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Latest News: BISP Farmer Card Registration Get 150,000 PKR Loan

The 150000 Loan though BISP Farmer Card Registration program is an initiative aimed at providing interest-free loans of up to 150,000 PKR to farmers who own between 1 and 12.5 acres of land. This initiative is designed to ease financial burdens and enable farmers to make more strategic investments in their farming operations.

Key Objectives and Benefits of the Farmer Card

Interest-Free Loans

  • 150000 loan for Farmers can access loans of up to 150,000 PKR without incurring any interest, offering vital financial assistance.

Eligibility Criteria

  • The BISP program targets farmers with land holdings between 1 to 12.5 acres, supporting small to medium-scale farmers.
How to get BISP Farmer Card Registration today update

Simple Registration Process

  • Farmers can register for the 150000 Loan through Farmer Card via SMS by sending their identity card number to 8070, ensuring accessibility even for those in remote areas.

Controlled Prices for Agricultural Inputs

  • The program ensures that fertilizers and pesticides are available at controlled prices, protecting farmers from market volatility. New Program lunched By KPK Apna Karobar Loan Scheme Lunched By KPK GOV Apply Now for this.

Broad Impact

  • Over 500,000 farmers are expected to benefit, significantly impacting Punjab’s agricultural community.

Transparent and Efficient Implementation

The initiative is led by the Chief Minister of Punjab with a strong focus on efficiency and transparency. Secretary of Agriculture, Iftikhar Ali Sahu, has emphasized the commitment to an open and straightforward process. During a key meeting at the Agriculture House, it was affirmed that every effort would be made to ensure the program’s success.

Detailed BISP Farmer Card Registration Online Process

Interested farmers must text their identity card number to 8070. Their mobile number should be linked to their identity card, and their land records must be registered with the Punjab Land Revenue Authority. This streamlined process is designed to minimize bureaucratic hurdles and facilitate easy registration.

Oversight and Monitoring

A robust oversight framework has been established to ensure efficient implementation and management of the 8171 BISP Farmer Card program. Special Secretary of Agriculture Shahenshah Faisal Azim and officials from the Bank of Punjab will closely monitor the execution, addressing any issues promptly to enhance the program’s effectiveness.

Benefits for the Agricultural Community

The Farmer Card program registration online aims to reduce financial strain and boost agricultural productivity in Punjab. By offering interest-free loans, the government enables farmers to invest in better seeds, fertilizers, and technology, leading to higher crop yields and greater financial stability. Additionally, by controlling prices for essential agricultural supplies, the government protects farmers from volatile market conditions. This comprehensive approach is expected to positively impact the entire agriculture sector, improving food security and economic stability.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the BISP Farmer Card ?

The BISP Farmer Card is an initiative to provide interest-free loans of up to 150,000 PKR to farmers with land holdings between 1 to 12.5 acres.

How can farmers register for the Farmer Card

Farmers can register by texting their identity card number to 8070. Their mobile number must be linked to their identity card, and their land records should be registered with the Punjab Land Revenue Authority.


The BISP Farmer Card Registration initiative represents a significant step towards empowering Punjab’s farmers by providing crucial financial support. By offering interest-free loans up to 150,000 PKR and ensuring controlled prices for essential agricultural inputs, the program aims to alleviate financial pressures and encourage strategic investments in farming practices.

With a streamlined registration process and robust oversight, this initiative is set to benefit over 500,000 farmers, enhancing agricultural productivity and economic stability in the region. Through this comprehensive approach, the Punjab government is not only supporting individual farmers but also contributing to the broader goals of food security and sustainable agricultural development.

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