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Ufone Call Packages 2024 Ufone All in One Packages 2024 | Updated Packages

Ufone packages continue to offer attractive deals for prepaid and postpaid customers. Therefore, for the time being, we will be discussing Ufone call packages on an hourly, daily, weekly and monthly basis. In addition, the article includes prepaid and postpaid packages, including information on u to u free call packages and Ufone call packages to all networks.

  1. One subscription can be limited to 100 minutes.
  2. The promotion is valid from the moment of the subscription until 23:59 of the same night or until the free minutes are used up.
  3. The rate will be automatically extended (Pacific Standard Time).
  4. This offer does not apply to calls to voice segments, shortcodes, or NTC numbers.
  5. Just use the SIMs provided by Biometric Verification – PTA because your SIM is your identity.

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All in One Ufone Packages

Ufone continues to offer low-cost deals daily. This is one of the reasons why this telecom operator, despite not even switching to 4G, is so popular. This time, Ufone introduced the 3 PE 3 proposal, designed for people who enjoy talking on the phone with their loved ones for a long time.

This offer is for all women who want to talk to their friends to eliminate their loneliness. Please take advantage of the offer of Ufone 3 PE 3; our call Karo pooray 2 ghantay.

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Ufone Call Packages 2024
Ufone Call Packages 2024

Working hours

PackageWorking hours
PriceRs. 7.17 On Tax
On-net Minutes60 minutes
Free SMS60 SMS
Internet60 MB
Validity1 hour (60 minutes)
How to subscribeDial * 99 #
Ufone Working hours Package

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Package 3 Pe 3

PackagePackage 3 Pe 3
PriceRs. 6 On Tax (10 pays + tax)
Ufone Minutes120 minutes
How to activateDial * 343 #
Ufone Package 3 Pe 3

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Ufone Best Day Offer

Ufone has several one-day packages used all day (24 hours). These packages are 24 Ghantay Packages, Beyhisaab Offer, and Pakistan Daily Offer. You can find complete information on activation and deactivation codes for these packages.

Dial  * 343 #  to subscribe to Ufone’s daily calling package.

Dial  * 8888 #  to subscribe to the Ufone Weekly Call package.

Dial  * 5000 #  to subscribe to Ufone’s monthly calling package.

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Daily call packages are automatically activated at midnight if you already have enough funds on your balance. The next-day delivery is not reactivated because it is automatically reactivated. Super 5 Deals is the most commonly used plan for unlimited phone calls from 5 am to 5 pm.

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Call package is Super 5 offers. The Daily Pakistan Deal is another great calling package provided by Ufone that allows you to have unlimited phone calls, PTCL, and Ufone with a total MB. Ufone continues to offer impressive additional rewards, including SMS and Megabytes of the Internet for new daily calling packages.

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Daily Ufone Call Packages

Ufone runs the Beyhisaab promotion, which includes unlimited minutes on all Ufone and PTCL lines for Rs 14.5 inclusive, available 24 hours a day. Thanks to the fantastic offer of Ufone, you can now enjoy the freedom of call. Related Article: Ufone Balance Check Code: Latest Balance Inquiry Code

Pakistani Ufone Daily The package is priced at Rs 18 and is shipped by Ufone in Pakistan.This package includes 10 MB of Zong mobile internet, 0 free SMS, 100 on-net minutes, and 0 off-net minutes, and is valid for one day.With this exciting offer, Pakistan’s favorite cellular company, Ufone, will bring connectivity across the country. So for just Rs. 18 (tax included) per day, you can go online from your phone and call any Ufone, PTCL, or Vfone number in Pakistan for a full 24 hours.

