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Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply 2024 | Majdur Card

The Punjab Mazdoor Card for workers of Punjab, Pakistan. This card will be available to 1.1 million low-income workers and 6.8 million heirs registered with the Punjab Social Welfare Department. The Punjab Mazdoor Card can be used as a credit card and ID card and can be accepted at hospitals and dispensaries affiliated with the Social Welfare Institute as well as private hospitals that participate in the program across the province.

Under Ehsaas Program this Punjab Mazdoor card was introduced with several key objectives in mind. Some of the main purposes of this card include:

  • We are providing workers with access to health insurance, cash benefits, and workplace security through the Punjab Social Security Institute (PESSI) and other relevant departments.
  • Enabling workers to participate in poverty reduction programs
  • Support for Pakistan Housing Program and Punjab Employment Program

The Punjab Mazdoor Card also comes with several benefits. These benefits include:

  • Scholarships for students to help cover the costs of their education
  • Death Benefits Provided by the Government of Punjab
  • Marriage assistance for those who cannot afford the costs on their own
  • Discounts on products from 150 companies, as well as discounts on railways, shops, and private institutions.
  • The possibility of receiving a salary through a bank account helps provide a minimum income for workers.
  • Cash benefits you can get with the card
  • Ability to use the card as an ATM card, debit card, ID card, and vault account.
  • Family members of the cardholder can also use the card.

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Here, we are explaining more about this project, Mazdoor Card. How to apply for this scheme, and what are the benefits of the Punjab Mazdoor Card online application?

The card will be used as a debit card and identity code. Also, the Punjab Mazdoor Card will be accepted at hospitals and dispensaries of the Social Security Institute in private, enlisted hospitals across the province. For more information on Govt Punjab Labour Website, Check Here

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply
Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply

How To Apply For Punjab Majdur Card

Punjab mazdoor card online registration, The card will give many cash benefits to its user besides ensuring the minimum criteria for the laborers.

Workers would benefit from Industrial Worker’s Housing Schemes and Akhuwat through the Mazdoor Card. At the same time, a 30% discount can be availed on the products of 150 companies, which will be very helpful for people to make their life easier. For more information on the official website, Check Here.

Ehsaas 8171 Web portal Apply Online 

Mazdoor Card: Powered by BOP, brings a new revolution in Pakistan with a step forward towards financial inclusion of the labour workforce by following an exclusively designed ATM/ Debit Card with direct disbursement of health, social, and economic benefits into the card, which includes sickness, maternity, injury, death grants, Disablement gratuity, pensions and more offered by PESSI. Punjab Mazdoor Card will eventually play a significant role in digitizing Labour Wage Payments in Punjab.

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Ehsaas Talemi Wazifa Program Online Apply 

Mazdoor Card: Powered by BOP, is a first-of-its-kind initiative in the Country that fulfils multiple objectives in a transparent, reliable, and efficient manner. The labour workforce will utilize the Card in Punjab registered with PESSI and their dependents to access 250+ Social Security healthcare facilities across Punjab. [ Majdur Card Punjab Mazdoor card online check ]

Kamyab Pakistan Program Online Apply 

Financial inclusion of this under-banked labour workforce through the Mazdoor Card will uplift them with a structured economic history, helping them to access various poverty-alleviating financial programs launched by the Government of Pakistan, including the Naya Pakistan Housing SchemePunjab Rozgar Scheme, etc.

Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply
Punjab Mazdoor Card Online Apply

Eligibility Criteria

The Punjab Mazdoor Card is a scheme launched by the Punjab, Pakistan, government to provide financial assistance and benefits to labourers and workers. The eligibility criteria for the Punjab Mazdoor Card may vary depending on the specific program or initiative the worker is applying for. However, in general, the eligibility requirements for the Punjab Mazdoor Card include:

  1. The applicant must be a resident of Punjab, Pakistan.
  2.   The applicant must be a registered worker with a valid Labor Department registration number.
  3.   The applicant must be engaged in any approved labour sector, such as construction, agriculture, manufacturing, etc.
  4.   The applicant’s monthly income must be less than or equal to the prescribed limit set by the government.
  5.   The applicant must not be a government employee or a retired person.

Applicants who meet the above eligibility criteria may apply for the Punjab Mazdoor Card and avail benefits such as health insurance, education assistance, and social security.

mazdoor card status check online

Here are the unique programs under this scheme that the Punjab government started. Students can get Scholarships quickly to complete their education and meet their educational expenses. The government of Punjab also provides the death grant under this program. People who cannot afford marriage expenses can easily do this under a Mazdoor card. This program can easily do this with the help of Mazdoor Card.

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  • Student talent Scholarship
  •   Death grant
  •   Marriage grant

Punjab Mazdoor card contact number

Contact this helpline at 0800 73774 for any issue regarding the CM Punjab Mazdoor Card issue. Visit Punjab Employees Social Security Institutions Govt of Punjab.

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