the name of the SIM card owner from which the message was sent.    

How to block the SIM card registered with your CNIC?

If you want to check How to check sims on cnic that you are not using, it is best to block it to no longer be responsible for that number about your CNIC. To do this, you should do the following:

  • Visit the nearest franchise or customer support office of the relevant cellular company.    
  • You will need to show your original CNIC and fill out the appropriate form to block your requested number immediately.  

Remember that using illegal or unregistered SIM cards is a crime and has consequences. If you are currently using an unregistered SIM or a SIM in someone else’s name, you should address the issue immediately to avoid getting caught in criminal activity.

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