How To Check CNIC Number With Mobile Phone Number 2024

The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) is internationally recognized for its excellence in providing identification, e-management, and document security solutions that achieve the multi-faceted goals of preventing identity theft, protecting the interests of our customers, and contributing to society. Deep research and development have enabled NADRA to pioneer the integration of software, storage, and network infrastructure.

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How to check CNIC numbers with mobile phone numbers with a simple step. In this article, we have provided all the information, so let’s start reading the complete article, which is full of super fantastic information with facts and figures, explaining every topic with the help of images and matrices.

How to check sims on cnic | How to sim check cnic 2024

  • To verify your CNIC number with your mobile number, send a blank message to 667.
  •     If your phone does not allow you to send a blank message, write something in the body and send it to 667.
  •   Ufone users can check this by dialling *336#.

We provide complete information about How to check a CNIC number with a mobile phone number. First, let’s talk about CNIC and why we need it. We will try to answer these questions and provide you with a complete and most important guide.

In Pakistan, everyone whose age is 18 years must register for a Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) upon reaching 18. The National Database and Registration Authority (NADRA) issues these CNICs to every citizen of Pakistan.

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The Computerized National Identity Card (CNIC) is a card that identifies a person as a citizen of Pakistan. NADRA assigns a unique 13-digit number at birth when parents register their child in their database. This unique 13-digit number will become your CNIC number when you turn 18.

Before these computerized NADRA cards issue a manual National Identification Card (NIC) to every citizen of Pakistan, you must have a valid CNIC if you wish to use various services in Pakistan.

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Why CNIC is mandatory In Pakistan | login

We need CNIC for various things in Pakistan; some are listed below.

  1. Cast your vote
  2.  To open a bank account.
  3.  Obtaining a Pakistani passport.
  4.  Driving license.
  5.  To purchase any vehicle or land
  6.  To get a mobile phone SIM card.

There are other things for which you need a valid CNIC. At first, the  NADRA system was not very good, but the system has improved significantly over time.

When you upgrade to a mobile carrier franchise, you need a CNIC to buy a sim. Every citizen must provide a photocopy of the CNIC to purchase any SIM card. The Pakistan Telecommunications Authority (PTA) ensures that every SIM card used in Pakistan is registered.

Therefore, you will also see your CNIC number when you check your number details. This article will help you verify your CNIC number with your mobile phone number. Just stay with us for a few minutes.

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Checking your CNIC number | tracking ID number

In the previous article, we told you how to check your mobile number, and in some methods, you will find your CNIC number in the details sent to you. To buy a sim card, you need to have a valid CNIC number, so when you check your mobile sim card number, you can find your CNIC number. Related Article: How To, IESCO Bill Online Check | Check IESCO duplicate bill 2024

How to check CNIC number with mobile phone number online

You need to follow a few steps to verify How to check the CNIC number with mobile phone number 2024.

  1. The first thing to do is open the Message app on your mobile phone.
  2.  You must then send an empty message to 667.
  3.  After sending a meaningless statement, you will receive news with all your SIM card number details.
  4.  You will also find your CNIC there, so congratulations. You can check the CNIC number from the message you received.
  5.  If your mobile phone does not allow you to send a blank message, write something in the body and send it to 667.

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How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number
How to Check CNIC Number With Mobile Number

This is an easy way to check all your mobile sim number information and check your CNIC number.

Ufone users can also use the USSD code to find mobile phone number information. Dial *336# and then enter 1. You will receive detailed information about your registered number. 

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Telenor customers can send an empty message to 7751 if they want to verify their CNIC number.Finally, you can use these methods to verify your CNIC number using your mobile phone number.

NADRA also provides an online system to check the status of your computerized national identity card. You can also use this. However, if you want to check it with your number, the above methods are best for you.

