PTCL Speed Test Now check your Real internet Speed

If you are a loyal gamer or someone who streams the Internet all day, your Internet’s speed can be something significant for you. Why not be? For gamers, the life of their game depends on this. 

PTCL Speed ​​Test – Check Real Internet Bandwidth Now

PTCL Speed Test
PTCL Speed Test

PTCL speed test can save your day!

They want the Internet to function at the perfect speed to focus on aspects of their game, rather than when their speed can increase, and they can ultimately lose. 

Therefore it is better to use the Speed the PTCL Test before participating in any major event streaming video or playing a match.

That’s why you should not only know what a speed test is but also know all the terms associated with it, so use it as best as possible:

What is a speed test?

A speed ​​test is a test that allows you to check the speed of broadband internet. It doesn’t matter if you are on a desktop computer, mobile phone, laptop, or tablet. 

Speed ​​test is a test that allows you to check the speed of broadband internet.
Speed ​​test is a test that allows you to check the speed of broadband internet.

With this tool you can find out the Internet speed of your broadband connection in seconds. 

It also lets you know the download and download speeds of your Internet connection to know what you are getting into and how long it will take as soon as you start any of these actions.

Why is the Speed test important?

Before you ask why the speed test is important, let us tell you why you can win or lose if you are a gamer. With this speed test, you can find out the ping and jitters of your internet connection to know what you are getting into.

After you run the speed test, you will also be given the values ​​for ping and jitter. The lower the ping, the better. Ping is mainly used to check the availability of a specific host over an IP network or not.

Ptcl Speed Test – Speed Check

 This tool helps you find out if the host’s data to the IP network is lost during operation. Loss can damage your internet speed. Moreover, the value associated with jitter indicates a time delay when sending data packets over the network. 

Keep in mind that it should be no more than 150 ms and no more than 1%. Although some jitter should be expected on the Internet, a small fraction of the ping result would be ideal.

In general, using the speed test, you can check the effectiveness of your search on the Internet. For gamers, we recommend a download speed closer to 15–25 Mbit / s per player.

Local and international bandwidth

 Suppose you use the PTCL Internet and run a speed test that gives the corresponding numbers, but you cannot correctly stream through Netflix, which means that the lag is the difference between local and international bandwidth. 

Both of them are different. We mean that the test results may vary if you conduct speed tests on local and international servers. You can also check out our article on PTCL Internet packages if you want to update the package.

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