The best 5 affiliate marketing sites to work (Complete Guide 2020)

What Is Affiliate Marketing Commission?

What Is Affiliate Marketing Commission?

After the Internet has become widely available in various societies, the reliance on e-marketing has become more than before and there is no longer.

Any need for a marketer to become numb by moving from door to door to show what he sells! 

With the emergence of many types of e-marketing a specific type known as affiliate or commission marketing has emerged.

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What is affiliate commission marketing? (Step By Step Complete Guide)

Affiliate Marketing is arguably a type of performance-based marketing.

 Where any company gets a certain percentage “commission” for every sale that takes place for the product that it was marketing to. 

As the company or the marketer displays the product on the Internet, and at any purchase based on the recommendation of the company or the marketer, it receives a commission for that.

affiliate marketing

As it is understood from the above affiliate marketing is based on a reward system if the marketer succeeds in convincing customers to buy the product. 

The owner of the product or the manufacturer allows other parties to conduct the marketing process

Which allows affiliate marketers to earn money and make profits without the need to purchase the products themselves.

affiliate marketing

It should be said that the cost at which the customer purchases the product is the same as the direct purchase cost from the owner.

This means that the owner of the product will get less profits from the sale because he has to pay a percentage of the profits to the affiliate marketer. 

But in this way, the owner of the product can expand its sales and reach a larger segment of customers that would not have reached it through the direct selling process.

The 5 best affiliate marketing sites

Many online commerce sites have become interested in commission marketing to increase their turnove regardless of the decrease in the proportion of profits that are sacrificed in order to reach more customers. 

To this end, several online sales websites that support affiliate marketing have emerged among the most important of these sites:

What is affiliate marketing?


A global company that provides high quality services and offers various products for sale, including animal husbandry skin care, parenting and more. 

The site offers a commission on some products of up to 75% which makes the site an option for many interested in commission marketing

Because of the possibility of achieving more than $ 100 in exchange for selling one product.

Amazon affiliate

The Amazon website and website provides online marketers with the opportunity to earn money by selling website products in exchange for a commission of 4-15% of the product price.

affiliate marketing
image credit to Amazon affiliate

ShareASale Affiliate

The network enables you to market and profit online through free purchases and registration together. 

The network includes thousands of e-stores, and countless products and services from all fields. 

The site is considered one of the leading sites for commission marketing, as it specializes in this field from 15 years ago until now.

affiliate marketing
image credit to ShareASale Affiliate


One of the leaders in the field of affiliate marketing includes many offers in various fields.

 The company offers a large commission rate to marketers with it but the conditions for joining it are strict and only those marketers with expertise in commission marketing are accepted.

affiliate marketing
image credit to MaxBounty

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