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Motorcycle Registration Number Check 2023 | Bike Registration Check

Motorcycle Registration Number Check now so easy because here we have shared all information regarding your Motorcycle Registration Number Check 2023. Car ownership is quite common among Pakistanis. Motorcycles are one of the most comfortable means of transport. According to the survey, the country registered 11.5% of two-wheeled vehicles last year, almost  15,664,098  out of  17,465,880. It’s the highest growth so far. Every day many people ask about the motorcycle registration process in Pakistan.

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Importance of registering a bike | Bike Registration Check

Motorcycle Registration Number Check is essential to keep your bike on the road. According to the Automobile Act 1988, you must carry your registration card (RC) while driving. A registered bike increases many of the benefits for the owner.

Below are some of the benefits of registering a bike:

  1. Improving bicycle
  2. Eliminates third party intervention
  3. Increases Bike Insurance
  4. Discourages underage cyclists
  5. Dissuades from unnecessary Bureaucracy
  6. Increase the amount of the taxpayer

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Motorcycle Registration Number Check
Motorcycle Registration Number Check

What is MTMIS?

The Road Transport Management Information System (MTMIS) is a registration system created by the government and available nationwide in all metropolitan areas in the country. You can access the Islamabad MTMIS by logging into the site. MTMIS provides detailed information on all vehicle functions registered on the website.

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List of functions that can be checked on the MTMIS website:

  1. Owner’s name
  2. Vehicle information
  3. Registration Details
  4. The engine number
  5. Chassis number
  6. Registration year
  7. Car Model
  8. Name of the company
  9. Information on the tax on vehicles
  10. Engine power

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What is a Registration Card (RC)?

A registration card is a verified identity document issued by the Road Transport Management Information System (MTMIS). RC is used to confirm that your vehicle is registered with the RTO (Regional Transport Office). The registration card is valid until  15 years after it is issued. It can be renewed for another 5 years after its expiration date.

Pakistan Bicycle Inspection Methods Or Bike Registration Check

The Pakistani government has introduced several simple bike registration verification schemes. There are three ways to check the registration of a bike:

  1. Official website of the excise
  2. SMS-registration
  3. Visit excise departments

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The methods discussed in detail are outlined below:

Checking the registration of the bike through the official website of the excise tax:

Checking bike registration through the MTMIS office website is relatively straightforward. The government has created three websites to improve accessibility to citizens.

The following are the relevant Excise websites created by the Excise Department:

  3. SITE PDA:

MTMIS Islamabad website:

The Metropolitan Territory Department of Excise, Tax and Narcotics website checks and registers a bicycle purchased in the capital.

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MTMIS website in Punjab:

The MTMIS Punjab website registers and verifies the bike purchased in Rawalpindi and cities in the Punjab province.

Below are some cities where you can check registration on the MTMIS Punjab website:

  1. Rawalpindi
  2. Faisalabad
  3. Multan
  4. Sargodha
  5. D. G. Han
  6. Gujranwala
  7. Bahawalpur
  8. Sahiwal

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MTMIS Sindh website:

The website of the Department of Excise, Taxation and Drugs in Sindh province registers and verifies a bicycle purchased in Sindh province.

Below are some of the cities where you can check your registration on the Sindh website:

  1. Karachi
  2. Hyderabad
  3. Larkana
  4. Blind
  5. Thatta

MTMIS KPK website:

The official website of Khyber ​​Pakhtunkhwa Department of Excise, Tax and Narcotics registers and inspects a motorcycle purchased in the KPC province.

Below are some of the cities where you can check your registration on the PDA website:

  1. Peshawar
  2. Charsadda
  3. Men
  4. Kohat
  5. Nowshera
  6. Haripur
  7. Wedding
  8. Minor

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Bike Registration Check process through the MTMIS website:

Registration with the Excise, Tax, and Narcotics Department is relatively straightforward. Follow the instructions below to check your bike registration online.

