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The Caretaker Government of Punjab has recently declared a significant increase in the minimum wage rates across the country through Daily Wages Salary Notification 2024, which will now be fixed at Rs. 32,000 per month.

This marks a notable increase from the previous minimum wage rate of Rs. 25,000 per month in Pakistan. As a result of this decision, all government employees working in Pakistan will now receive a minimum wage increase of 25%. This latest news is likely to be welcomed by many who have advocated for a more equitable and fair wage system in Pakistan.

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The Caretaker Government of Punjab recently issued a Daily Wages Salary Notification 2023, which has increased the minimum wage rate in Pakistan to Rs. 32,000/- per month.

This decision represents a 25% increase from the previous minimum wage rate of Rs. 25,000/- per month. The new rates are applicable throughout the country and will benefit all government employees working in Pakistan.

In addition, the Sindh Government has also announced an increase in the minimum wage rate for unskilled workers, fixing it at Rs. 25,000/- per month, which is 30% higher than the minimum wage rates in Punjab.

Similarly, the KPK Khyber Pakhtunkhwa Government has increased the minimum wage rate for unskilled workers to Rs. 21,000/- per month, which is 5% more than the increase in the wage rate in Punjab.

These decisions by the provincial governments are expected to impact workers and their families in their respective provinces positively. They may help to create a more equitable and just wage system throughout the country.

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Minimum Wage Updated in Punjab Updated

The Chief Commissioner ICT, Islamabad, has issued a notification, exercising his powers under Section-4 of the Minimum Wages Ordinance, 1961, and other relevant laws. As per this notification, the minimum monthly wages of unskilled and juvenile workers in all industrial/commercial establishments in the Islamabad Capital Territory (ICT), Islamabad, have been fixed.

Daily Wages Salary Notification 2024
Daily Wages Salary Notification 2024

This decision is effective from 1st July 2021 and applies to all eligible workers in the ICT. The Chief Commissioner’s decision is expected to have a positive impact on workers in the region and may help to create a more equitable wage system in the ICT.

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What is the Minimum Wage Rate in Pakistan – daily wages salary new order 2024

S No.CategoryMinimum Wage Rate
Per Day (For 8 working hours)Per Day (For 25 working days)
1Adult Unskilled workers employed industrial undertakings in ICT. IslamabadRs. 769.23Rs. 20,000
2Juvenile Workers, allowed by law, employed in industrial undertakings in ICT, Islamabad.Rs. 769.23Rs. 20,000
Daily Wages Salary Notification 2024

Daily Wage Salary Notification 2024

1Boatman with Large Boat (above 35 ft Length)Rs.786/- Per Day
2Boatman with small Boat (upto 35 ft Length)Rs.719/- Per Day
3Bullock (each) (Without Attendant)Rs.361/- Per Day
4Camel (each) (Without Attendant)Rs.431/- Per Day
5Donkey (each) (Without Attendant)Rs.314/- Per Day
6Bullock Cart (Without Bullock and Attendant)Rs.233/- Per Day
7Camel Cart (Without Camel and  Attendant)Rs.233/- Per Day
8Donkey or Mule Cart (Without Animal and Attendant)Rs.220/- Per Day
Daily Wages Salary Notification 2024
Daily Wages Salary Notification 2024
Daily Wages Salary Notification 2024

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Draft Minimum Wage Rates 2024 Rs. 32000/- Per Month Punjab

The Minimum Wages Board Lahore, a government body in Punjab, has created a draft with recommendations for fixing the wages of skilled and semi-skilled workers. This draft pertains to workers’ salaries in industrial and commercial establishments in the Punjab province.

These recommendations are mandatory for all industrial undertakings that are located in Punjab. The minimum rates of wages recommended for unskilled workers and adult and adolescent workers must be applied uniformly throughout the province.

Purpose of Wages Fixation

The primary purpose of fixing minimum wages is to protect workers from low wages. Minimum wages can also be a part of a policy to reduce poverty and inequality, including gender-based disparities, by promoting equal pay for equal work. The government needs to pay attention to the fixation of wages. The primary purposes of fixing wages are:

  1. Fixing a minimum wage is meant to reduce poverty and ensure that all workers and their families have their basic needs met.
  2.  The primary objective of minimum wage fixation should be to provide wage earners with the necessary means to meet their basic needs.
  3.  It provides social protection by setting a minimum wage standard that employers must comply with.

The government should ensure that all provisions related to minimum wage fixation, as the law provides, are effectively applied.

Criteria for Wages Fixation

When fixing the wages of semi-skilled and skilled workers, the government must consider the following criteria:

  1. The needs of the workers and their families.
  2.  The general level of wages in the country.
  3.  The cost of living and any changes to it.
  4.  Social security benefits that the workers may be entitled to.
  5.  The relative living standards of other social groups.

By considering these criteria, the government can ensure that workers’ wages are fair and reasonable, assessing their needs and the economic situation in the country.

Importance and need of wage fixation

The recommendations for fixing workers’ wages in the industrial sector, whether they are skilled or semi-skilled, are all important. These recommendations will result in a significant increase in the level of wages, thereby promoting the rationalization and simplification of the wage scale.

By implementing these recommendations, workers will be able to earn wages commensurate with their skills and experience, improving their standard of living. This will also help promote a more equitable and fair work environment where workers are paid fairly.

Application of Recommendations

  • The recommendations for fixing minimum rates of wages for workers in industrial and commercial establishments must be applied to all industrial undertakings.
  •  These recommendations should be enforced by the Punjab Minimum Wages Act 2019 from the date of issuance.
  •  The minimum wages for all adult and adolescent workers should be applied uniformly throughout the province.
  •  The minimum wages for other categories of workers in any industry should be at least the minimum wage rate proposed for all adult and adolescent workers in the Punjab Province.
  •  The recommendations should cover the daily, weekly, and hourly working conditions, as well as overtime work, work on weekly days of rest, and paid holidays.

Deductions for Accommodation

  • Employers can deduct Rs. 396.80 per month for housingtocproviden to workers.
  •  Employers are also allowed to deduct Rs. 84.48 per month for providing transport to workers.
  •  These deductions are meant to provide some relief to employers while ensuring workers have access to basic amenities such as housing and transportation.

Table of Proposed Rates

Sr. NoCategory of WorkersProposed Minimum Wage Rates
Per Day for 8 working hoursPer month for 26 working days
1Unskilled Adalt & Adolescent workers are employed in all industrial & commercial establishments of Punjab Province.Rupees 1230.76Rupees 32,000/-
Daily Wages Salary Notification 2024
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