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Top Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023 | Apple Airpods Specification

Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan with features and specifications. So let us read this article and get complete information about Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023. Apple AirPods are wireless, light, and magical, just like the company promises.

Along with other top products, Apple launched wireless earbuds that revolutionized the market. These earbuds are called Airpods and come with advanced features and technology. Apple has released two generations of its AirPods. Apple Airpod price in Pakistan is affordable, and they are easily accessible.

Different variants of AirPods also differ in functionality and price. Today we are sharing with you Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan. The price of Apple Air Pods in Pakistan is worth it for its high performance. Apple released its first Air Pods, the Apple AirPods generation, in 2016. The second variant was released in 2019 and is the 2nd generation AirPods and Apple AirPods pro.

The price of Airpods in Pakistan varies depending on the design, features and technology.

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Apple AirPods 2

The 2nd generation Apple AirPods are equipped with the H1 headphone chip, which provides a faster and more stable connection and efficient performance. AirPods provide 2x faster performance when switching between active devices.

Apple AirPods 2 provide a 1.5 times faster connection to phone calls. Voice-controlled Siri is your right hand when using Apple products. All you have to do is say “Hey Siri,” and it will be activated to help you. There are several “Announcements” already installed, with which Siri helps you read basic notifications from apps, such as messages, phone calls, reminders, etc.

It also provides the ability to specify the notifications you want to hear. The installed H1 chip provides access and delivery of game latency by 30 percent through the activation of Siri with voice support. So now listen to high-quality audio while enjoying music, movies, videos, games, or podcasts.

Installed sensors can detect when you are listening and when you are speaking. The motion accelerometer and optical sensors automatically control the sound and microphone for listening to calls and playing music.

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Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023
Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023

Speech detection sensors detect when the user is speaking. It works in conjunction with beamforming microphones to filter out background noise.

AirPods charging upgraded in the Apple AirPods 2 with a Qi-certified charging mat. Just put your AirPods on the mat. However, the lightning port can be used to charge away from the Qi mat. The 24-hour battery life also fixed the issue.

The audio sharing option allows you to share your audio streams with independent volume controls. You can also choose an AirPods case with an engraving of your choices, such as a mix of emojis, numbers, or text. All these features justify the price of the Apple AirPod in Pakistan.

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Apple AirPods 2 specifications are listed below.

SensorsSpeech Detection Accelerometer Dual Beamforming Microphones Motion Detection Accelerometer Dual Optical Sensors
dimensions1.59″ high 0.65″ wide 071″ deep
Weight4 grams
ConnectionBluetooth version 5.0
Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023

3rd  generation Apple AirPods 

Apple AirPod’s 3rd generation is magically updated. It is set with spatial sound, and dynamic head tracking adaptive EQ provides a 3D listening experience. The unique characteristic of these 3rd generation AirPods is that they remove sweat and splashes.

AirPods consist of built-in microphones covered in the acoustic mesh that minimizes wind noise when the user is on the phone. The AAC-ELD speech codec provides HD voice quality when talking on the phone.

AirPods have optical sensors and motion accelerometers to detect usage. Force sensors provide perfect control of the clamp by simply pressing it. Skin detectors can detect when AirPods are in your ears.

Sensors have been installed to eliminate background noise. A beamforming microphone was installed to focus on the user’s voice. The H1 chip, with its ultra-low power consumption, increases battery life.

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Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2022

Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023


The specifications of the 3rd generation air pods are described below. The price of Apple AirPods  3rd generation in Pakistan is affordable.

 Wide dynamic range amplifier Long travel driver Spatial sound Adaptive EQ Dynamic head tracking
SensorsDual optical sensors Dual beamforming microphones Accelerometer with speech and motion detection Inward-facing microphone Skin and force detection sensor
ConnectionsBluetooth with AirPods Lightning connector in charging case
Sizes of AirPods1.21/0.72/0.76″
Case dimensions1.83/2.14/0.84 inch
Weight of AirPods4.28 grams
Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023

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Airpods pro

Apple has rethought the details of AirPods to provide the highest level of comfort when manufacturing AirPods in-ear headphones. These custom AirPods fit exceptional active noise cancellation, so the user only sees the music and not the AirPods. It offers a transparency mode to listen to what’s happening around you.

