How To Post A Job On Linkedin With Simple Steps

 If you’re looking to hire top talent in Germany, leveraging the power of LinkedIn can significantly expand your reach. With millions of professionals actively using the platform, posting a job on LinkedIn can help you attract qualified candidates quickly and efficiently.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin From Any Where Complete Guide

In today’s competitive job market posting a job for free on linkedin, finding the right candidates for your company can be challenging. However, How To Post A Job On Linkedin with LinkedIn’s extensive network of professionals in Germany, you have a powerful tool at your disposal.

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Step 1: Sign in to Your LinkedIn Account

To begin How To Post A Job On Linkedin, access your LinkedIn account that you intend to use for posting the job. This can be your individual account, or alternatively, you may decide to post the job from your company’s account.

Once you’re on the user dashboard, locate the upper right-hand corner of the screen and click on “Work.” This action will trigger a dropdown menu to appear, from which you can opt for “Create a Job Post.”

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2. Sign In or Sign Up For LinkedIn Talent Solutions

On the subsequent screen, you’ll receive a prompt to either log in or register for a LinkedIn Talent Solutions account. If you’re unfamiliar with LinkedIn Talent Solutions, the registration process is straightforward and involves using the same login credentials as your existing LinkedIn account.

how to write a post on linkedin looking for job
how to write a post on linkedin looking for job

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Step 2: Access the “Work” Tab

Once you’re logged in, navigate to the top right corner where you’ll find different navigation tabs. Click on “Work” and select “Post a Job” from the dropdown menu for post a job on linkedin for free .

How To Post A Job On Linkedin
How To Post A Job On Linkedin

Step 3: Choose Your Job Posting Type

LinkedIn provides various options for posting jobs that suit different needs. You can choose from three types:

  1. Single Job Posting: This option is suitable if you are hiring for a specific role.
  2. Featured Job Posting: Ideal when looking to maximize visibility and reach.
  3. Multiposting Campaigns (Recruiter Lite): Allows simultaneous posting across multiple platforms.
  4. Select your desired option based on your requirements by clicking on it.
how to post a free job on linkedin
how to post a free job on linkedin

Step 4: Fill Out Job Details

Next, populate the required fields with accurate information about your job opening:

  • Title and Location: Clearly mention the job title along with its location.
    • Company Name and Logo: Add your company name and upload an eye-catching logo.
    • Description:
  •  Job Summary/Overview:
    • Provide a concise overview of what the position entails.
    • Responsibilities:
  • Detail specific tasks and responsibilities expected from candidates.
    • Requirements/Qualifications:
  • Specify necessary qualifications such as education or experience needed.
    • Compensation/Benefits/Salary Range (optional):
    • If applicable, mention the salary range or any additional benefits.
  • How to Apply:
    • Provide instructions on how candidates can apply for the job.
how to posHow To Post A Job On Linkedin  a job ad on linkedin
how to post a job ad on linkedin – How To Post A Job On Linkedin

Step 5: Select Target Audience

LinkedIn offers advanced targeting options to ensure your job posting reaches the right professionals. You can narrow down your audience based on criteria such as industry, skills, experience level, and more. This will help you attract candidates who are most likely to be a good fit for your role.

 Step 6: Add Screening Questions

You have the chance to specify your preferred method of contact, along with the choice to include screening questions within your job listing. It’s generally recommended to include screening questions, as this will aid you in managing incoming candidates and conserving time.

Once you’ve made your choices, select the “Preview” option located in the lower left-hand corner to ensure that your job listing appears as desired. Subsequently, click on “Post job for free” to publish your job on LinkedIn.

Step 7: Set Your Budget

If you’re using paid promotion to boost the visibility of your job posting, LinkedIn allows you to set budgets and select a duration for running your campaign. This will increase exposure and reach beyond organic views.

Step 8: Review and Publish

Before post a free job on linkedin publishing the job posting, review all information carefully for accuracy and completeness. Make sure there are no spelling or grammatical errors that could deter potential applicants. Once satisfied, click on “Publish Job.”