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Ufone Call Packages 2024
Ufone Call Packages 2024

UFone 24 Ghantay

Subscription fee:  Rs. 9 (charged 15 pays per call)

Duration:  1 day

Within minutes network86400 minutes
How to activateDial * 5700 #
UFone 24 Ghantay Package

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Behesaab proposal

  1. Subscription fee:  Rs. 14.5 (13 Pise + tax per call)
  2. Duration:  1 day
Ufone MinutesUnlimited minutes
How to activateDial * 5700 #
Behesaab proposal Package

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Daily offer in Pakistan

  1. Subscription fee:  Rs. 18 On Tax
  2. Duration:  1 day
From U to U minutes100 minutes
Internet10 MB
See Activation CodeDial * 888 #
Daily offer in Pakistan package

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Ufone Service Package For 3 Days

  1. 3 Day Hybrid Bucket
  2. Subscription fee:  Rs. 30 including taxes
  3. Duration:  3 days

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Minutes UU, PTCL and V-fone300 minutes
Internet30 MB
Free SMS300 SMS
Activation codeDial * 5353 #
For statusDial * 706 #
Ufone Service Package For 3 Days

Ufone Call Packages Weekly

Here we detail the 7-day Ufone packages that Pakistan offers weekly Asli chappar phaar, as well as the Minute Dinner packages.

Ufone delivers a beautiful kit and reveals all plans in great detail, without hidden fees. With the introduction of valuable services and the latest technology, Ufone has built trust and a solid reputation. Ufone’s value-added offerings help you create a valuable profile day after day.

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Ufone cares about its customers and strives to provide services that meet their needs. Ufone has a list of weekly calling packages that give you enough minutes to call for a week. These minutes are non-transferable and can be used at any time of the week

Users can make unlimited calls during the week and receive 100 MB of the Internet within the Weekly Pakistan package. The Power Pack plan contains 100 minutes from Ufone to Ufone, 100 SMS, and 100 MB of internet browsing. See the explanation below for more information on these packages and activation and deactivation.

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Pakistan Weekly Offer

  1. Subscription fee:  Rs. 100, Call cost 15 Pais.
  2. Duration:  7 days
Within minutes network700 minutes
Internet100 MB
See Subscription CodeDial * 8888 #
Ufone Call Packages Weekly

Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

  1. Subscription fee:  Rs. 120 (15 Paisy per call)
  2. Duration:  7 days
On-net Minutes100 minutes
Internet1000 MB
Free SMS100 SMS
How to subscribeDial * 5050 #
Ufone Asli Chappar Phaar Offer

Super Minutes package

  1. Subscription fee:  Rs. 130 On Tax
  2. Validity period:  7 days
Minutes of another network100 minutes
How to activateDial * 210 #
Ufone Super Minutes package

Best Call Offer – Ufone 4G

Like other networks in Pakistan, Ufone also offers monthly call packages such as Sim lagao offer, Nayi Sim offer, monthly Pakistani package, Super card, and super card plus. These packages can be used for the entire month (30 days).

Ufone Monthly Package is the most common offer. This deal provides its esteemed customers with 4000 Ufone to Ufone minutes. These minutes can also be used on PTCL and Vfone. The subscription to this package will also include 400 MB of data. This kit is for one month. This offer is available for only Rs 418 plus tax.

Ufone Supercard is the best choice if you don’t want to flip through all the packages and choose which one you want. Just buy a Ufone Super card from the store and use it. The subscription is for one month and costs Rs 599 plus tax. Another version of Ufone’s Supercard is the 1000 minute calling card that works with Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone.

This package also contains 150 additional network minutes that can be used on any Pakistani network 3000 minutes of on-net calls will be included. In total, 3000 SMS and 3000 MBS will be transferred. To subscribe and unsubscribe to these packages, see the details below.