Before buying AirPods, you can choose the size of the silicone ear tips that are perfect for you. AirPods are designed to fit the shape of your ear, keeping your AirPods secure. Air vents even out pressure, making you feel like there’s nothing in your ears.

Apple AirPods Pro are the only headphones that offer active noise cancellation with outward and inward microphones. An external microphone picks up external sound and counters equal noise to cancel out background sounds and noise.

Airpods pro - Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023
Airpods pro – Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023

The inward-facing microphone also cancels out extra noise in the ear with a noise-canceling system. Noise reduction is provided 200 times per second, allowing you to immerse yourself in music fully.

Users can switch to the transparent mode by pressing and holding the sensor on the rod. It gives you an understanding of the environment around you. In addition, the adaptive equalizer function adjusts the sound according to the shape of your ear.

Spatial audio with dynamic head tracking makes your movies feel like the theater. The price of Apple AirPods Pro in Pakistan is higher than in previous versions.


AirPods pro specifications are shown in the table below.

Chipheadphones H1
SensorsDual optical sensors Dual beamforming microphones Accelerometer with motion and speech detection Inward-facing microphone Force sensor
Audio technologyWide dynamic range custom amplifier Large-span custom Apple driver Active noise cancellation Ventilation sensor for pressure equalization Transparency mode Spatial audio sensor with dynamic head tracking Adaptive EQ
Sweat and water resistant (IPX4)Supported
dimensions1.22″ high 0.86″ wide 0.94″ deep
Weight5.4 grams
Charging FeaturesMagSafe charger, Lightning connector, Qi-certified chargers
Airpods pro – Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023

Apple AirPods max

Apple AirPods max is in-ear headphones designed for the perfect fit. This AirPod max creates an acoustic seal around your head, making you completely immersed in music or movies. The hood around the head is made of breathable knit mesh that distributes weight-reducing pressure.

The telescoping arms stay where the user places them for a secure seal. Its anodized aluminum cups revolutionized technology by rotating independently and balancing pressure. The cups are made of mesh textile for a soft feel.

High-fidelity audio delivers an unparalleled listening experience with industry-leading active noise cancellation technology, just as the company promises. External noise is suppressed by six outward-facing microphones and two inward-facing noise-canceling microphones.

Beamforming microphones focus on your voice even in windy conditions and deliver clear sound. Apple-designed its dynamic driver in AirPod max to reproduce a wide range of frequencies, revealing the rich details of sounds.

Each AirPod is powered by a powerful H1 chipset with advanced software and acoustic features for maximum performance. It uses computational sound, providing a revolutionary listening experience.

Apple AirPods max - Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023
Apple AirPods max – Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023

If you tap on the chip, its sound cores will drown out all outside noise, and you will feel like you are living in it. The AirPods max also comes with Active Noise Cancellation and Transparency Mode to switch between the two modes.

The adaptive equalizer further enhances the sound quality by measuring what the user hears and adjusting the frequencies. It delivers a rich and consistent sound. The Spatial Sound feature works with dynamic head tracking to provide a theater experience.

Apple AirPods max also have built-in gyroscopes and accelerometers that track the movement of your head, transmitting sound to the device. This creates a 3D listening experience.

What’s more, AirPods automatically pause audio when the user takes them off and resume music when the user turns them on. Siri also notifies you of your notifications. You can ask Siri for directions, the weather, make a call, send a text, play music, and more.

Apple AirPods max specifications are described below.

SensorsPosition Sensor Optical Sensor Case Detection Sensor Gyroscope Accelerometer
Audio technologyDynamic Driver Transparency Mode Active Noise Cancellation Spatial Sound Adaptive EQ Dynamic Head Tracking
microphonesNine microphones: Active noise reduction: eight Voice capture: three
dimensions7.37 inches high 6.64 inches wide
Weight384.8 grams
Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023

Apple AirPods price in Pakistan

The price of Apple AirPods in Pakistan is different for different models. Their advanced features make them worth buying due to the quality experience, sound quality, and user experience. The table below shows the price of Apple AirPods in Pakistan.

Apple AirPods 2PKR 22,666
Apple AirPods 331,451 Pakistan Rupees
Apple AirPods Pro43,751 Pakistani rupees
Apple AirPods max.PKR 96,463
Apple Airpods Price in Pakistan in 2023

The article describes the latest and best prices for AirPods and Apple AirPods in Pakistan.

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