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U Power Offer | U Power Offer Package Plan, Activation Code 2024

Ufone is ready to surprise its users with yet another robust offering, and it’s just as exciting as the previous ones. They presented the U power offer to ease, comfort, and excitement their users. Now all Ufone users will have complete control over their connection needs, and what could be more interesting than that? Let’s take a closer look at this offer to get a clear idea of ​​this recently launched offer.

Pakistani telecom operator Ufone 4G intends to bring simplicity and U power offer to its users by giving them more control over their connectivity needs. “U Power Offer” with the catchy slogan Apni Marzi Chala (use your choice) is designed to allow users to choose from several options, covering all-in-one package, internet package, and all net call packages that are the best. Suitable for their needs.

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What is U Power Offer And U Power Package

U Power Offer launched by Ufone, where all Ufone users will be able to choose their desired internet and calling package from among various options. The Upower offer under the motto “Apni Marzi Chala” aims to make Ufone users happy and satisfied with unlimited package deals.

They offer packages at three different prices, and each package has a lot to offer. Sounds exciting? This is undoubtedly true. From calling packages to internet options, users can now meet their connectivity needs by activating any offers.

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U Power offers three denominations, and each denomination provides four different options, so users can choose from Call, Internet, and Hybrid packages to suit their dynamic connectivity needs.

U Fone Power Offer, as an industry leader, not only offers a competitive value proposition but also empowers customers to make their choices by choosing the suitable packages at the right time based on their dynamic requirements.

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With the latest offering, Ufone 4G not only lives up to its commitment to providing more simplicity and capabilities but also reaffirms its commitment to its customers.

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U Power offer- u power package
U Power offer- u power package

UPower Offer Prices And Package Plans

The Upower offer is available to users at three prices, including  Rs 30, 60, and 100. Each package offers something different. It is up to the user to decide which package best suits their requirements and connectivity needs.

Among the above three prices, users are offered four packages, among which they can choose any 1. Let’s discuss each in detail to find out what offers they have.

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30 rupees Package 1

For Rs 30,  you get 200  Ufone or PTCL minutes, 10 minutes on other mobile networks, and 250MB. This offer will be valid for the next 24 hours. All this can be obtained for as little as 30 rupees.

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30 rupees Package 2

Ufone offers the second package for Rs 30, which is 512 MB from 2:00 to 14:00. Over time, you will be able to use the Internet as much as possible.

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30 rupees Package 3

In package 3 you get 25 minutes for all local networks.

30 rupees Package 4

The last package includes 1200 minutes of Ufone or PTCL. All these offers will be valid for 24 hours. After that, you will have to activate the request again.

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R.s 60 Bundle 1 – u power package

If you want to take advantage of the Rs 60 deals, package 1 includes 500 Ufone and PTCL minutes, 20 minutes for other mobile networks, and 500 MB. This offer will be valid for the next 48 hours.

R.s 60 Bundle 2 – u power package

In package 2, you can take advantage of 1 GB, which will be valid from 2:00 to 14:00 for the next 48 hours.

R.s 60 Bundle 3 – u power package

In package 3, you will get 50 minutes on all local networks.

U power package – R.s 60 Bundle 4

The latest package includes 2000 Ufone / PTCL minutes. All of the above packages will be valid for 48 hours.

U power package – R.s 100 Bundle 1

With 100 top-up, you can get 1000 Ufone / PTCL minutes, 25 minutes on other networks, and 1 GB. This offer will be valid for the next seven days.

U power package – Rs 100 Bundle 2

You can get 1.5 GB that can be used from 2:00 AM to 2:00 PM for the next seven days.

U power package – Rs 100 Bundle 3

In package 3 you get 80 minutes on all local networks.

U power package – Rs 100 Bundle 4

You will get 2500 Ufone / PTCL minutes in the latest package offer. With so many exciting suggestions, who wouldn’t want to try them?

How To Active U Power offer| U Power offer activation code

With the purchase of each Rs 30, 60, and 100 cards, you can read all the instructions on the card. However, dial * 1234 # or * 3 # from your Ufone number and enjoy your favorite package to activate the offer.

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