How to remove scratches from phone screen: That’s Really Works]

How to remove scratches from the phone screen. “A lot of people are concerned with the scratches that can accumulate on their phone screen. Many times, these scratches may not be too significant and can be removed by using a fingernail to rub them away gently.

If this doesn’t work, try using an eraser or a small piece of sandpaper.” This blog post will teach you how to remove those pesky scratches from your phone screen without any hassle!

how to remove scratches from phone screen Complete Guide

In this blog post, we’ll take a look at how to remove scratches from your phone screen. To get started, you’ll need: rubbing alcohol, cotton swabs, a paper towel, and water. First, wet the paper towel with water; then sprinkle some rubbing alcohol on it and dab it onto your screen until you’ve covered everything that is scratched.

Next, use a cotton swab dipped in rubbing alcohol to rub over the scratch in one direction only (not back and forth) for about 10 seconds at a time before taking a break. Repeat these steps until the scratch is gone or almost gone- if necessary, repeat later!

Using vegetable oil

Yesterday, I used my phone when it slipped out of my hands and landed on the floor. It had a large scratch across the screen that made me furious! After using all sorts of cleaners (from dish soap to rubbing alcohol) with no success…I finally found one last option: vegetable oil! What? Yes, you heard right.

I used a cotton cloth and dabbed it with some vegetable oil, using circular motions. After about five minutes of rubbing on the screen…the scratch was gone!

How to remove scratches from phone screen: Simple Method

Bread yeast

The benefit of baking yeast is not only for ripening bread and sweets, but we can also use it to remove scratches from the mobile screen, and here’s how.

How to remove scratches from gorilla glass-With in Min

Mix two tablespoons of baking yeast with one tablespoon of water in a suitable container and stir the mixture until you get a coherent dough and then using your hand.

Gently put the dough on the phone screen, move it in a circular motion until it covers the entire mobile screens’ entire scratches, and then use a damp cloth to remove the dough residue And its appendages. Note / Baby powder can replace baking yeast in its absence and use it exactly as we mentioned, but with baby powder instead of yeast.

Remove scratches from the mobile screen using glue

If the previous methods did not work, you could try glue, but here we can say that we have come up with ways that need some attention and focus while working, and here are the steps of the method.

  1. how to remove scratches from phone screen We need a small amount of glue or epoxy in addition to a plastic card (you can use the bus card or credit card).
  2. We cover the entire ports on the phone with a suitable adhesive tape to prevent glue from leaking into the phone.
  3. We put a thin layer of glue at the beginning of the scratch area, and then we extend it using the plastic card we have.
  4. Gently continue to work and cover the scratches until we have completed all the cracks, then wait until the glue dry.
  5. After making sure the glue is dry, use a nail polish remover with a cotton ball to wipe off the excess glue.

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