5 Awesome Things To Studying What is Netlify & How Netlify Works.

what’s up I want to tell you all about getting started with netlify so let’s go ahead and dive in about What is Netlify.

basically netlify is becoming one of the hottest names in hosting for web development so on their front page here you can see they kind of use the mantra build deploy and manage modern web projects.

Here’s What No One Tells You About What is Netlify and how netlify works.

What they’re focused on is static website hosting and they do this really well with their CDN so they can replicate your files all over the world make them really fast and quick.

Easy to get to and then the static website development gives you really good security really good development workflow really good speed as well.

It really well and then also added some cool features on top of that so what continuous deployment means is that You can connect your website to a centralized repository and github get lab or bitbucket so after I’ve connected my website to my repository anytime.

Are you still thinking What is Netlify and how netlify works lets talk about pricing here because its free absolutely incredible so you get you get one user if you’re doing multi-user things you’ll have to upgrade to a paid paid subscription but you get all the features of continuous deployment

Key Netlify Functions about how netlify works

how netlify works
how netlify works
  • You can deploy and manage modern web projects
  • Static website hosting
  • CDN to replicate your files all over the world
  • Easy to get
  • Connect your website with github get lab or bitbucket
  • Pricing its free
  • HTTP security certificates
  • Deployments are automatic

New Update About What is Netlify and how netlify works

Netlify Provide HTTP security certificates

Lets talk little bit more in a second as Netlify provides custom domain names and HTTP security certificates for your site.

Netlify Provide HTTP security certificates
What is Netlify and how netlify works

So this custom domain part really sticks out to me because in a lot of other hosting providers that I’ve used they provide a free tier but to use a custom domain you have to upgrade to a paid tier.

So Netlify Functions this is one that’s pretty unique for me and Netlify eyes that allows you to use that custom domain without paying any money now fun fact you can also buy custom domains.

Nothing To Pay For Your Own Domain

you don’t have to pay to use your domain but you still have to pay to to buy one from some domain provider you can actually buy that within that Netlify.

Nothing To Pay For Your Own Domain
What is Netlify and how netlify works

Now and buy your domain and use your domain all within the same platform netlify functions which is pretty cool and thNetlify vs WordPress en the HTTP here identify takes care of it all for you.

You just tell it to go ahead and do HTTP and it does all the configurations and certificates and you don’t really have to worry about it.

Web Development in Netlify

Some More about additional features in continuous deployment that one think are pretty cool is one deployments are automatic.

Web Development in Netlify
What is Netlify and how netlify works

what is once you start kind of trying to do a deployment if anything goes wrong it backs out completely so automatic means when you start to do something you do the whole thing and either everything goes correctly and your site.

Actually does get deployed or something went wrong and you backed out and then there’s no side effects from that kind of backing out process so a kind of goes along side of that is the fact that there’s zero downtime in your deployment so basically.

what happens is you’ve got your website deployed then when you push new changes netlify with netlify functions.

Kind of deploys that to another probably container behind the scenes it creates another container it deploys your codes there once that process is fully finished.

Keep in mind about netlify functions and your existing web container is still out there it basically just switches over your traffic from all to new so never should a user come to your website and see your website be down.

They will basically just refresh and they’ll get the new site so this is pretty cool.

So they being atomic and zero downtime are two pretty cool features here with netlify that I think are important to understand and another one that you can do let me actually come in and grab on your site.

5 Awesome Things You Can Learn From Studying What is Netlify & How does it Work.

Whatever the latest deploy is so let’s say you want to you’re working your search in source control you set about continuous deployment then you’re really happy with.

What you got and you don’t want to take any risk of messing it up for a while you can stop Auto publishing and then reactivate it later on.

Once you’re ready to kind of get back in that workflow if you want to so a couple of different options there now in the docs like most providers here you have access two command-line tools.

How to Configure Custom Domain on Netlify

You can get them from the Netlify package on NPM you can log into your netify account you can create websites you can connect an existing website from your source control to continuous deployment.

How to Configure Custom Domain on Netlify
How to Configure Custom Domain

So the same thing that you could do in the GUI and the website you can do in the command line tools which is pretty cool and then also if you don’t like to do deploys with continuous deployment.

You can do manual ones as well so if for some reason you don’t want to trigger a deploy based off of a branch in your source code

For example you can choose to do manual deploys and do that from your actually down here in this section from the command line here with netlify.

How to Create Free Fastest Netlify Website in 2 Minutes

Netlify functions deploy so pretty cool again this is pretty standard gives you similar tools as or it gives you similar tools nothing too new here.

netlify hit site settings 5 Awesome Things To Studying What is Netlify & How Netlify Works.
What is Netlify and how netlify works

But just kind of consistent with all the rest of them now with Neto 5 they focus on they focus on hosting static websites and Static web sites.

Really focus on the front end of your site right so there’s a big decoupling between front-end and back-end with static sites.

this means that when you’re working on the front end of your site the static site you don’t have a coupled node server to go along with.

For example you might use Firebase for data store or authentication or something like that you might have a database that you do store some things and but you may not have a direct way to get things into that database.

So with with functions you basically have the ability in nullified to create server less functions and server list is kind of a misnomer it doesn’t mean there’s not a server.

It just means you the developer don’t have to care about creating and maintaining a server nullified does all that stuff for you all you have to do is provide the code for your functions so a function here is basically.

Just a node endpoint that you can do whatever you want with so you can call that you can use it just like an API you can post data to it and then have your your function do whatever logic you need to happen behind the scenes.

I’m taking emails in my signup form and I’m sending him to a lambda function that then actually sends them to my MailChimp account which means.

I can store the API keys on the server and not on the client and just kind of avoid some of that hassle so with lambda functions and lambda is just the AWS version of server less functions.

So those might get used intermittently so just kind of know server less is generically what they’re called lambda is AWS lambda functions which nullifies uses so really important with the free tier.

You get 125,000 requests per month and 100 hours of runtime per month this is incredible I don’t have anything on my website that’s gonna use anywhere near this anytime soon so this is obviously going to cover anything.

let me know in the comments what you guys are working on if you’re using hosting with NETLIFY if you’re using other host things that you like things that you don’t like love to hear from you guys and until then I will see you in the next Article.

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