Cost To Post Jobs on LinkedIn

You have the option to publish a single job on LinkedIn at no cost. Yet, if you wish to promote multiple job listings simultaneously or enhance the visibility of your job post, you’ll need to invest in a promoted job post. The pricing for a promoted job post follows a pay-per-click model, which can differ based on your specific business. On average, the cost typically hovers around $1.50 per click.

You can establish either a daily budget or a total budget for the job post. Opting for a daily budget means the post will continue running until you decide to end it. Conversely, with a total budget, the job post will automatically conclude once the budgeted amount is consumed.

How To Post A Job On Linkedin
How To Post A Job On Linkedin

The precise daily expense for the job post is influenced by the quantity of clicks or views it garners, leading to potential fluctuations from day to day. LinkedIn’s billing won’t surpass double your daily budget in a single day or exceed your total budget within a span of 30 days.

For example, if you set a daily budget of $5, you won’t be charged more than $10 within a day or surpass $150 over a 30-day period. If a particular day surpasses the daily budget, the subsequent daily budgets will be adjusted accordingly over the course of 30 days. The job post will continue to run until you decide to conclude it.

Reasons to Post a Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn stands as the world’s largest platform for professional networking, and it extends beyond that role to serve as an effective job board. With a vast user base exceeding 800 million members spanning more than 200 countries, LinkedIn offers an extensive reach to connect with potential candidates. Moreover, owing to its nature as a social networking hub, Post a Job on LinkedIn facilitates easy sharing by the hiring team, company leadership, and existing employees. This taps into the potent influence of word-of-mouth advertising, making it a valuable asset for recruitment efforts.

Post a Job on LinkedIn
Post a Job on LinkedIn

LinkedIn presents several advantages for utilizing its platform for your job posting, including:

  1. Attraction of Passive Candidates: Utilize the “Jobs You May Be Interested In” tool to draw in top passive candidates who may not have actively applied.
  2. Identifying Qualified Candidates: Even if candidates haven’t applied, leverage the “Suggested Professionals” feature to identify those who possess the desired qualifications.
  3. Direct Applicant Management: Streamline applicant management by handling applications directly through LinkedIn.
  4. Comprehensive Analytics: Enhance your job posts with in-depth analytics, enabling you to fine-tune your approach for optimal results.
  5. Employer Brand Enhancement: Integrate your Career Page to bolster your employer brand, showcasing your company culture and values.
  6. User-Friendly Mobile Experience: Deliver a user-friendly mobile experience to applicants, catering to their convenience.

By posting a job on LinkedIn, you empower your team to share the job posting within their networks. This amplifies the visibility of your job listing and elevates the likelihood of attracting high-quality applicants.

how to post a job on linkedin from company page

  1. Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Jobs” tab.
  2. Click on the “Post a Job” button.
  3. Fill out the job posting form, including the job title, location, employment type, and description.
  4. Click on the “Company” field and select your company from the dropdown list.
  5. Click on the “Post” button.

Once you’ve posted the job, you can connect it to your company page by following these steps:

  1. Go to your company page and click on the “Jobs” tab.
  2. Click on the “Add a Job” button.
  3. Select the job that you just posted from your profile.
  4. Click on the “Add Job” button.

The job will now be displayed on your company page, and it will also be eligible to show up in LinkedIn’s job search results.


How To Post A Job On Linkedin is an effective way to connect with talented professionals who may be interested in joining your organization. By following these step-by-step instructions, you can optimize your chances of finding qualified candidates quickly and efficiently. Leverage LinkedIn’s extensive network of professionals by creating compelling job postings that stand out from the competition.

Remember that creating an appealing listing with all necessary details is crucial in attracting

How can I learn how to post a job on LinkedIn?

If you’re looking to understand how to post a job on LinkedIn, where can I find a comprehensive guide?

Post a free job on linkedin

How do I post a free job on LinkedIn?
To post a free job on LinkedIn, you can follow these steps:
Go to your LinkedIn profile and click on the “Jobs” icon.
Click on the “Post a free job” button.
Enter the job title, company name, location, job type, and description.
Add any required skills or experience.
Choose whether to allow applicants to apply through LinkedIn or by sending their resumes directly to you.
Review your job posting and click on the “Post” button.
You can also post a free job on LinkedIn by going to the LinkedIn Jobs website:

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