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The Govt Lunched Ehsaas Raabta App Download 2024

Ehsaas Raabta App: The government is preparing to launch the Ehsaas Raabta app to help provide information and respond to beneficiary inquiries regarding Ehsaas program initiatives. According to Dr Sanya Nishtar, Special Assistant to the Prime Minister for Poverty Reduction and Social Protection, the meeting helped to take stock of improvements to the Ehsaas Raabta app, which is currently in its final stages.

The Ehsaas Raabta app is designed to inform the average person/beneficiary of the Ehsaas program about various aspects of the initiative through an Android-based app on the Google Play Store. “Ehsaas Raabta will be Ehsaas’ one-stop platform that will digitally provide the public with the right set of information needed to register and benefit from its diverse programs.” Dr. Sania Nishtar said.

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Ehsaas Raabta App Features And Benefits

SAPM added that the ChatBot feature is also being integrated into the app to help users answer their questions about the Ehsaas program. The Ehsaas Raabta app will help clear up people need clarification about participating in the many Ehsaas program initiatives.

Dr. Sanya Nishtar thanked the Ehsaas technology team who worked hard to develop the Android app, and the meeting addressed the quality and improvement aspects of said app. To make the Ehsaas Raabta app more user-friendly, we have discussed a few additions to the timing.

Ehsaas Raabta App
Ehsaas Raabta App

How To Download Ehsaas Rabta App Download Play store

With the Ehsaas Raabta App, anyone interested in knowing their rights or eligibility for the various benefits of the Ehsaas program will be directed to the Ehsaas 8171 web portal section. The app also allows its users to scan the QR code on the back of the Ehsaas card and inform them of their family’s full range of rights.

Ehsaas Raabta is an electronic portal for accessing information and services related to all Ehsaas programs and initiatives. Designed to empower and facilitate the typical person’s work, this e-portal is part of the Ehsaas One-Stop Shop initiative.

The electronic portal For the Ehsaas Raabta App offers Ehsaas information targeted at specific people. People are interested in something other than technical information. They have questions about how they can benefit from Ehsaas. Therefore, the electronic portal Ehsaas Raabta was created for this purpose based on the questions we received on social networks about Ehsaas’s various programs. 

The initiative is a one-stop source of information about Ehsaas that electronically links the public to the correct set of information needed to register and benefit from Ehsaas.

It brings together all Ehsaas benefits and services for 14 different target groups in our society, including the extremely poor, orphans, widows, the homeless, the disabled, the unemployed, poor farmers, workers, the sick at risk of medical impoverishment, the malnourished, underprivileged students as well as poor women and senior citizens.

Ehsaas Raabta App
Ehsaas Raabta App

Program pages can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding program button on the main page of this portal. The Ehsaas Raabta portal is available electronically at: https://www.pass.gov.pk/. Program pages can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding program button on the main page of this portal.
Address lists of program offices by region and helpline numbers for each program and initiative. Program pages can be accessed by clicking on the corresponding program button on the main page of this portal.

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