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Verify CNIC details with CNIC device Online Free | Nadra id card check online

Following are some points to check on CNIC hardware:

  • Select “Control Panel” from the very beginning.
  • Select the “Device Manager” option.
  • Switch to the “Network adapters” option to see the complete “network adapters” located on the PC.
  • Double-click “Network Adapter” to open the PC’s “Network Adapter Properties” dialog box.
How to check CNIC number with mobile phone number 2024
How to check CNIC number with mobile phone number 2024

How to check the CNIC number using a mobile number 

Mobile phone users of any company (Ufone/Telenor/Zong/Mobilink/Warid) can send a blank SMS to 667 to find out who owns this SIM card. Please note that you must send this SMS from the SIM card to find the owner’s name.

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How to check cnic number with mobile number online –

Verify your CNIC number by following these simple steps: Go to your mobile phone’s Message app. Then dial 667 and send an empty message. Soon, you will receive a response with all the information about your SIM card number.

CNIC number bio-data with mobile number online 2024

The NADRA CNIC verification system also works via SMS. This method is easy to use regardless of your mobile phone in Pakistan. So, here is how he can check CNIC via SMS.

  • First, it is an open text box.
  •  Write CNIC with a dash between them.
  •  Send to 7000.
  •  There may be a fee of PKR 10 plus tax for Nadra’s CNC record verification via SMS.
  1. The response will be the name of the owner of the CNIC and the name of their father.
  2.  Finally, using these procedures, a mobile phone is used to verify the CNIC number. In addition, this information can be viewed on the NADRA online website.
  3.  However, the methods above are the most efficient to check it by phone number.

Check CNIC Number Bio Data Online 2024

The first thing you must do in this regard is register on the NADRA electronic portal. If you do not know how to register on the NADRA online portal, follow a few simple steps:

Check CNIC Number Bio Data Online 2024
Check CNIC Number Bio Data Online 2024
  • Open a browser and paste
  • Click the “Create a new account” button. Fill in the blanks on the form-like page with your information.
  • Fill in the blanks with the required information. It is a method to register on the NADRA online portal and verify the NADRA CNIC records in Pakistan.
  • Once you have saved all your details, you will receive an SMS with a verification code that you will need to provide later in the process.
  •  This is for the NADRA electronic portal to verify your account.
  • After completing the account verification process, you can log in and use NADRA online services.
Check CNIC Number Bio Data Online 2024
Check CNIC Number Bio Data Online 2024
  1. On the screen, select the Verisys Services option.
  2.  These options will appear on your screen when you log in. To continue with the CNIC verification procedure, click on verification Services.   
  3.  The CNIC online check fee is 300 PKR. You check the box next to the declaration to complete the CNIC online verification procedure. Finally, information will be provided about your sims on verifying ownership of your chosen CNIC.   

Verify the number of SIMs on CNIC

How can I check my SIM card? It is the most frequently asked question, so use SMS to launch the text messaging app on your phone. Enter your CNIC number without space. Then, send this message to 668. You will shortly receive a text message with the total number of active SIM cards for each operator listed in your CNIC.

Block Sim Number Online

Dial the hotline, register a complaint, and request SIM card removal. The telecom operator often promises to provide a duplicate SIM card for free within a few working hours. 

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To ask a question via SMS about How to check the CNIC number with a mobile phone number, users must send an SMS to 32551 with a letter ID, a space, and an ID number. 

How to check CNIC number with mobile phone number
How to check CNIC number with mobile phone number


This article explains How to check CNIC numbers with mobile phone numbers ( Nadra Gov Tracking ), CNIC ID card number information, and CNIC number biodata online. This article also discussed tracking a mobile phone with a CNIC number using several SIM company methods.

Almost all procedures are covered in this article. Therefore, any processes should be followed to perform the desired action.

Thus, by using your mobile phone to verify your CNIC number in any way, you can check the status of your computerized national identity card.

However, the NADRA online site is also helpful for directly checking the status of your application or other information detailed in this article. However, the above methods are the most effective if you want to check it by phone.

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