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Rahe Insaniyat program 2021 | Humans of samundri

Rahe insaniyat program 2021

Rahe Insaniyat (Program for Humanity) is a program that, like the name suggests, aims to benefit critically ill patients and their families.Rahe Insaniyat was founded by Mr. Haq Nawaz Sb and their wife Tahira Haq Nawaz works in cooperation with the rah e insaniyat foundation.

Rahe Insaniyat foundation lends its support to Rah e Insaniyat program for humanity. This article will explore the Rah e Insaniyat program for humanity in detail, discuss the aims & objectives of the rah e insaniyat program for humanity and shed light on how the rah e insaniyat program operates.

rahe insaniyat help line Rahe Insaniyat program 2021 | Humans of samundri

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Rahe Insaniyat program 2021
Rahe Insaniyat program

How Rahe Insaniyat program 2021 Works | Complete Details

Rahe Insaniyat program for humanity is, therefore, a charitable organization that aims to benefit the lives of patients and their families by providing them with free medications and transportation facilities, Also helps them to build their own small businesses like shops, stores when they need it the most.

Rah e insaniyat program Rahe Insaniyat program 2021 | Humans of samundri
Rahe Insaniyat program

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The Rahe Insaniyat program samundri is a basic, but important project of Rahe Insaniyat foundation. Rahe Insaniyat Foundation is an organization that works for the helpless people in Pakistan. Similarly, the rah e insaniyat program samundri is also helping the poor people .rah e insaniyat foundation’s or rah e insaniyat program samundri is one of the famous charity organizations in Pakistan which has been working on different projects that are helpful for yourselves. You can donate Rah e Insaniyat program yourself your money yourself.

rahe insaniyat whatsapp number 2021

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Rahe Insaniyat pakistan contact number

They decided to create a page in the name of Rahe Insaniyat. Samundri is a small city in the Faisalabad district. Rahe Insaniyat team office is in Faisalabale and they do all activity from Faisalabad City. If anyone wants to contact with Rah e insaniyat team here are complete details available to contact them.

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  1. Rah e Insaniyat program team’s official email address is @[email protected]
  2. Rah e Insaniyat program Contact number:03127827152

Rah e insaniyat program team has their official Facebook page where everyone can easily contact them without any program. they have an official Youtube channel where you can check all of the latest updates and news related to Rah e insaniyat program Team.

Rah e insaniyat team also has their official Instagram account you can easily contact them.

Rahe Insaniyat Program Pictures

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