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Record Screen on Your Android Phone[5 Best Screen Recorder]

Even if iOS devices get a built-in screen recorder, you’ll need a Samsung LG or One Plus device with Android 10 or a third-party app to do this on Google’s mobile OS. Here’s how to get started with complete detail and a guide for screen record on Samsung s8.

How to Record Screen on Your Android Phone

If you need to record the screen on your computer Windows has a Game Bar, and macOS has a screenshot tool. Apple devices have a Screen Recording tool, but what about Android?

Google has included the best screen recorder 2021in the Android 10 beta, but this feature was removed before the final release. It may make an appearance on Android 11.

Top 5 Powerful Free best screen recorder for android 2021

But up there, many smartphone manufacturers have implemented their own screen recording features in Android 10, while those with older devices may turn to a third-party app. Here are your choices and how to screen record on the Samsung s8.

Best Guide For How To Screen Record On Samsung s8

  • Android 10 Screen Recorder
  • ADV Screen Recorder
  • AZ Recorder Screen
  • Google Play Games
  • Mobizen Screen Recorder

Android 10 Screen Recorder

If you own an Android device from Samsung LG, or OnePlus that can run Android 10 you’ll also get a built-in screen recorder. 

(These include the Galaxy s10, s10e, s10 Plus, Note 10, Note 10 Plus, and s20; OnePlus’ 5, 5T, 6, 6T, 7, 7 Pro, and 8; and LG’s V50, V50S, V60, G7, G8, and G9.)

how to screen record on samsung s8
how to screen record on samsung s8

The process for screen recording is mainly on both devices, with some tweaks here and there. Pull the notification shade from the top of the screen to see your quick settings options. 

Tap the record button icon and grant the device permission to record the screen. You can start recording, tap tap when done, then save the video to your phone gallery. Samsung devices have gone a step further by allowing you to record audio from the speaker and microphone if desired. 

You can also turn on your front camera to pair the screen recording with the video of your face. 

Go to Settings> Advanced features> Screenshots and screen recorder> Screen record settings to adjust certain settings, including what sound was recorded and what resolution you recorded (up to 1080p).

ADV Screen Recorder | Best screen recorder for pc 2021

ADV Screen Recorder is a free third-party option that allows you to record any activity on your screen for those without built-in screen recording. Tap the plus icon in the app to open the overlay magic button, which allows you to control your recordings from any screen—this reason for its Best screen recorder for pc 2021. 

Best screen recorder for pc 2021
how to screen record on samsung s8

Note that when this overlay is open you cannot interact with the rest of the screen.

When you open the magic button overlay, you see controls that allow you to start recording, view your collection of videos, and draw your video. If you enable the feature in settings, you can also toggle the front-facing camera to add a video window. 

Tap the record button to start your video, then stop or pause from the overlay magic button. You can edit and share your recording from within the app. In the settings, you can change the resolution (up to 1080p), bit rate (up to 15Mbps), and frame rates (up to 60fps). You can also change the video settings and microphone settings.

The app lets you control the overlay by changing the opacity, changing the default icon to a custom image, adding text, or completely removing it. You can also allow the app to display touches on the screen while recording, even if you need to enable the feature within the phone’s settings.

AZ Screen Recorder | Best screen recorder for android 2021

The third-party  AZ Screen Recorder

 is a free ad-supported (with a $ 2.99 add-free upgrade) that lets you take video, capture screenshots, and start a live video. 

The app can be controlled from the phone’s notification shade and, once given proper permission, adds a pop-up control button on the screen. Open the app and tap the orange camera button to start recording your screen, then navigate to the phone as normal. 

Best screen recorder for pc 2021
best screen recorder for android 2021

A smaller camcorder bubble will also display on the screen that stays on even when you move out of the app. Tap this icon to stop or pause the recording.

 The bubble has additional options that allow you to open saved recordings in the app, activate various toolbox items, and start a live video on Facebook or YouTube.

Within the app, you can view saved videos and screenshots, which can be shared and edited. So I can say about it Best screen recorder for pc 2021 because a menu setting allows you to configure video options.

Such as resolution (up to 2,220 through 1,080), frame rate (up to 60fps), bit rate (up to 12Mbps), the orientation of device and time-l, apse as well as control audio recording.

Don’t want to show the record button on the recording? There are options to disable the button during recording, add an invisible button, and change the way you stop a recording.

Google Play Games | Best screen recorder for android 2021

If you want to record some gameplay, Google Play Games is a solid free choice. While it can only record at 480p SD or 720p HD, the app allows you to record any game and add camera footage from the front of your phone.

Open the app and select a game. This can be either an included game or a title you’ve downloaded before. Tap the Record button at the top of the game details page, and from here, you can select video quality.

Best screen recorder for pc 2021
Best screen recorder for pc 2021

Tap Launch to start your game, and a floating video bubble will appear on the screen with recording settings to choose from. The buttons that surround your head control your microphone, the front camera, and the recording. 

Tap the red button to start recording your video. After a three-second timer, Google Play recording begins. Tap the record button again to stop, or you can drag the floating video bubble in the middle of the screen to the word Close. 

When the video is finished you will have the opportunity to edit and upload it through the YouTube app.

Mobizen Screen Recorder | How to screen record on Samsung s8

Unlike other screen recorders, the Mobizen Screen Recorder primarily exists as a floating control bubble called AirCircle. 

Tap the overlay to start a video, take a screenshot, or view captured media and change settings. The commands in the shade mode allow you some level of control too.

Best screen recorder for pc 2021
Best screen recorder for pc 2021

Mobizen will allow you to view, edit, and share your recordings. You can view videos and screenshots from the app storage overlay though it can also import some images from your device. 

A settings menu allows you to adjust the resolution (up to 1080p), frame rate (up to 60fps), and audio settings. A built-in recording wizard can help optimize your video while clean recording mode removes overlay and improves overall quality.

By default, the front-facing camera will be deactivated, but you can turn it on in settings to add video overlay to all recordings. You also can fully customize the Air Circle by changing the logo with your image, keeping it during recording, or changing transparency.

The basic app is ad-supported, and pop-ups are hacked throughout, but you can upgrade to a premium subscription to remove ads, create your own watermarks and GIFs, and more.

Super Screen Recorder | how to screen record on Samsung s8

With best screen recorder for android 2021 supported you can record your screen take screenshots and more. 

Use the pop-up overlay to record a video take a photo, and draw it on your screen. You can also add additional features, such as live video, a front camera window, and a floating brush icon.

Best screen recorder for pc 2021
best screen recorder for android 2021

Use the pop-up overlay to record a video take a photo, and draw it on your screen. Within the app, you can view, share, and edit the media you have acquired. A full editing menu allows you to add music, combine videos and images, compress files, video GIFs, and more. 

The settings menu gives you control over resolution (up to 1080p), crack rate (up to 12Mbps), frame rate (up to 60fps), and video orientation. You can also change the video, and audio recording settings, set control options, and display touch screens when developer options are enabled on the device—also the same for how to screen record on Samsung s8.

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