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How to learn English speaking- easy step by step-Fluently

Here we can discuss about most important topic How to learn English speaking and how to learn English we have try our best to provide you all information o this topic following are the most important question every one ask on google

How To Learn English Speaking Effectively 20 Unique Tips 2021

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How to learn English

This page is intended for people who already know English, and can read such a page written in plain English.

It shows how to organize training for maximum results. How to learn English speaking You can also read these 5 tips for learning English later. Where to begin?

Why do you want to learn English?

Before you start or return to learning English, ask yourself one question. Why do I want to learn English? Is it because you want or because someone else wants you to? Like any decision in life, learning English should be what you want to do.

Set goals

If you know why you want to learn, setting goals is easy. For example, maybe you want to go to an English-speaking country. Excellent. Your goal may be to learn English survival.

You may already know many useful phrases, but you want to improve your listening and pronunciation skills, writing them down, whatever your goals.

Make an agenda

How long do you need to study to achieve your goals? This answer is different for each student. It is important to be realistic. If you work 60 hours a week, do not plan to spend another 40 hours learning English.

Start slowly but study regularly. How to learn English speaking Use material that is complex but not too complex. Find out what works for you. After you have studied for several weeks, adjust the training schedule accordingly. You are better
study at night or on the bus on the way to work?

Make a commitment

Learning English requires a lot of motivation. No one is going to take your part when you are not in class. If you are sure that you are ready to start training, commit. Good luck with learning English!

What we do best in life is what we like to do.

If you don’t like learning English, you are not learning correctly! You can be a serious student who is having fun at the same time. Create your own rewards program to encourage yourself to complete the assignment.

  • Learn the balance of four key skills – How to learn English speaking, listening, speaking, reading, writing
    If this is one of your goals, it is important to examine the four core skills’ balance.
  • Listening, speaking, reading, and writing are the basic (macro) skills needed to communicate in any language. Being very good at only one of these skills will not help you communicate.

For example you must be able to read well before you can write well. You must also be able to listen before speaking.

How to learn English speaking

Some students want to know which skill is the most important. However, for communication, we use some skills more often than others. For example, about 40% of the time we spend communicating, we listen.

We talk about 35% of the time. About 16% of the communication comes from reading and about 9% from writing. How to learn English speaking  These statistics are for the average communicator in English. Depending on one’s job or situation, these numbers may vary.

Each of these core skills has micro skills.

For example, pronunciation is a type of speaking skill that needs to be practiced to improve communication. Spelling is a skill that facilitates understanding of a written word.

Grammar and vocabulary are other micro-skills. Micro does not mean that they are not important. Macro skills such as listening are very general, and micro-skills are more specific. More on input and output

For best results, create a program that combines all four areas of study. Let one type of learning lead to another. Watch a movie and then write about it. This is what you would do in an English class, right?

EnglishClub.com has lessons on all 4 key skills (and all secondary skills) as well as many external links to help you learn further. ESL Internet Resources

1. How to learn to LISTEN

Listen to the radio Not always with a pen in his hand. Sometimes it helps just to listen.

Watch English TV.

Children’s programs are beneficial for ESL students. Choose the programs you like in your own language. Remember that a lot of what you hear on TV is slang.

Call an answering machine

You can find these numbers at the beginning of phone books in many English-speaking countries. Before dialing a number, make sure that you call toll-free numbers.

Watch English films.

Select movies with subtitles, for example, from ESL Videos. Watch a movie without recording anything.

Use Internet Resources to Listen

Useful links for listening:

• English Club English Listening
• More listening tips

How to learn English speaking

2. How to learn to speak and pronunciation

Talk to yourself

Talk about everything and everything. If you cannot do this first, try reading aloud until you feel comfortable hearing your own voice in English.

Record your own voice.

This can be very inconvenient, but it helps you find weak points of pronunciation. Listen to yourself a few days later. What sounds do you have hearing problems with?

  • Use the phone.
  • Participate in class
  • Learn common idioms
  • Understand sounds that are not in your language.

How to learn English speaking at home:Simple Skills

For example

In many languages, there is no “r” sound. These sounds require additional practice.
Recognize that teachers are trained to understand.
When you go out into the real world, it will be more difficult for ordinary people to understand you if you do not practice speaking slowly and correctly.

• The practice of minimum pairs
• Learn accent word and sentence
• Practice tongue twisters
• Useful conversational links:

How to learn English speaking

3. How to learn to read and vocabulary

Read something every day

Children’s books, lightweight readers (Penguin), How to learn English speaking newspapers magazines websites, novels and much much more
Read what interests you.

Remember that you learn better when you have fun.

Read at the appropriate level.

You want to learn a new vocabulary, but you also want to understand what you are reading. If you are looking for every word, reading is too difficult.

Who is it about?

What happened? Why did it happen so? Where does the action take place? When did it happen? This is very useful when you do not have questions for understanding to answer. You can write or express your answers.

How To Learn English Speaking:Effectively 20 Unique Tips 2020

Always have an English-English dictionary nearby. It’s a bad habit to always rely on a translation dictionary or an electronic dictionary.

Think of your English-English dictionary as your line of life. How to learn English speaking Use online dictionaries when you use the Internet (online dictionary keyword)

Record your vocabulary in your “personal dictionary

Keep this notebook separate from other work. Write the dictionary in alphabetical order (the English address book works well because it contains the alphabet).

Record part of the speech (sometimes there are more than one). Write a sample sentence for yourself (do not use one of the dictionary). Browse your personal vocabulary (especially new entries) every night before bed

Useful reading links:
• English Club English Reading
• English Club English Dictionary
• More reading tips

How to learn English speaking

4. How to learn to write and write

Keep a diary/journal. Do not always pay attention to grammar.
Free spelling can be very helpful. This may show you that writing is fun.
Have fun with the tongue.
Write emails in English.

Stay in touch with teachers or other students. Rewrite local news in English. This is another exercise that you can perform daily. Remember that regular events are the best.

Remember that you will not always have a dictionary or spell checker at hand, especially when you write a test. Even native English speakers need to review spelling rules from time to time.

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