Today Telenor Answer | Telenor Quiz Answers Today 2024

In this post, I will go into detail about Today Telenor Answer. You can win free internet by answering Telenor Quiz. My Telenor app answer on this website is 100% correct today. All correct answers to the questions can be found here. The Telenor app has a new feature that requires you to answer five questions every day in exchange for free internet access.

The service has grown in popularity, and now many people go to Google to get it and see the answers to their questions.Today Telenor Answer will provide you with up to 100MB of free internet every day if you answer these questions correctly and win. So open my answer to the Telenor app quiz. Click the My Telenor button to test your answering skills.

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How To Check Today Telenor Answer 2024

If you are looking for Telenor answers, our site has Today Telenor Answer. You will be asked four options for answers to these questions, one of which will be correct, and you will need to choose the one that will help you get MB. There are five questions in total, and you must answer all of them. These questions will improve your general knowledge. The Telenor quiz today is essential to our understanding.

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Today Telenor Answer -Telenor Quiz Answers Today
Today Telenor Answer -Telenor Quiz Answers Today

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Telenor has launched a new service Telenor Quiz Answers Today. This service has become very popular among the people. People get free internet by answering daily questions. My Telenor app is straightforward to use, and Telenor packages are also very cheap in this app. This is an excellent tool for Telenor users. People also use this application because the boxes in it are straightforward to install if you have any problem with this application. You can call the Telenor hotline to ask about this problem, and you can quickly fix the problem.

  • Open the My Telenor app
  • Click the Test Your Skills button on the right side of the app.
  • There you will see 5 questions.
  • You need to answer these questions.
  • You must answer these 5 questions correctly.
  • Then you get 100/50 MB.

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Today Telenor Answer
Today Telenor Answer

Telenor Quiz Answers Today | My Telenor Answer Today

Telenor Question Answer Today, I ask you about their application to win today’s free data from Telenor. I have posted the answers to all the questions you can get in no time. Listed below are the answers for today Telenor Quiz that you can use to get free mobile data. This information can be used on YouTube or any other social media platform. The use of the data is unlimited.

Q.1 All the rivers of Punjab merge with Indus at _.

  • Kot Mithan
  • Panjnad
  • Trimmu
  • Rasulpur

Ans: Kot Mithan

Q.2 Indus is _ Km long.

  • 7000
  • 7500
  • 8000
  • 3180

Ans: 3180

Q.3 Indus river ends at _.

  • Ravi
  • Arabian Sea
  • Indian Ocean
  • Red Sea

Ans: Arabian Sea

Q.4 Which river flows near Harrapa city?

  • Sutluj
  • Indus
  • Ravi
  • Chenab

Ans: Ravi

Q.5 Which of these is the longest river of subcontinent?

  • Ravi
  • Sutlej
  • Chenab
  • Brahmaputra

Ans: Brahmaputra

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Telenor App Features And My Telenor App Download

  1. This app keeps you informed of all internet and SMS minutes.          
  2. You can access and activate Telenor Packages and digital services with one click.          
  3. You can now make an offer of your choice and you will find it here of your choice. …          
  4. You can also purchase a Netflix account through the Telenor app.          
  5. Check your balance and account for FREE.          
  6. If you run out of balance, you can get a loan here.          
  7. You can check your internet usage.          
  8. Download Application

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