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Zong Free Facebook Code Without Balance 2024

Zong Free Facebook Code Without Balance:  Like other telecom networks, Zong launched Zong Free Facebook Code. Use Facebook for 14 days for free on Zong 4G with a simple 100% working trick. Here’s what you need to do: read this article thoroughly.

Zong 4G is starting a new partnership with social media mogul Facebook. This means that users with Zong SIM can use FB for free. Here, Zong has set some special requirements for getting free MBs.

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Introducing Zong 4G and Facebook is only news to some of you. This network always tries to provide the best techniques and working methods for free Internet and social networks. This time, they added something special to this free trick. Zong provides unlimited FB MB for 14 days for 4G users.

How To Active Zong Free Facebook Code 2024

To activate Zong’s free Facebook Code Without Balance, you must create a new account using a Zong 4G SIM card and use Facebook for 14 days. Yes! Create a new Facebook account for free with a Zong SIM card and get unlimited MB for Facebook for the next two weeks.

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How to Check Your Zong Number Via SMS, Phone,USSD, Website 2024

Offer name:Free Facebook
Validity:14 days
Zong free Facebook Code Without Balance

Prepaid SIM users can sign up for two weeks of unlimited  Facebook access with Zong. These unlimited MBs will work on both 2G/3G devices. Plus, you can enjoy free Facebook 24/7 for 14 days nonstop.

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Zong free Facebook Code Without Balance
Zong free Facebook Code Without Balance

Zong Free Facebook Code 2024 Registration

We have fully described this trick. However, the step-by-step method for getting free FB megabytes for two weeks is below. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Turn on mobile data
  2.  Use the Zong 4G SIM card in slot 1
  3.  Now open the Facebook app
  4.  Register and create a new account
  5.  Congratulations! Do you have free megabytes
  6.  These unlimited free FB MBs will run for 14 days.
  7.  This is the best way to get 14 days of free FB data on Zong.

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How To Active Zong 1400 MB Package Code

The following method is to get 1400MB of free internet to use this app. You need to register your number with the official SIM card app. Once you receive the index, you will receive free megabytes as a gift for signing up. Do the following in the order listed:

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  1. Download  “App Zong”
  2.  Install it on your device
  3.  Please open it and enter your number
  4.  Fill in the required fields correctly
  5.  Congratulations! You got 1400 MB
  6.  Use Facebook with these megabytes for seven days.

Zong Free Facebook Method 2024

The next trick for unlimited free Facebook on Zong 4G is “free mode.” Yes! Whenever you open the Facebook app with a Zong SIM card, a pink “Free Mode Button” starts to appear on the top bar of the app’s homepage. This button appears when the user needs more funds to use Facebook.

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You can click this “Free Mode” button, and your FB will start working for free. Zong limits the possibilities of the FB app. However, you will be able to post on Facebook. You can see 50% of Facebook content with the Free Mode button. This is also a great “free Facebook trick” for Zong users.

Zong Free Messenger Activation Code

Sending and receiving SMS on Facebook has never been free, but the times have changed. Zong users can chat with their friends using “Facebook Messenger” for free. Yes! FB Messenger works with zero balance. Turn on your mobile data from the Zong SIM card and use “Free FB Messenger” without having any balance.

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These 100% working tricks allow a simple 3G/4G SIM card to get free Facebook megabytes. However, remember that the network may change its policy, or the MB may increase or decrease from the amount described. But these are 100% working tricks, and network representatives confirm this. Get details of the “Zong Instagram Free Package”  from this link.

Zong free Facebook Code Without Balance
Zong free Facebook Code Without Balance

How to activate Zong free Facebook offer code 2024

Zong offers Facebook no balance, and you can get a free code, Zong Facebook no balance 2024, here. This service lets users view FB even with a zero balance. Zong Flex allows you to switch between data mode and accessible mode.

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For example, even if your mobile data is turned off, you can still use FaceBook for free. Similarly, when your mobile data is turned on and you subscribe to any internet package, you will be charged according to the base rate of your package. But when using FB, your balance or MB provided in the package will not be deducted.

As we all know well, Zong has moved to 4G internet service, which is genuinely faster mobile internet than ever. It now offers free Facebook, and you can check Zong Free Facebook Code 2024. Scroll down and find out the details here.

How to use Free Facebook with Zong:

  1. Open  on your mobile phone or mobile app for Android, iOS, and Windows/Nokia Phones.
  2.  You will see two options in the upper right corner of the screen. One is accessible mode, and the other is data mode.
  3.  Select Free mode if you want to use Facebook for free without a balance.
  4.  Using this offer, you can post,  chat, like, comment, and share without data transfer fees on the Facebook Mobile site, website, and mobile site.
  5.  If you browse external links, data charges may apply.
  6.  There is also another procedure for using Free Facebook on your mobile phone. Follow the steps below to follow Zong Free on Facebook.
  • Open the Google Play Store 
  •  Find the Free Basics App on Facebook
  •  Download   this application
  •  Now login with your Facebook ID from this app and enjoy free Facebook.

Now, Zong users can get high-speed Internet access without cost because you can use Facebook free with the latest version of Zong Facebook Flex. This package is specially designed for Zong customers who love to use Facebook.

So they can stay in touch with their loved ones 24/7. We have also provided the process for using Facebook and all social media sites with Zong Social Pack. Other networks give you free Facebook, but Zong was the first network to provide social package offers.

So that’s all about Zong Free Facebook Code Without Balance 2024. I hope you got full details of this feature. If you have any questions, then ask them in the comments section.


How can I get free MB in Zong without balance?

Dial 5372# and get 1500 MB for free.
Type/dial 568#11# or *44# or *102# and get 4 GB free days.
Type/dial 568*23# and get 500 MB for free.
Type/dial *7863*86# and enjoy free 1GB days.
Enter/Dial *1171112# and enjoy free 2GB of Zong data.
Enter/Dial 56385*23# and enjoy Zong 1 GB of data for one week.

How can I use free WhatsApp and Facebook on Zong?

Just dial *247# and enjoy all free WhatsApp and facebook features anywhere, anytime on the largest 4G network in Pakistan.

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