Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan | Update Price 18 FEB 2023

The Honda Pridor 2023 price in Pakistan is Rs. 181,500. Atlas Honda has unveiled the 2023 Honda Pridor in Pakistan with a new decal titled “NAWEE PATTI”. The price of the Honda Pridor 2023 in Pakistan is Rs. 181,500, which makes the bike somewhat overpriced due to the features and specifications offered to the end user.

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It’s worth noting that the Honda Pridor 2023 comes with a new decal, which is the only addition to the bike compared to the previous model. This 100cc model from Atlas Honda has yet to be trendy from the start, as the company’s two main products have always been the Honda CD 70 and Honda CD 125. However, the Honda Pridor is a popular niche product, and people are looking for something a little different from the other two vehicles mentioned.

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Honda Pridor 2023 Model Launched with New Sticker

For the information of users looking for Honda Pridor 2023, the launch date in Pakistan is expected End of This Year. Thus, those people who want to buy a new model will wait for 2024.

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Along with the dashboard, there is a new style headlamp, which is another impressive move, replacing the old round headlights with modern, sporty ones that complement the bike’s overall look. The headlight repeats the same crystal glass. The bike’s magnet covers have been changed to black, so the motor looks the most attractive. Pridor 2023 black price in Pakistan is 181,500 PKR.

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Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan - honda pridor 2023 model pics
Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan – honda pridor 2023 model pics

The redesigned flashers and the aerodynamic fairing also reflect its design and shape: new carburettor, quick start system with stable acceleration and ignition start mode. The 9.7-litre fuel tank allows you to fill it up once and drive long distances without even thinking about it.

The high power and power of the engine ensure smooth movement over varied terrain. Related Article: Honda CG 125 New Model 2023 Price In Pakistan And Latest Pictures

Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan
Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan

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  1. Comfortable height and comfortable seat with safety bar
  2. Brightly lit speedometer with a new dashboard design
  3. Stylish bright headlight with visor.
  4. New design blinkers and lighting with aerodynamic shroud
  5. New black-painted exhaust muffler with decorative trim.
  6. Fuel cock with modern design with added value
  7. New carburettor, immediate starting, stable idling and optimal acceleration.
  8. Streamlined fuel tank with decorative side caps

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Honda Pridor 2023 Price in Pakistan

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Honda Pridor 2023 Specification Pridor 2023 black price in pakistan

All the features of the Honda Pridor New Model 2023 are mentioned below as a guide for Honda enthusiasts who will purchase now. They can familiarize themselves with all the motorcycle specifications that the company provides to its customers.

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Engine4-Stroke OHC Air-Cooled Single Cylinder
Displacement97.1 cm3
Bore & Stroke50.0 x 49.5 mm
Transmission4-Speed Constant Mesh
StartingKick Starter
Final DriveRoller Chain
Dimensions(LxWxH)1986 x 718 x 1050 mm
Seat Height798 mm
Ground Clearance156 mm
Fuel Tank Capacity9.7 Liters (Reserve 1.5 Liters)
Wheel Base1226 mm
Tire at Front2.75 – 18 (4 PR)
Tire at Back2.75 – 18 (6 PR)
Suspension at FrontTelescopic Fork 94 mm Travel
Suspension at BackSwing Arm 84 mm Travel
Dry Weight96kg
Honda Pridor 2023 specifications

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Honda Pridor Average Fuel Per Liter

Motorcycle enthusiasts find the average fuel consumption per litre of the Honda Pridor because when people buy new bikes, the average fuel consumption is one of the most important factors, which is why most people prefer this bike, which looks great and is also economical.

Thus, the Honda Pridor provides good fuel efficiency, while on one litre, they can travel 54 km.

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Honda Pridor 2023 lunch date in Pakistan

Honda Pridor 2023 tank size

Now, we will discuss the capacity of the Honda Pridor fuel tank. People cannot go to gas stations every day to get gas, so they make a full bike tank with gas. Thus, buyers who buy a new Honda Pridor motorcycle can now fill the tank with 9.7 litres of gasoline. Related Article: New Honda CD 70 2023 Launched in Pakistan

A Honda motorcycle is best suited for products in a country where people ride a bicycle for various purposes, such as commercial, personal or family. But even as a multi-use partnership yourself, you’re sure you want to be rewarded with a higher resale value. The resale value of this bike is shallow, so think about this bike first and then buy it.

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