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How to Check Zong Number 2024 Via SMS, Phone, USSD, Website | Check Now

How to Check Zong Number: If you are using a Zong SIM number and have forgotten your mobile phone number, don’t worry. Finding out your Zong SIM number is relatively easy, as there are many easy ways. This article will give you a detailed guide on How to Check the Zong Number.

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Zong Number Check Code 2024 – Find Zong Number

Zong Sim provides free WhatsApp and Facebook packages because many customers buy Zong Sims to enjoy the free internet service. Here is the latest How to check Telenor number | Telenor number check code

Many students and youth who purchase Zong Sim need to know their Zong Sim number. They only want to use their Zong sims free of cost internet services. If they charge the equilibrium to their Zong sim card, they need to understand the Zong sim number, so it’s easy to discover just how to check the Zong sim number.

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  1. Dial *100# on your mobile phone.
  2.   Then press the call button and wait. After a few seconds, the Zong Sim number will be displayed on your mobile phone screen.
  3.   Choose a free message now and send it to a number.
  4.   Now check your Zong number on the mobile phone screen. Enjoy free Zong mobile code verification.

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how to check zong number - how to check my zong number without balance
how to check zong number -how to check my zong number without balance

Second Method

  • Another better way to find a Zong number is by dialing *8#.
  •   Dial*8 # and press the call button.
  •   One thing is essential to remember that these codes are different in different locations and areas wise (so please try to enter a different video number (e.g., *9#,*8#,*7#6,*5#,*4#,*3 #,*2).#,*1#,*0#)

Zong Telecom provides free internet service in Pakistan and offers many free internet packages for WhatsApp and Facebook.

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How to Check Zong Number By Phone

  1. Open the keypad on your Mobile phone.  
  2.   Dial *8#  from your Zong SIM card.  
  3.   An Instruction will be sent from your phone.  
  4.   Keep patience; your Zong sim number is displayed on the screen. 
  5.   No balance is required for this method.  
  6.   Alternatively, you can also dial *2 #  from your phone.  

Zong sim number check karne ka tarika 2024 Via USSD

  1. As in the first method, open the phone’s dialer.  
  2.   Dial *100#  from your Zong number.  
  3.   This will send the USSD code from your phone.  
  4.   Now, your Zong Sim Number will be displayed on the screen. It would help if you waited a few seconds.

How to Check Zong Number Code Via SMS

  1. Open the Messages app on your phone.  
  2.   Dial ‘  MNP  ‘ and send it to 667.  
  3.   You will receive a response from 667, which will display all the data associated with your SIM cards, such as the owner’s name, CNIC number, and IMSI.  
how to check my zong number on cnic
How to Check Zong Number-how to check my zong number on cnic

Check the Zong Sim number through the Zong Website.

  1. Open Zong’s official website by clicking this link.  
  2.   You will see a pink box in the lower right corner that says ”  Live Chat. ”  
  3.   Click on this field to start a chat with a Zong representative.  
  4.   The representative will ask you for your CNIC number and IMSI number (found on the back of the SIM card).  
  5.   After providing the correct information, the representative will give you your Zong number.

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How to check Zong’s sim number through Hotline

  1. Start by dialing 310 with a Zong SIM card.  
  2.   Follow the instructions to speak with a representative.  
  3.   Answer all questions from the Zong representative. These questions will be related to your Zong SIM, such as the CNIC number under which it is registered.  
  4.   The representative will then give you your Zong number.  
  5.   Write down or memorize your number for future reference.  

Check Zong Number by Phone 

  1. To check your Zong number, go to ”  Settings  ” on your mobile phone.  
  2.   Find the ” About phone” option in the “Systems  ” category.  
  3.   Go to the “Status” category and select the ” SIM Status ” option.  
  4.   Touch the ”  My phone number  ” option, and you will see your Zong number displayed on the screen.  
  5.   Please note that this setting depends on the type and model of the phone you are using.  


How to check zong sim owner name

First, open the messaging app on your mobile phone, enter a new text message, write MNP, and send this text message to 667. The message will be sent in a few seconds, and you will receive a text message containing information, such as Zong. number, activation date, and name of the owner of the sim

How to check zong sim number through cnic online

Enter “MNP” and send it to 667. You will receive a response from 667, which will display all the data associated with your SIM cards, such as the owner’s name, CNIC number, and IMSI.

How to check my zong number without balance

How to check Zong number without balance? You can check the Zong number without balance by dialing *8# or *100# from your mobile phone, and your number will be displayed on the screen.

How can I check my Zong number?

To Check Zong number details: Dial *100# on your mobile phone. Then press the call button and wait. After a few seconds, the Zong Sim number will be displayed on the screen of your mobile phone. Choose now a free message and send it to a number.

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