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Sim Lagao offer

Subscription fee:  Rs. 0 On Tax

Validity:  30 days

Within minutes network6000 minutes
Free SMS6000 SMS
Internet6 GB
How to subscribeDial * 5000 #
Ufone Sim Lagao offer

Nayi SIM offer

Subscription fee:  Rs. 50 incl. Tax

Validity:  30 days

Ufone Minutes500 minutes
Free SMS500 SMS
Internet1000 MB + 1000 MB on facebook
Hoe subscribeDial * 1000 #
Ufone Nayi SIM offer

Pakistani Monthly Service Package

Subscription fee:  Rs. 418 Incl. Tax

Validity:  30 days

Free offer4000 minutes
Internet400 MB
How to subscribeDial * 8880 #
Ufone Pakistani Monthly Service Package

Super card (550 per month)

Subscription fee:  Rs. 550 incl. Tax

Duration:  30 days

Within minutes network1000 minutes
Other minutes150 minutes
Free SMS4000 SMS
Internet1200 MB
How to subscribeDial * 240 #
Super card (550 per month)

Super card plus

Subscription fee:  Rs. 599 incl. Tax

Validity:  30 days

Within minutes network1200 minutes
Other minutes180 minutes
Free SMS4200 SMS
Internet2 GB
How to subscribeDial * 250 #
Super card plus

Ufone Nayi Dual Offer for SIM 

In addition to balance Super Card Gold (999 rupees)

Validity:  30 days

Ufone / PTCL minutes8000 minutes
Other minutes700 minutes
Internet14 GB + 7 GB Facebook
Free SMS10000 SMS
How to subscribeDial * 141 # after buying a new SIM card
To check the statusDial * 706 #
Ufone Nayi Dual Offer for SIM 

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In addition to balance Super Card Plus (599 rupees)

Duration:  30 days

Ufone / PTCL Minutes2400 minutes
Minutes in other networks360 minutes
Internet4 GB + 5 GB Facebook
Free SMS8 400 SMS
How to subscribeDial * 141 # after buying a new SIM card
To check the statusDial * 706 #
Other Ufone Call Packages

Other Call Packages

Two great Ufone calling packages that can be used for 2 and 15 days are Super recharge and Supermini card, respectively. See below for details on these packages that you can use with these offerings.Consumers automatically assume these plans are for teens and young adults when it comes to Ufone. In general, each kit is designed for a specific group of customers.

Each package has its own set of benefits that cater to different types of customers, not all interested in the same. Three hundred on-net minutes are included in Ufone’s Super Recharge Plan, available on Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone.

After another 10 minutes in the network, 700 SMS and 100 MB of data will be provided. The offer is valid for two days. And this kit will cost you 45 rupees plus tax.

The Ufone Super Mini Card comes with 600 MB of internet and 3500 SMS, enough for 15 days. This package includes 75 minutes on other networks and 500 minutes on Ufone, PTCL, and Vfone networks.

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Ufone Best Call offer

Subscription fee:  Rs. 6 On Tax

Duration:  2:00

On-net MinutesUnlimited minutes
How to subscribeDial * 343 #
Ufone Best Call offer

Ufone Super Recharge Package

Subscription fee:  Rs. 50 incl. Tax

Duration:  2 days

On-net Minutes300 minutes
Other minutes10 minutes
Free SMS700 SMS
Internet100 MB
How to subscribeDial * 300 #
Ufone Super Recharge Package

Super Mini Card – Rs. 330

Subscription fee:  Rs. 330 tax included

Validity period:  15 days

Ufone Minutes500 minutes
Minutes of another network75 minutes
Free SMS3500 SMS
Internet600 MB
How to subscribeDial * 230 #
Super Mini Card – Rs. 330

Ufone Postpaid Call Packages

Ufone also offers prepaid and postpaid services. Ufone postpaid call packages have reasonable rates. “It’s all about us,” says their slogan. Ufone is one of Pakistan’s largest mobile networks. Customers can enjoy 4G Ufone services, calls, and SMS.

They sell a range of postpaid plans, including regular, weekly, and monthly goals. They have many users who are happy with Ufone’s services. They have a considerable number of postpaid plans at reasonable prices.

Ufone postpaid plans are designed with a variety of customer needs in mind. For example, if you are a chatterbox, the postpaid plan with free minutes is your best bet. On the other hand, if you prefer text messaging, a postpaid plan with free SMS is the way to go. When choosing a postpaid package for yourself, keep your preferences and specifications in mind.

