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OPPO Find X2 Coming Soon

Oppo Find X2 Unboxing & Overview

Oppo Find X2 Unboxing & Overview 

a successful smartphone maker in the world, has something new for its users. Over the past few years the company has made tremendous success in the global handset market consolidating itself as a key force.

With glossy reflective backs, these phones usually stand out from the crowd and deserve praise for their battery life, impressive cameras and good performance. 

OPPO with its exceptional growth rate, is required to put more pressure on other manufacturers of high-end phones with its Find X2 which is getting ready for launch in March 2020.

Like other smartphones OPPO Find X2 will be attractive with high-end features and competitive prices.

Discover the power of high definition display OPPO Find X2

will use a 120 Hz display with a resolution of QuadHD + (2k). This impressive aspect of the smartphone differs from its competitors, such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 Ultra, which offers 120 Hz if you set the resolution to Full HD +.

Until Samsung releases an update to change this, the OPPO Find X2 is likely to be the first smartphone to use a 120 Hz refresh rate on QuadHD +.

Since 120 Hz refers to the refresh rate of the display, an extended refresh rate will cause the screen to be able to refresh content more dynamically.

Users can get smoother animation compared to the 60 Hz panel. This new feature is fun for all players, especially in dynamic games.

Camera designed for excellence

OPPO played a role in experimenting with the bezel using a pop-up selfie camera, Oppo find x 2 price in pakistan a camera under the screen and notches on the display.

Camera experiments have made OPPO famous for its worldwide experience in this area. Find X2 is no exception to this. T

he sensor in OPPO Find X2 will be larger than usual. It seems that it divides into four pixels without reducing the resolution of the sensor or the ability to collect light.

All pixel auto focus will be faster than existing PDAF methods, providing improved focusing performance in low light.

Oppo Find X 2 high resolution

The sensor used in the smartphone is rumored to be developed by Sony and focuses on 4 main areas: high resolution, high-speed focus, wide dynamic range and high sensitivity.

High-speed focusing is attractive because it will improve focusing capabilities for all types of subjects.

The new sensor will be able to use each pixel as a phase detection pixel, which means that it can detect phase differences in the X and Y directions.

This made it much easier to focus on the ends of the frame as previous sensors could only use the center to calculate the focus.

Oppo Find X2  Display Features

The OPPO Find X2 is expected to have a stylish and futuristic design with an approximately 95% screen-to-body ratio and 1 billionth color display which basically means that it will have a display compatible with HDR10 +.

The large screen allows users to experience the cinematic display. Peak brightness is estimated at 1200 nits.

Oppo Find X2 Qualcomm processor

The new smartphone will be one of the first devices with the new Qualcomm processor which provided

Find X2 with access to a number of new features such as dual-gigapixel processing, 25% performance improvement and much more.

Other details have not yet been published with the launch of the smartphone in March. OPPO has high hopes for the future, as this new phone will be a watershed in the smartphone market

Oppo find x 2 price in pakistan Rs. 159,999


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