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Top 10, Freelancing Sites In Pakistan: Lahore, Karachi-2021

Credit Fiver

Here we can try our best to provide you ll information about freelancing in Pakistan. Here we can discuss the following question and provide you a list of all the best freelancing sites in Pakistan in 2021.

List Of 10 Best freelancing sites work and earn as freelancer

List of question peoples mostly asked on google and their answers

  1. How can I do freelancing?
  2. Which website is best for freelancing?
  3. How many freelancers earn in Pakistan?
  4. Do freelancers work online?
  5. What is the easiest freelance job?
  6. How much a beginner freelancer earn?
  7. How do I find a freelancer?
  8. Which skill is best for freelancing?

Freelance websites and online marketplaces are changing the way we work. We can work anywhere, choose how much we want to work and when we want to work.

We don’t need to worry about waking up early to get ready for work or even a long vacation with our family. Best freelancing sites in Pakistan  We are your own bosses! pa

Since freelance people’s culture has become popular over the past three to four years, hundreds of websites have been launched that provide outstanding services to freelancers and outsiders freelancing websites.

I did a little research on the Internet. I found the following 10 best freelancer sites that really change the world of freelancers and have already established themselves as mega sources of freelancing and outsourcing.

10 Best Freelancing Platform around the global and Pakistan

1. Fiverr

It is the world’s largest market for small services. The most exciting thing is that you can create concerts for only $ 5. This may turn out to be a money-making system for you, even if you do not know what coding or design is.

fiverr logo freelancer money fiverr png clip art Top 10, Freelancing Sites In Pakistan: Lahore, Karachi-2021
Freelancing Sites In Pakistan 2020

Just look at the concerts that others create and see if you can do it. If you can do something very ordinary for which people can pay $ 5, you can earn a significant amount.

Join Fiverr.com Now

2 Toptal

Freelancing websites Toptal is a new freelance gamer great for experienced software developers. Their selection process is quite intense; only 3% of the best developers are accepted in it.

If you can go through screening, this is a pretty good setup. The service pays very well, higher prices than all the other sites listed here. So it is not so easy to start work on the project as on some other sites listed here.

freelancing websites Toptal is a new freelance gamer great for experienced software developers.
Credit (Toptal)

They can prepare a series of projects for you from short-term to long-term and select the right projects for you and your skills. If you are looking for a highly qualified developer for your startup or any other high-quality project

Best freelancing sites in Pakistan  I highly recommend that you hire your developer from Toptal.  

Freelancing websites The guys there are very talented and, as a rule, pay much higher than on other sites. Note. This is the same network of premium freelancers I have found on the Internet.

Hire a Developer | Apply as a Developer

3 Upwork

Upwork has become the largest market globally, which is now the result of the merger of Desk.com and Elance.com and is my personal favorite. oDesk and Elance, the two largest freelance websites globally, joined together to form Upwork.com in mid-2015. Best freelancing sites in Pakistan, forming a major competitor for Freelance.com.

Upwork has become the largest market in the world
Freelancing Sites In Pakistan 2020

But even after so much noise around people opposed to this decision, I personally think that this is still the same amazing place to look for work and hire freelancers. 

When I started my freelance career, I did it on these sites, and now I feel good that I have one site and one portfolio. Upwork provides a very high quality of service, and the fees they charge for projects are also low. The most important thing that I like about Upwork is its support team. It never worked out so that they could not answer my questions and problems.

Join Upwork.com Now

4 Freelancer

This is one of the oldest players. After launch in 2003 it has become the world’s largest outsourcing business.

It recently acquired two big giants in the independent market: Volker and Script lance, and now it’s bigger than ever. If you are looking for the first place, then Freelancer is the best place for you.

world's largest outsourcing business
Freelancing Sites In Pakistan 2020

.It is easy to register as a freelancer or employer and start earning or hiring.

I always recommend for newcomers and even professional freelancers who have worked on other freelancer sites to join Freelancer.com

Sign Up For Free

5. Guru

Since 2001, this platform allows freelancers to demonstrate their skills and services and find suitable jobs. Freelancers and employers create their own profiles on the Internet and enter into employment contracts after verifying each other’s professional reputation.

What is the easiest freelance job?
Freelancing Sites In Pakistan 2020

The freelancer manages his activities through the Work Room, and payment is made through the SafePay system. Freelancers looked for well-paid jobs in design writing, information technology, marketing, administration, and other fields.

sign up here.

6. PeoplePerHour

This site brings together people looking for or offering services related to writing, web development design, social network business development, etc.

freelancing sites
Freelancing Sites In Pakistan 2020

This is a British company that follows a system very similar to other freelancer sites. On this site, you will find both online and freelance shows. Jobs are either a fixed price or an hourly type.

Join PeoplePerHour

7. iFreelance

Best freelancing sites in Pakistan  If you offer accounting, management, marketing, design programming, writing service, And other related categories, you can join freelance to look for potential customers.

Simply create your profile by advertising the services you offer. In addition, you can bet on projects that are suitable for your skills.

i freelancing Top 10, Freelancing Sites In Pakistan: Lahore, Karachi-2021
Freelancing Sites In Pakistan 2020

Joining I Freelance is not free. You must purchase one of the paid plans. Personally, I do not think that this is a drawback as it compensates for the absence of deductions from your earnings.

Join iFreelance

Best freelancing sites in Pakistan 2020

8. 99Designs

This site includes only the design of concerts in the form of competitions. The client puts forward his resume. Freelance designers are working on this. Best freelancing sites in Pakistan 2020 Only an approved design wins the prize pool. In my opinion, this site offers excellent opportunities for novice designers.

Best freelancing sites
image credit 99 design

Even if you do not win the competition, the designs you create will be a great addition to your portfolio. Be it a logo or book design, join design if you have the skills in design work.

Join 99Designs Now

9. SimplyHired

It’s hard to beat Hired when it comes to a variety of freelancers. From administrative to construction, from personal hygiene to high technology, this is a market for online and offline freelance jobs. The site lists job opportunities from 24 different countries.

beat Simply Hired when it comes to a variety of freelancers
image credit (simply hired

In addition to the list of vacancies the site includes other useful resources, such as a company directory success stories and career tips.

Join SimplyHired

10. Craigslist

Many do not know that Craigslist is also a market for freelance concerts. Thanks to the location-dependent listing feature, you can find on-site freelance work through Craigslist.

A freelancer can use the site for free and view vacancies in nearby major cities. Now you can go and check which of the following freelancer sites is best for you. There are also many other sites, but these are the best players.

Join Craigslist Now

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