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Prime 400

Line rent  Rs. 400 incl. Tax

Validity:  30 days

All network minutes400 minutes
Free SMS2000 SMS
Internet2000 MB
Activation codeOn the Ufone helpline
Ufone Postpaid Call Packages

Prime 600

Subscription fee:  Rs. 600 incl. Tax

Validity:  30 days

All pure minutes600 minutes
Free SMS4000 SMS
Internet4000 MB
Activation codeOn the Ufone helpline
Ufone Prime 600

Prime 1000

Subscription fee:  Rs. 1000 incl. Tax

Validity:  30 days

All network minutes1000 minutes
Internet8000 MB
Activation codeOn the Ufone helpline

Prime 1800

Subscription fee:  Rs. 1800 incl. Tax

Validity:  30 days

All network minutes1800 minutes
Internet20,000 MB
Activation codeOn the Ufone helpline
Ufone Prime 1800

Conditions for postpaid call packages

  1. The current offer “New sales / MNP / prepaid conversions/batch change” does not apply here. The promotional discount does not apply to line rental.
  2. Enable U2U and PTCL minutes within the network.
  3. 7000 SMS FUP applicable
  4. All fees shown are tax-deductible.
  5. Detailed information on regional taxes at  is available at
  6. Tariffication of calls @ rupees. 1.80 SMS @ Rs. 1.00 and Internet @ Rs. 3.00 / MB will take up space when free resources are consumed
  7. Your SIM card is your identity. Use only biometric control – SIM cards issued by PTA.
  8. Unless otherwise noted, all postpaid products are self-recursive.

Prime Voice Buckets (for postpaid users)

PrimeCall (On Net)

PrimeCall 1500

 Fees:  Rs. 200 tax included

 Validity:  30 days

Details and subscribe

PrimeCall Unlimited

Subscription fee:  Rs. 500 including tax

 Validity:  30 days

Ufone MinutesUnlimited minutes
Activation codeDial * 2500 #
Prime Voice Buckets (for postpaid users)

PrimeCall (Off Net)

PrimeTalk 250

Subscription fee:  Rs. 250 tax incl.

Validity period:  15 days

All other network minutes250 minutes
Activation codeDial * 4848 #
Prime Voice Buckets (for postpaid users)

PrimeTalk 500

Subscription fee:  Rs. 500 including tax

Validity:  30 days

All other network minutes500 minutes
Activation codeDial * 5656 #
Prime Voice Buckets (for postpaid users)

Terms and conditions

  1. Use 10,000 U2U and PTCL minutes every month with PrimeCall Unlimited.
  2. Enjoy U2U and PTCL minutes with PrimeCall baskets.
  3. All fees shown are tax deductible.
  4. Detailed information on regional taxes can be found at
  5. Your SIM card is your identity, use only biometric control – SIM cards issued by PTA.
  6. Unless otherwise noted, all postpaid products are self-recursive.

Ufone Other rates

Call any network in Pakistan for just Rs. 2.99 incl. tax / minute excluding daily fees.

Ufone to PTCLRs. 2.99 incl. tax / minute
Other local area networksRs. 2.99 incl. tax / minute
SMS localRs. 2.03 + tax
SMS InternationalRs. 5.98 + tax
 InternetRs. 2.75 + tax per MB, when using 25 MB, 150 MB free until midnight
 Dial* 444 * 1 # or SMS from 1 to 444
Prime Voice Buckets (for postpaid users)

What does Ufone provide in call packages?

Ufone offers several call packages with their times and prices. Apart from packages, multiple deals can be obtained by simply top-up or using a credit card. These packages and offers have different prices. Each box has its price and duration.

All standard functions of each package are on-net minutes, off-net minutes using SMS and MBS. Each call package includes free SMS and internet data.

Ufone Behisab offer gives Ufone unlimited time, giving Ufone minutes. Also available is the Ufone 24 ghanta package, which offers users 86,400 minutes of calls and a free call to PTCL and Vfone. You will be paid Rs 8.99 plus tax for this package. A weekly calling package also allows you to call for a week.

