How to Change a Car Battery without Losing Settings | 6 Simple Steps

how to replace and change a car battery in modern cars

We have always remembered how to change a car battery without losing settings, as removing and replacing a battery with a new one is a pretty easy task as long as you connect the right terminals.

However, changing the battery is one thing and not losing your settings. The following quick guide covers exactly how to change a battery and not lose radio codes.

Change a Car Battery without Losing Settings Step by Step Guide

Most car manufacturers today use the battery as an anti-theft device. For example, changing a Car Battery without Losing if the car loses power (battery removed), the radio signal stops working. The radio signal is switched off until the car owner enters his security codes. At first glance, this sounds like a child’s play. Just enter these codes, and you’re back in business.

Not quite. Unfortunately, most people don’t even know that these codes exist, let alone enter them correctly. And if you don’t understand that correctly you’re putting yourself through massive expenses to get things right.

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When and why change the battery?

If you have owned a car for more than five years, you would likely have to change your battery at some point. How to Change a Car Battery without Losing setting Car batteries, like all other batteries, don’t last forever, and to replace the old with a new one is a matter of time.

Ideally, the battery should be replaced after three years. After three years of operation, the battery can no longer be considered as reliable as before.

Most roadside assistance calls are due to a flat tire or a failed battery. Today most new cars are equipped with all kinds of devices and onboard computers. Each of them depending on the battery. That puts a lot of strain on the car battery.

For this reason, it is best to change the battery every two years. This way, you can be sure that your battery won’t let you hang on the street.

On the other hand, car batteries can run flat due to numerous reasons such as extreme weather conditions (both freezing and hot) a problem with the electrical installation of the car.

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The AC power supply for long periods when the car or the engine is idling, and so on. the point is that car batteries should be replaced, and there is no way around it. Therefore the trick here is to change the batteries without losing the settings.

How to Change a Car Battery without Losing Settings : 6 Simple Steps

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There is no special trick or need to search for a car battery replacement on YouTube. You need to follow a simple procedure, and you can change your batteries to keep the settings.

It would help if you had the following:

  • Gloves for changing batteries
  • backup battery (12V)
  • key
  • Safety goggles
  • Jumper cables
  • Two wires

Step 1 – identify the problem

First, check if the battery is really the problem and if you really need to replace it. Sometimes the problem can be the sulfate formation that builds up around the battery terminals. More Help From Wikipedia Click Here

Step 2 – Find the right battery size.

You need to write down the model number, engine size information, and vehicle name to do this. Get this information at a local auto parts store, and a suitable battery is recommended.

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Step 3 – Secure your work area

It is essential to find a place to work in peace and where nobody can disturb you. Car batteries contain sulfuric acids and many other acidic materials that can lead to flammable hydrogen.

Step 4 – set up a secondary power source.

There are two ways to do this. One is to use a 12-volt auxiliary battery and jump leads or to use a jump booster pack. Cheap 12 V batteries are available in places like Walmart or Home Depot. Reference

Storing destructive codes is also relatively cumbersome, and you don’t want to deal with them either. That’s why so many people like to stick to a 12 V battery as a secondary source. This is what you have to do.

How To Change A Car Battery Without Losing Settings

First, place the auxiliary battery securely on the floor and connect the red cable to the positive pole, while the black one must be connected to the negative pole.

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Then attach the alligator clips to the end of the cables connected to the main battery. At this point, make sure not to tie both ends of the alligator clips. Just make sure that black is connected to black and red to red.

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The clips must be attached to a metallic part of the cable. Otherwise, they will kick back when the cables are removed from the battery.

Step 5 Remove the old battery.

Once the secondary power supply is in place, it’s time to remove the old battery. Take an electrical outlet and loosen the wheel nuts that secure the battery.

How to Change a Car Battery without Losing As soon as nothing keeps the battery pressed, you can disconnect the cables from the battery.

At the same time, you must be careful when removing the negative cable from the old battery.

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The alligator clips must remain firmly connected to the secondary power source. After removing all cables safely remove the battery and remove it from the compartment.

Remember to remove your old battery properly. If you bring it to your local dealership, they know how to get rid of it safely.

Step 6 – Connect the new battery.

Carefully insert the new battery without touching the contacts that power the car. As soon as the new battery is inserted, connect the black to the negative pole and the red to the new battery’s positive pole. When you’re done, remove the alligator clips.

After that, you have to start the car and check that all settings are correct. If you have followed these instructions step by step, all settings should be retained. The only real difference is that you have a new and reliable battery. In this way, the radio memory is retained when the battery is changed.

It’s an easy process, and you’ll need a few accessories and things that don’t cost too much. This way, How to Change a Car Battery without Losing? You don’t have to look for a battery change nearby; you can do it in your garage.


How to Change a Car Battery without Losing Always keep in mind that car batteries can be dangerous to people and environmentally harmful. Therefore you should not keep a battery in a curb container along with other recyclable household items.

As mentioned earlier, it is best to take the old battery to a recycling center or car dealership. Lead and acid in car batteries are hazardous and toxic, so the focus is on proper disposal.

There are even some shops and recycling centers that even offer you money for your old battery. But even if you don’t know any of these places, the local dealership should be able to maintain your old battery for free.

Also, Link you to YouTube for help.

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