Best Wireless Routers For 2020

Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020 Complete Features

In general, wireless home routers are currently considered one of the most important devices in any home Due to great reasons due to our continuous use of the Internet, whether for work, entertainment etc.

That’s why here is a list of the best wireless home routers for 2020 along with the specifications and advantages of those devices.

Google Nest Wifi Router

Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020
Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020

Google has made great progress in the Google Wifi home routers with the launch of its latest version, the Google Nest Wifi device.

So if you want to get the best smart home routers, here is this genius device that can provide you with two types of frequency band which are 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz at the same time as the former can provide access to the WiFi network for long distances But with a fast loading and lifting medium.

The latter can provide access to a very strong WiFi network from close distances, in addition to the router having an advanced security chip so that it does not Any bossy can try to hack c Hazek or steal your data.

The device also has a Nest WiFi hotspot with Google Assistant which can work as smart speakers that can control the WiFi network through voice commands, It can display the frequency band at different and varying speeds from A to AC.

Asus RT-AC86U Router

Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020
Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020

The Asus RT-AC86U router is one of the best gaming routers that works with Ai Protection technology that uses Trend Micro that provides network privacy protection.

WTFast game accelerator in addition to Adaptive QoS technology and the speed of this device reaches 2917 per second for playing games On the Internet with great speed and also plays videos 4k – UHD.

You can share files very quickly, this antenna was designed with AiRadar technology that creates the signal packets for a wonderful Wi-Fi range.

You can also use the ASUS Router app, which allows you to control your network from anywhere without the need to operate the computer and you can enjoy smooth play over the Internet and play supported multiplayer games also through the WTFast game accelerator program.

Netgear Nighthawk Pro Gaming XR500 Router

Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020
Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020

If you are looking for a router that was designed specifically for homes and players, here is this device, as it was specifically designed to meet all the needs of players to play all games over the Internet and get an excellent connection especially if you are playing a PPG game or a Call of Duty game.

Although it comes at a very high price of $ 253 and does not have a broadband modem it is considered one of the best wireless home routers for gaming, and the most important thing about this device is that it runs the amazing DumaOS program.

Which enables players to control gaming settings Multiplayer with ease as well as the ability to monitor and control the performance of the device through simple interfaces.

TP-Link Archer C5400 v2 Router

Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020
Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020

The TP-Link Archer C5400 v2 router is a high-end wireless router that has unique capabilities and advanced as well as has an easy-to-use interface.

That benefits beginners greatly, and it comes with an attractive and wonderful design that suits modern homes and is one of the devices designed for home use and you can control Settings and configuration of the device through your smartphone via the TP-Link Tether app.

Amplifi HD Router

Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020
Best Wireless Home Routers For 2020

This router comes at a more expensive price than the Google Wifi router, but it has a wonderful and modern design in addition to that it is characterized by strong performance.

Superior as this router is more popular and widespread it is easy to use and you can connect the Internet to all devices in your home without any obstacles.


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