A call or SMS is a simple need to be in touch with your loved ones. Different telecommunications companies in Pakistan sell other packages at different prices. But customers certainly want packages that meet their needs at a low cost. However, it is also difficult to inspect all cargoes.

Hourly packages

Ufone hourly call packages are for people who want to make long calls but don’t want to spend much money. Ufone is giving away one hour of unlimited Ufone usage to Ufone and Ufone for PTCL minutes, as well as 60 SMS and 60 MB of mobile internet. You can subscribe to Ufone Power Hour anytime and for any number of days.

Working hours

For Rs. 7.17, Ufone Power Hour offers 60 minutes on-net, 60 MB of internet and 60 SMS. The offer is valid for an hour, you can subscribe to it by dialing * 99 #.

Offer 3 Pe 3

Dial * 343 # to enable Ufone 3 pe 3. Only for Rs. 5, you can make unlimited calls to any Ufone or PTCL number for two hours.

Daily Calling Plan

It is planned that all regular packages will be automatically re-subscribed daily. Pakistani Daily Offer is the most common daily calling package. The most popular product is an ordinary SMS box, which customers use every day.

Ufone makes things easy for its customers by providing a variety of affordable 3G mobile internet packages in one convenient location that can be personalized according to your specific needs. The Daily Light and Daily Heavy Bucket tend to seem to be the ones that delight their customers with the best internet deals daily.

Daily offer in Pakistan

Ufone Pakistan daily deal includes 100 minutes of on-net and 10MB of data for Rs. 18. By dialing * 888 #, you can unblock the bet.

Beihisaab proposal

For only Rs. 10, Ufone Beyhisaab offers unlimited on-net minutes for one day. Dial * 5700 # to take advantage of the offer.

Ufone 24 Ghantay

Ufone 24 Ghantay Deal: Ufone is launching a new offer for its customers. Ufone subscribers can make unlimited calls to any Ufone, PTCL, or Vfone number. With a 24 Ghantay offer, you can get it for as little as Rs. 8.99 plus tax.

Customers with Ufone will call continuously throughout the day. You will be able to call all Ufone numbers and millions of PTCL and Vfone numbers if you do not take advantage of the Ufone 24 Ghantay offer. Ufone has a habit of submitting various offers from time to time. The Ufone 24 Ghantay deal is a fantastic addition to Ufone’s packages and offerings.

Weekly Call Packages from Ufone

Ufone offers its customers a range of weekly package deals that include calls, SMS, and internet services. Favorite call packages for customers are Weekly Pakistan and Power Pack. Ufone SMS packages are specially designed for Ufone prepaid subscribers who like to chat via text messages. One of the most common offers among customers is Ufone Weekly SMS Dialing.

Many internet packages are available, and users can choose the best one for themselves. The Super Internet package is one of the most popular and widely used by the company’s customers, and the Weekly Heavy Bucket is another excellent offering on the Internet. Daily packages are valid for one week.

Pakistan Weekly Offer

For Rs. 100, you can get 700 on-net minutes and 100 MB of Internet for seven days in Pakistan. The activation code for this package is * 8888 #.

Super Minutes package

Ufone Super Minutes is now available in Pakistan. Now you get 100 minutes offline for the whole week. With this mailbox, you can also chat with friends on other networks. Dial * 210 # to unlock the Ufone Super Minutes package. This offer will expire after 7 days.

Asli Chappar Paar’s proposal

As the name suggests, Ufone Asli Chappar Paar offers a wide range of services. For example, for Rs. 80, you can get 100 minutes on the network, 100 MB of the Internet and 100 SMS. Package activation code * 5050 #, valid for seven days after subscription.

Ufone Monthly Packages

Ufone keeps you connected wherever you are in Pakistan. Ufone is also an active pioneer in value-added cellular services, regularly offering innovative services that are the first of their kind in the Pakistani cellular industry.

Ufone Super Card Offer is the most thoughtful service its customers enjoy because of its great monthly incentives; people seem to like it a lot. It is also available in the Mini Ufone Super Card version, so people can get it to suit their budget.

