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Road Prince 70 2023 Price In Pakistan | Road Prince 2023 Model Launched

Road Prince 70 2023 Engine, Performance, Speed


Road Prince 70 2023 Price In Pakistan,Today’s article will share complete information about the Road Prince 70 2023 Bike in Pakistan. Road prince CD 79 2023 model price in Pakistan, what changes have been made in it, besides what new things have been added in Road Prince 2023 Model. Today’s article contains all the information about Road Prince 70 2030 model engine, performance, speed, style, design, price, locks, tyres, and shapes. So don’t worry, let’s get this article full of information for you.

The new Road Prince doesn’t feel new except for the decals. However, the audience for which it was created does not care much. Yes! Some people want to get a lot of the smart upgrades mentioned above. But this segment may be too small for the company, so they ignore their requirements.

We can only hope that Pakistani motorcycle manufacturers will someday take their motorcycles to the international level.

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Road Prince 70 2023 Engine, Performance, Speed

Eiffel Industries released the Road Prince 70 2023 (Passion RP 70cc) model with a new decal shortly after Atlas Honda unveiled its new CD-70 model.However, the Road Prince 70 2023 doesn’t offer anything new, as is always the case with these bikes, as these companies introduce new decals and leave everything else the same.

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The Road Prince CD 70 2023 is still a competitive option in terms of price in Pakistan, given that it is significantly cheaper than the Honda CD 70 2023 and also offers easy maintenance, which is one of the buyer’s concerns at the time of purchase. Motorbike.

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Full length1930 mm
Overall Width790mm
Overall Height1190 mm
Wheelbase1235 mm
Fuel consumption65 km/l
Fuel tank capacity9.5 liters
Lubricating oil capacity0.9 liters
Battery12 V, 3.5 A
Brake (front/rear)Drum type
TransmissionFour (Forward)
Dry weight80 kg
Grabwet multiple
BeginningFast start
FrameTrunk type
Maximum. Speed80 km/h
Drive systemChain
standsBoth racks
LighthouseBeam type 25/25
rear lightRed color 6W
turn signalYellow 10 W
Stop signalRed color 21 W
Side reflector left/right1196 mm2
engine’s type4 stroke
Engine volume78 cc
Road Prince 70 2023 Specifications

Road Prince 70 2023 Price In Pakistan


Road Prince 70 2023 Price In Pakistan is Rs.81,500.I have not increased the price of the 2023 model this time, or the price of the road prince bike 2020 model was the same as the price of the previous year’s bike. In the current economic conditions of Pakistan, which are not so good poor people are affected.

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After the increase in Honda Bike Price In Pakistan, Road Prince 70 2023 Bike is one of the best options for people. The Road Prince 70 2023 is an excellent option for people who can get easy installments and less money. Those who consume more can meet their daily needs. So Road Prince 70 2023 Price In Pakistan remain same as last year. The Road Prince 70 2023 Price in Pakistan is RS 81,500.

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Road Prince 70 2023 Model Pictures

If we look at the overall design of the 2023 Road Prince Passion 70, there doesn’t seem to be any change. But wait! Something has changed! Guess what? More stickers! Yes! The company has changed the stickers.

As such, Road Prince follows tradition like other bike manufacturers in Pakistan.Since we don’t have much to say about the new Road Prince 70, let’s discuss its specs and features. There any noticeable difference or just a sticker update? Let’s find out.

road prince 70 2023 model
road prince 70 2023 model
road prince 70 2023 model
road prince 70 2023 model
road prince 70 2023 Price In Pakistan
road prince 70 2023 Price In Pakistan

Road Prince 70 2023 Model Launched In Pakistan

One by one, bike manufacturers are presenting their 2023 motorcycle models. The Honda CG 125 was released first. Now, the Road Prince 2023 CD 70 has been launched in Pakistan.

The company could have introduced some new features since this is a “2023” model, but the shape, function, and performance are almost identical to the 2022 model.The company could bring some customer-expected features to the new Road Prince Passion 70.

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  1. Digital counter
  2. Gear indicator
  3. Reshaped fuel tank
  4. The best place
  5. Improved dampers
  6. Upgraded exhaust
  7. Redesigned headlights and taillights
Road Prince Pictures
Road Prince Pictures
Length x Width x Height1930 x 790 x 1190 mm
Wheelbase1235 mm
Fuel Tank9.5L
Dry Weight80 Kg
Engine Type 4 stroke air cooled
Fuel Consumption65 km/l (Advertised)
TransmissionFour Speed (Forward)
Max. Speed80 km/h (Advertised)
Head LightBeam Type 25/25
BrakesDrum (Front & back)
StartKick starter
FrameBackbone type

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