The process for verifying Bike Registration Check through the MTMIS website is as follows:

  1. Visit their official website MTMIS (Punadzh, Sindh, KPK), the above-mentioned
  2. Click on the toolbar “Vehicle registration”.
  3. Select “Check Vehicle Data”.
  4. Enter the date of registration and registration number
  5. Then click on “Check”.

The service will then provide you with detailed information on registering your bike.

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Bike Registration Check via SMS:

SMS is another convenient way to check bike registration.

Provincial SMS codes for checking bike registration:

  1.  Punjabi SMS: “8785”
  2. SMS-code of Sindh province: “8147”
  3. SMS code Islamabad: 8521

Ways to register a bike via SMS:

For Bike Registration Check via SMS, follow these steps:

  1. Open the SMS window
  2. Enter the registration number of your vehicle
  3. Send generated text code corresponding to your province
  4. The server will provide the relevant registration information for your bike.

Motorcycle Registration Number Check by visiting the excise department:

The excise office is the most convenient way to check your bike registration.

The Motorcycle Registration Number Check through the excise office:

  1. The procedure for checking the registration of a bicycle through the excise office is as follows:
  2. Visit the Department of Excise, Tax, and Drugs in your city.
  3. Bring the original documents to the motorcycle.
  4. An excise tax officer will help you check the registration of your bike.
  5. The corporate staff of the excise office will provide you with a request to check the bike registration.

Addresses of the Office of Excise, Taxation and Narcotics:

Below are the addresses of excise, tax and narcotics departments in some famous cities in Pakistan:

  1. Islamabad Excise, Tax, and Narcotics Department Address: inside the HEC building, service road E, near H 9/4, sector H-9. Contact number: 051-9265598
  2. Department of Excise, Tax and Drugs Lahore Address:   2-A, Farid Kot Road Lahore. Contact number  :  (042) 99202411
  3. Department of Excise, Tax and Narcotics Karachi Address: Tughlak House, Sindh Secretariat, Karachi, Pakistan. Contact number:  021-99240558
  4. Department of Excise, Tax, and Drugs. Peshawar: Auqaf Plaza, Shami Road, Peshawar Cantt. Contact number:  091-9211209

Opening hours  : Monday – Friday

09:00 – 16:00

Note  : Excise, Tax and Narcotics Offices are closed on Saturdays and Sundays.

Information required for Bike Registration Check

  1. Before filling out the registration form, the following information is required:
  2. Information on the owner:  (name, address, contact information and NTN)
  3. Essential for the transfer bicycle:  (Purchase information)
  4.  Purchase information:  (name of the bank or company)
  5. Information about the taxpayer:  (bearer status or nefilera)
  6.  Vehicle Information:   (body type, chassis number, engine number and size of the car)

Benefits Of Bike Registration

Online vehicle check is very useful to avoid legal problems that can arise when buying a bike.

Online vehicle check is very useful to avoid legal problems when buying a bike.

The following are the benefits of registering a motorcycle:

  1. MTMIS protects against virtually any fraudulent and car fraud on the network.
  2. All online vehicle history is accessible from the system.
  3. The system has eliminated many problems that can later be turned into car fraud.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Following frequently asked questions about bike registration in Pakistan:

Q1: How can I check the registration number of the bike?

Answer:  To check the bike registration number, visit the official MTMIS website on the Internet.

Q2: How can I check my bike registration by SMS in Punjab?

Answer:  To check the bike’s registration, write down your car’s registration number and send it to the shortcode “8785”.

Q3: How can I find the owner using the bike registration number on the Internet?

Answer: Visit the MTMIS website and enter the bike registration number. The server will provide all the necessary information about the vehicle.

Q4: What is the RC number?

Answer: A  registration card is a validated identity document issued by the Road Transport Management Information System (MTMIS).

Q5: RC is valid until what time?

Answer: The registration card is valid up to  15 years from the issue date. After the expiration date, it can be extended for 5 years.


Motorcycle Registration Number Check is essential to the safety of your vehicle and to prevent fraud and fraud. It is also a very mandatory process to be a responsible citizen. This blog post will provide relevant information on online bike registration check in Pakistan.

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