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Top 10, Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2023 [Watch Full Series]


Here is a list of new Best Pakistani drams in 2020 that you should include on your watch list, which is top trending 2020.

Top Upcoming Pakistani Darams in [2021]

The Pakistani drama industry has grown thanks rapidly to producing quality content, and everything has become possible thanks to the amazing acting talent in all the drama series.

Trending Pakistani dramas 2020 For homemakers and those who mostly prefer to stay at home, these dramas are the only entertainment source. Thus the industry has never lost its reputation for some time.

Top and latest up coming Pakistani dramas of 2020

Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020 Although different channels broadcast a long list of quality dramas, everyone is looking forward to new things to add to their watch list.


Recently Merai Paas Tum Ho and Damsa impressed the audience with an excellent response trending Pakistani dramas 2020, and Alif is still passionate about his other story and creative script.

Here we have compiled a list of all those new dramas that have been shown or will soon be shown on various entertainment channels with some introduction so that you know. What you can expect from these new members on the watch list. So let’s go!

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Tera Yakhan Koi Nahin

Top Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020  

The “dramatic story,” according to the teaser, revolves around Assad Siddiqui and Kinza Hashmi, which seems to be a love story leading to marriage, and the bulk of the story comes after family life.

Savera Nadim, a universal actress, is also part of this drama, which is the mother of Kinza Hashmi and seems to be going through a difficult phase facing various social problems being a single parent. Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020.

The composition of this drama includes Farhan Ali Agha, Nadia Hussein Adnan Shah Tipu, and others and the aforementioned main roles of the drama.

You can watch it on Hum TV every Monday at 20:00 Trending pakistani dramas 2020

Pyar Kay Sadqay

Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020

Pyar Kay Sadqay Pyar Kay Sadqay is the story of two innocent lovebirds who are not very familiar with each other. Still, according to the teaser, they become closer over time. The main role of which is Yumna Zaidi as well as Bilal Abbas Khan. Trending Pakistani dramas 2020.

A distinctive feature of this drama was the role of Bilal Abbas Khan, who usually played serious roles in such blockbusters as Chick and Bala. You can watch the drama on Hum TV every Thursday at 20:00.

Pyar Kay Sadqay
Top Upcoming Pakistani Dramas in 2020

The main role in the drama series Rabb Mainu Maaf Karin was played by Hammad Faruki, Jenaan Hussein and Hina Altaf.

According to the teaser, the drama’s story revolves around Hammad Faruki and Jenaan Hussein when they spend family life. However, when Hina Altaf tries to become part of Hammad’s life, the turn occurs, which causes problems in relations with Jenaan.

Trending pakistani dramas 2020 The drama will be aired on Hum TV so don’t miss it!


According to the teaser, this drama’s story is similar to the triangle of a love story, and some shots from this drama resemble Indian films “Kuch Kuch Khota Hot High.”

The main cast of this drama includes Ramshan Khan, Feroze Khan, and Haniya Amir. The plot is full of turns so that the audience was interested to see. The drama will be aired on ARY Digital soon, so mark it on your watchlist.


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Ishqiya top Pakistani drama
Ishqiya top Pakistani drama


Another amazing drama on our way is Juti, in which the main roles are played by Ikra Aziz Ahmed Butt and Yasser Hussein.

The story is mainly about a girl who is so smart and crazy about marrying a rich man for the sake of money. According to the teaser, Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020, Caviar Aziz is a shopkeeper’s daughter.

She hates shopkeepers, and Ahmed Ali Butt also runs a shop that falls in love with her, but Caviar does not like him because he works as a shopkeeper.

Jhooti Top Trending Pakistani Drama
Jhooti Top Trending Pakistani Drama

He sends his marriage proposal to her family. Top Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020 Although they get married, Caviar plays cunningly and tries to accuse his husband Ahmed Ali Butt of beating her even on minor issues. 

Also, she falls in love with another guy, whose role is played by Yasser Hussein, and it is here that Caviar Aziz plays a real game. As a liar associated with the name of the drama. This drama will be aired today, February 1, on ARY Digital every Saturday at 8 p.m.


Trending Pakistani dramas 2020 The drama series Munafik talks about Ujala, a middle-class family. When her father and brother work for a wealthy businesswoman and politician, Mrs. Sabiha faces an unfortunate fatal accident at a factory. She puts pressure on Ujala’s mother to compromise.

Munafiq Top Pakistani Drama
Munafiq Top Pakistani Drama

As a result, despite her reservations, Ujala agrees to marry Ms. Sabiha’s son for the greater benefit of her poor, low-income family. Unfortunately, Ujala’s new life in the unfamiliar surroundings of her new rich home becomes worse and worse when her new husband rejects her.

Top Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020 There is a lot to see so stay tuned for Geo TV.

Must See Top 10 Pakistani Dramas in 2020

Mera Dil Mera Dushman

Aliseh Shah in a short time has transformed from a famous children’s star to a budding actress.

The actress is now ready to play a major role in the upcoming ARY Digital play Mera Dil Mera Dushman. Her famous action movie Noaman Sami and veteran actor Yasser Navaz.

Top Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020  The play is an intense love story with lots of family drama staged by Next Level Entertainment led by Samina Humayun Said and Sana Shahnavaz.

Mera Dil Mera Dushman
Mera Dil Mera Dushman

The creators discarded top Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020. Several teasers of the play and in their appearance, the story seems tense with lots of twists and turns. The first teaser shows Alizeha dressed as a bride cursing her fate. The actress looks amazingly beautiful, and you can not take your eyes off the pretty girl for a second.

Top Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020

Mera Dil Mera Dushman

Top Upcoming Pakistani Darams in 2020 The second teaser hints at a shocking turn in the love story of Alize and Noaman.

When the clip begins, the two love birds, as shown When she discovers that Yasir Nawaz agrees as a husband on Nikki’s day instead of Noaman. This shocking discovery leaves the bride devastated, and the audience is shocked.

Soon the drama will be released on ARY Digital so don’t miss out!


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