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When the new Muslim YouTuber jay palfrey converts to Islam, his fans were happy, but many questions arose in his mind.

Why did jay palfrey convert to Islam suddenly? What would be the reaction of his family and friends, jay palfrey, in his videos? I answered all these questions.

The Secrets About jay palfrey convert to Islam Only A Handful Of People Know.

jay palfrey convert to islam
jay palfrey convert to islam

YouTuber Jay Pelfry said, “I once came to a village in England where the majority were Christians. YouTuber Jay Pelfry says there were very few Muslims who had a negative impression after the 9/11 attacks and were considered extremists.”

I thought about Islam from there, and I went back to university. I started traveling. I didn’t have money for travel, so I worked hard, went to Turkey, and Iraq began researching Islam; I realized that Islam is peaceful and loving; it Is a divisive religion.

Things You Need To Know About YouTuber Jay Pelfry biography Today.

I really wanted to know more about Islam, and then I went to Egypt. I met great people there; Ramadan came. Ramadan is the best month.

I decided to convert to Islam long ago. Istanbul is the most mermaid city in the world. I also went to Sulaymaniyah Mosque there. From there, the most important journey of my life started; this video is a testimony to my coming into the realm of Islam.

Jay palfrey Story Of Convert into Islam

Jay palfrey shared a video of his conversion to Islam at the Sulaymaniyah Mosque in Istanbul with Jay, writing that the more I gained from meeting incredible people worldwide.

The more I became connected to my spirituality, living in Muslim countries. And with this beautifully peaceful yet still more misunderstood learning about religion, I have come to realize that this is the path I seek.

Jay palfrey Story Of Convert into Islam
Jay palfrey Story Of Convert into Islam

“Many people worldwide continue to criticize and misunderstand the basic principles of Islam, while Islam is a religion that teaches peace, solidarity, unity, and love. As humans, we are often afraid of these things.

Secrets About jay palfrey convert to islam That Has Never Been Revealed

There are those we don’t fully understand Jay said thank you all very much

I have received hundreds of messages in the last few days. Thank you very much for your support. They were all thrilled. I am getting a lot of responses. Many people appreciate my initiative. My journey to the realm of Islam has been affected. What’s more, I’m lucky my family supported me in this decision.

jay palfrey Call To Mother

When Jay called his mother to become a Muslim, he was petrified, but his mother’s positive response strengthened Jay’s courage.

“I’ve never been happier in my life than I am now and I’m still learning about Islam” Jay said. 

At the end of the video, Jay thanked everyone and said that if you have any questions, please comment below and do your best to answer them.

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