Vehicle Smart Card Status Check Online Islamabad 2024

To make it easier for the citizens of Islamabad, a new Smart Card facility for vehicle registration has been launched Called Vehicle Verification Islamabad . This process will help citizens get smart cards for vehicles without any problems. The government has taken this initiative to help citizens get smart cards for vehicles and get rid old traditional methods of waiting for days and standing in long lines.

Vehicle Smart Card Status Check Online Islamabad are being issued to get rid of regular registration books. The old method caused the townspeople a lot of discomforts, as they had to stand in long lines to apply for the card. The application process was not the only problem. But I had to visit the excise and tax office several times.

Residents of the federal capital will conveniently obtain a smart card while sitting at home or work. On 23 March 2019, the Deputy Commissioner of Islamabad tweeted, presenting this new scheme. Following the MTMIS scheme in Islamabad, this scheme is also a significant government initiative.

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How To Apply For Islamabad Vehicle Smart Cards 2024

It is simple and easy to apply for Vehicle Smart Cards Islamabad 2024. There are easy ways to apply for a Vehicle Smart card. You will need to fill out a form requiring a mobile phone number for vehicle transfer or registration. The correct system is launched if someone wants to apply for a smart card. If you need a map, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. First, you need to visit the nearest ETD office in Islamabad. The Department of Excise and Taxation address in Islamabad is HEC BUILDING ، Service Road E, NEAR H 9/4 H-9.
  2. There you will receive a form that you will need to fill out.
  3. Before submitting the form, make sure there is no unpaid token tax on the vehicle.
  4. Your card will be ready in two weeks after submitting the form.
Vehicle Smart Card Status Check Online Islamabad
Vehicle Smart Card Status Check Online Islamabad

Terms And Conditions For Vehicle Smart Card In Islamabad

If you want to apply for a form, the authorities set several predefined conditions. All of them are presented below:

  1. Send the original Register
  2. The vehicle must be registered in Islamabad.
  3. The vehicle must be registered in the name of the applicant.
  4. You will have to pay a commission for the smart card, which is Rs 1,500 / –
  5. The applicant must also provide a photocopy of his CNIC

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City Islamabad Application For Vehicle Smart Card Status Check

The Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has also launched a mobile app allowing citizens to register, submit online token tax through the Islamabad app, and check their vehicles online.

This application has 7 sections and 44 services. Important sections:

  1. Electronic police
  2. City guide
  3. Notifications
  4. Recommended services
  5. ICT administration
  6. Excise and taxation
  7. Capital Development Authority / Metropolitan Corporation Islamabad

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In addition, it also offers several services, including:

  •  Accident
  • Corruption
  • Payment of tax tokens
  • Registration of the vehicle
  • Certificate of residence
  • Emergency Numbers       
  • International driver’s license

Information printed on vehicle smart cards

  1. Tire Size
  2. Token taxes
  3. Owner’s name
  4. Chassis number 
  5. The engine number
  6. Registration Date
  7. The registration number
  8. Details of the cylinders
  9.  Release Year
  10. The color and type of vehicle
  11. Provides data CNIC / passport
  12. History of registration (if necessary)
  13. Engine power and a seat
  14. Name of the manufacturer and the car class

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Vehicle Smart Card Status Check Online Islamabad
City Islamabad App

How To Vehicle smart card status check online islamabad

The procedure for checking the Vehicle Smart Card Status Check Online Islamabad, 2024 vehicle registration with the Department of Excise and Taxation is simple. The Punjab Excise and Tax Department have launched an online system to verify the use of a smart card. You can check the status by visiting the website.

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  1. You need to open the website of MTIIS Islamabad. Click to open site
  2. You will need to add the vehicle number in the space provided
  3. Then you will need to click the check button
  4. Details will be shown

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Vehicle Smart Card Status Check Online Islamabad
Vehicle Smart Card Status Check Online Islamabad

Advantages of car smart cards:

There are many benefits you can get with vehicle smart cards. Here are some of them:

  1. You do not need to have a registration book and relevant documents to prove that you are the owner of the vehicle.
  2. Get rid of car break-ins and save yourself from fraudulent documents.
  3. All data about your car can be checked by scanning the smart card.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Below are some frequently asked questions about smart cards:

Q1. Why are smart cards better than registration books?

Answer: A   smart card is just one card, which is much better than carrying books with other documents with you.

Q2: When was the smart card issued?

Ans:   Smart Card was launched on March 23 – th, 2019.

Q3: What is the Department of Excise and Taxation address in Islamabad?

Answer: The Department of Excise and Taxation is located at HEC BUILDING ، Service Road E, NEAR H 9/4 H-9.

Q4: What is the smart card registration fee?

Answer:   The smart card registration fee is Rs 1,500.

Q: Is it mandatory to attach a registration book when applying for a smart card to register a vehicle?

Answer: Yes, you must attach the original vehicle registration book if you want to apply for a smart card.

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