Ufone Pakistan provides Ufone Super Card for Rs 520 per month, valid for one month; the deal includes 1000 MB of mobile Internet, 1000 free SMS, 1000 on-net minutes, and 150 off-net minutes.

Super card

For Rs. 550, Ufone Super Card provides peace of mind for a month. For 30 days, the package includes 1200 Ufone and PTCL minutes, 180 offline minutes, 2000 MB, and 4200 SMS. * 250 # is the activation code for Ufone Super Card.

Pakistan Monthly Offer

Ufone subscribers in Pakistan can get 4000 on-net minutes and 400 MB of the Internet for Rs. 418 at Pakistan monthly rate. * 8888 # is the activation code, and the deal is valid for 30 days.

Super card plus

For Rs. 599, you will get 1000 Ufone and PTCL minutes, 150 offline minutes, 1200 MB, and 4000 SMS for 30 days. The activation code for this package is * 240 #.

Other tariff plans

Ufone aims to become a customer-centric company through an effective quality management system focused on improving services through consistent stakeholder engagement in a regulatory environment that aligns with strategic goals and business strategy.

Ufone believes that each of us can achieve greatness, to be the kind of change we want to see in Pakistan and around the world. You don’t want the phone to scream, or it sticks so hard to your ear that it turns red because you can’t figure out what you’re talking about.

You get instant communication and excellent speech clarity with Ufone, eliminating sore throat and red ear pain. Ufone provides its consumers with a range of packages in addition to regular, weekly, and monthly promotions.

Ufone customers can now enjoy fantastic rewards with the Ufone Mini Super Card deal valid for 15 days. Customers who purchase Fortnightly SMS Kit will receive 10,000 SMS with a validity period of 14 days. Some of the more common internet offerings include Ufone 3-Day and Social Daily.

Naya Sim’s proposal

The Nayi SIM card has 500 minutes on the network and 1000 MB of memory. 500 SMS and 25 minutes offline are included for new buyers of SIM cards. You need to dial * 1000 #.

Sim Lagao offer

Within 60 days, the Ufone SIM lagao offer offers free 3000 on-net minutes, 3000 MB of internet, and 3000 SMS.

Nayi Sim’s double proposal

Buy a new Ufone SIM or connect to the Ufone network, dial * 141 # and get double resources for the same price when you top up your Super Card (Rs 550) or Super Plus Card (Rs 599) with Ufone. Dial * 706 # to find the remaining free balance for your Nayi Sim double bet.

When replenishing the Supercard (550 rupees), Ufone activates 2000 minutes in the UFONE and PTCL networks on the user’s SIM card, 8000 SMS, and 300 minutes in the networks of other network operators with a total data volume of 2.4 GB on the Internet.

With the Super Card Plus package (Rs 599), the user will receive 2,400 minutes from Ufone and PTCL, 360 minutes from other operators, 8400 SMS, and 4 GB of internet data.

Ufone Postpaid Packages

The clients who use the services after the fact have not been forgotten either. Ufone has some surprises in store for you.

Prime 300

For 30 days, Ufone Prime 300 includes 1000 on-net minutes, 500 MB, 1000 SMS, and 150 off-net minutes. The deal can be used by calling the Ufone hotline.

Prime 600

Prime 600 is Ufone’s postpaid plan that includes 2000 online minutes, 1000 MB data, 2000 SMS, and 300 offline minutes. You can enable the package by calling the Ufone support number.

Prime 1000

Call the Ufone helpline to subscribe to Prime 1000, including 5000 web minutes, 2000 MB, 5000 SMS, and 500 offline minutes for 30 days.

Prime 1500

The most exciting Ufone Call suite is Prime 1500. For 30 days, the IT department offers unlimited on-net minutes, 8000 MB internet, 7000 SMS, and 750 offline minutes.

Ufone Telecom

Ufone is a well-known Pakistani telecommunications organization providing many mobile packages. All Ufone call packages are priced from Rs. Rs 5 to 599. By subscribing to the Ufone call package, you will receive free on-net minutes, off-net minutes, free SMS, and the Internet.

