10th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2024 | Urdu Guess Paper All Punjab Boards

10th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2024, Students are looking for a guess paper for the 10th class. We have uploaded Urdu guess Paper and ensure our best to provide you with all essential questions, chapters, etc. 

We have collected these questions from previous board papers and books after it discusses with seniors teachers from schools departments for the help of our students. 

These questions were the most frequently came in in all BISE exams. These guesses are equally valuable for all Punjab boards, including the 

  1. Faisalabad Board
  2. Lahore board
  3. Gujranwala board 
  4. Sahiwal board
  5. Rawalpindi board 
  6. Sargodha board
  7. Multan board
  8. and DG khan board.

So don’t waste your time, start your study from today and make your future.

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10th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2024 PDF

Urdu is a compulsory subject for all 10th class students; however, they are studying in 

  1. Science group
  2. Arts group
  3. Computer Science

Here is an Urdu guess paper from which you can get an idea of ​​the paper. Guess papers on all subjects of the Punjab board in Urdu can be obtained online for free.

For those candidates who struggle with this topic, we have prepared guesses, especially for them. Teachers who are experts on the subject and guess papers designed by them for the help of students. After studying this guess paper, there is at least a chance that you will score at least 70%-80% on your 10th class paper. If you like the 10th class urdu guess paper, we will update different subject guess papers for your ease.

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 Matrix students need to understand the value of their board’s guesses. Guess papers are essential for gaining a competitive edge over other Matric students and also save valuable time for Matric students (SSC)   as they have extra time to prepare for other Urdu paper topics.

Matric Guess Papers Urdu 2024

The Matric Guess Papers Urdu 2024 give (matriculation) students an overview and provide important information about the exam pattern and essential paper questions with which students can better prepare for the upcoming annual exam.

Students should ensure that they pay great attention to their respective Urdu exams as they are sure to score 70% or above marks, so matriculation students should thoroughly learn all the essential topics in the Urdu matriculation tests.

10th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2024 Top Trend PK | Important

Urdu matriculation tests can quickly help weak students achieve high grades and increase their chances of getting into some of Pakistan’s top colleges. Matric (SSC) students will learn essential topics such as Hausa, Nazam, Ghazal, Markazi Khayal, and Urdu Essays, which are necessary for the preparation and should not be missed by students.

Matric (SSC) students can quickly get their relevant whiteboard papers online through this page through the links provided and prepare for their important and vital annual matriculation exams.

Khalassa | 10th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2024

  1. Paristan ki shezadi
  2. Chugal khor
  3. Namah dev mali
  4. Ali bukx
  5. Mirza muhammad saeed

Tashreeh nazam & Ghazal

  • Ameer anees
  • Hafeez jalandri
  • Ada jafri
  • Jigger morad abadi

Essays / Mazameen

  1. Hub watan ke mehnat
  2. Taleem niswa
  3. Zalzay ki tabakariya
  4. Dehati & Shehri zandgi
  5. Dilchasp safar
  6. Sigrat noshi ka nuqsan

Hissa Nazam, hissa Ghazal, hissa nasar Notes

Here is the complete notes of Urdu for 10th class given below:  

Sr. No.Notes
1Hissa Nasar Khulasa
2Hisssa Nazam Khulasa tashreh
3Hissa Ghazal Tashreh
4Urdu essays
5MCQs Notes
6Short Questions Notes
10th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2024

If you want to get the latest full all-in-one notes in one PDF file, you can download them below. These are the complete notes for the book, including all MCQs and short questions, notes for Khulasa and Tasha. Download a free pdf file for FBISE and Punjab tips.

Notes in Urdu for Class 10th for all punjab education board. Complete PDF Key Book for 10th class / SSC / Matric.

10th Class Urdu Guess Paper 2024

10th class Urdu important Nazam

اس سال مندرجہ ذیل نظموں سے تشریح کے لیے اشعار آ سکتے ہیں:حمد، نعت، میدان کربلا میں گرمی کی شدت، کسان

Important Ghazals for Explanation

ادا جعفری، جگر مراد آبادی

Important Khulas

مرزا محمد سعیدپرستان کی شہزادیملمعچغل خورنام  دیو مالیعلی بخش

Important Questions

صرف مشقی سوالات کر لیں ۔ پیپر کور ہو جائے گا

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