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Educators Jobs 2020, in Punjab Via PPSC (40000 Jobs Approval by Punjab Govt)

Educators jobs 2020 in Punjab through PPSC The Punjab government approved 37,000 jobs. Through PPSC in December 2019, new 37,000 Educators’ jobs will arrive in Punjab.

Educators’ jobs 2020 work will be announced within a few days. In this article, I will give you full information about the teacher’s work in 2020. 

To apply for the 2020 NTS Educators, you must have a master’s degree. People from all over Punjab can apply for the 2020 teacher position.

Educators jobs2020 in Punjab through PPSC Approval of 37,000 jobs by Punjab Govt

Government services. Punjab will publish its salary policy on 25 December 2019, and a notice of the recruitment of 40,000 educators jobs 2020 will be published after the transfer process is completed.

Finally, the wait is over today, December 11, 2019. The Punjab government has announced another 37,000 teacher jobs. 

Last year the Punjab Department of Education announced 16,000 jobs, but now they offer a large number. According to today’s newspapers.


 First of all remember that now the teachers take the test k, not the NTS.       

The second  paper  pattern is completely different in NTS. Did you know the trainers’ PPSC test pattern educators jobs 2020.

You read this post in its entirety, a total of 200 marks, a 100-grade test in the form of MCQs, and the 100 marks is an interview mark.       

Educators jobs 2020

Who are eligible?  

All science and art-related topics apply to these ppsc educators, such as a master of science or arts (mathematics, chemistry, physics, Urdu, Islamiyat, Pak-learning, physical education, and many others).

Who is not eligible? 

It is followed by Engineering, Agriculture, D-Formecy, DVM, Commerce, BBA and MBA       

The PPSC announced the jobs of educators jobs 2020 wisely in the district, not all of Punjab at once, but one by one, so be mentally ready because you can announce at any time. 

Available positions:

1) ESE (art) (BS-14)
2) ESE (science) (BS-14)
3) SESE (art) (BS-15)
4) SESE (science) (BS-15)
5) SESE (Arabic) ) (BS-15)
6) SESE (PET) (BS-15)
7) SESE (DM) (BS-15)
8) SESE (computer science) (BS-15)
9) SSE (art) (BS-16)
10) SSE (Science) (BS-16)
11) SSE (Computer Science) (BS-16)
12) Education Officer (AEO) (BS-16)

Educators jobs 2020 ppsc

Number of posts:

There are 37,000 trainer jobs available

Woman’s age limit:

20-30 years + 8 years = age limit for women 38 years.

Men’s age limit:

20-30 years + 5 years = age limit of 35 years for women.

Required qualification:

Educators jobs 2020 All positions require a BA, BSc, Masters / BS (Honors) (16 years of education) in the relevant field of study according to the vacancy requirement.

Selection process via PPSC.

  1. Matrix 15 points
  2. Average grade 20 points
  3. Graduation grade 20 points
  4. Masters 20 points
  5. M.Phil./PhD 5 marks
  6. Professional qualification 5 marks

Can Section 3 candidates apply for teachers?

No, they can apply for teaching jobs. Candidates with a low percentage or 3rd grade (40-50%) cannot apply for trainer posts in 2019

Required permanent residence:

Ainult Punjabi

Job postings Date:

Teacher jobs will be announced soon in 2020

How to prepare PPSC trainers for jobs in 2020

So in every sense, the question arises as to how to prepare these ppsc trainer jobs, but before I tell you how to prepare first, do you know what the test pattern for PPSC trainers is? thus two major ppscs have been adopted

  • 1. PPSC trainers MCQ test 100 marks      
  • 2. PPSC interview 100 marks      

Since you all know that the value of trainers’ work is high every year, you all need a lot of effort and diligence to try this ppsc test and make it the most important.  PPSC interview, which is 100 marks, if the previous policy theNTS interview only means 5 -marking.

We made these points into comments from PPSC trainers in line with the latest ppsc trainer policy, i.e., What types of questions arise in trying key points general knowledge, current events,d most important subject art or science.

Curriculum for PPSC trainers

50% related to the topic

  •  Mathematics, chemistry       
  • Physical, English       
  • Biology, basic computer       

50% related to the topic

  • General knowledge (world, Pakistan)       
  • Current things       
  • Daily research       

We make these notes  

According to the two points above, these notes are applicable to all scales such as Bs-14, Bs-15, Bs-16 and AEO. 

Because taking these notes depends on the following things A / C for the respective subject and pointed out many more important questions with answers.

After many studies, these comments have been prepared. MCQs for all subjects are available, so this is the main effect of your test. Here, too, I have been given and uploaded interview-based data.       

And much more data (Gk, current events, and daily sciences are also available to prepare your PPSC Educators jobs for 2020. These notes also provide preparation for PPSC trainer interviews, a guide, and tips.

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