Sometimes the package codes are not remembered to access the packages. This way, you can easily activate Ufone packages by typing different package codes you want to receive. These codes are detailed below.

The customer can also sign Ufone’s “Behisaab” deal, offering unlimited online minutes all day and adding 86,400 minutes to Ufone’s regular 24 ghanta plan to use rubles for PCTL and Vfone with rupees. 8.99. Ufone “Asli Chappar Phar” offers weekly Ufone “Asli Chappar Phar” deals, including 1GB of internet data and 100 free SMS with 100 free on-net minutes for Rs 80.

Users can only get all features like the Ufone Super Recharge package, Ufone Super Mini card, Ufone Super Card, and Ufone Consumer Super Card Plus at 45, 299, 520, and 599. Ufone Mini Card expiration date.

Ufone Pakistan provides daily, weekly, and monthly validity periods and has two features, including free internet minutes and text messages. Taxes and conditions apply to the value of all packages hosted on the Ufone network. Ufone also provides several SMS packages to users.

Ufone Important Other Codes

  •  How do I check the remaining SMS dial * 336 * 2 * 4 #
  • To check the remaining minutes on the phone, dial * 707 #.
  • To check Ufone balance, dial * 124 #
  • To Ufone Advance Balance Ufone dial * 456 #
  • Use a free Facebook Ufone code: dial * 3434 #
  • To check the amount of remaining MB in Ufone, dial * 706 #.
  • Mobile Internet settings Ufone: send your mobile phone model to number 222
  • Check number Ufone SIM-card code: dial * 707 #
  • Ufone code for the distribution of the balance: Dial * 828 * 0333xxxxxxx * amount #


What is Ufone Call Package?

Ufone offers daily, weekly, and monthly package plans. All package schedules are detailed above.

How can I get a Ufone calling package?

When activating a call package, you need to scroll up to get information about the package. Choose the plan that suits you and check it out one by one.

How to get free minutes on Ufone?

Ufone offers free minutes to all users but does not extend. Send an Empty message to 3016 to activate. You will get 100 free Ufone minutes within 5 minutes if you have free minutes.

How can I use free WhatsApp on Ufone?

Ufone cares about its customers, and its designs attract users. You can use WhatsApp for free with Ufone. Dial * 928 # for free to use WhatsApp.

Is the call from PTCL to Ufone free?

Yes, PTCL offers free unlimited phone-to-phone calls.

What is Ufone Super Sasta Package?

This new package, called “Super Sasta Package” from Ufone, was introduced, allowing customers to make calls for as little as 90 pays plus tax every minute on all networks from 12:00 to 17:00. For all networks, telephone service is available from 17:00 to 12:00. PM will fluctuate from 90 shares in 30 seconds.

How can I get the monthly Ufone package?

Just dial * 7807 # or go to the Ufone mobile app to activate this exciting internet package after you top up. In just one month for Rs 60, Social Monthly provides customers with 1GB of data for Facebook, Twitter, and WhatsApp.

What does Ufone offer for students?

For Ufone subscribers, Ufone has announced a new offering. Ufone customers will call this new offer called “Student Offer” at any price of Rs. 0.75 / hour and text 0.20 / SMS Ufone numbers for a subscription of 3 rupees per day.

What is Ufone Women’s Pack?

Ufone launched Lady’s package, allowing customers to make hourly online calls from 10 am to 5 pm every day. There is also a daily fee for this package for 50 countries.

How do I cancel my Super Sasta package?

To change the super sasta package, dial 444 and follow the instructions.

How can I change my Ufone package?

To change your package, call 444 and follow the instructions. Dial * 444 # to the required package number and answer.

How do I top up my Gold Super Card?

Super Card Gold has 12GB of Facebook data, including 7GB, unlimited UU and U-PTCL minutes, SMS, and 300 offline minutes. The card is valid for 30 days and can be redeemed with a credit or debit card and online partners by dialing * 900 # on digital media such as my Ufone app,

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